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When Chu Long saw the bloodstains on Murong Xues body, she immediately walked forward with a worried expression and said with concern, “Big sister Murong Xue, are you injured Let me heal you.”

Murong Xue waved her hand, her long red hair fluttering in the wind.

She said with a confident expression, “How could this fire-lizard hurt me The blood on me is all from it.”

Then, Murong Xue looked at Liu Yan with a smug expression, “Liu Yan, look at this.

Isnt this just easy”

As Murong Xue said this, she threw a card at Liu Yan.

Liu Yan took it and looked at it.

It was a yin card.

Although they already had yin cards so this was useless to them, it was still quite impressive for her to be able to get a yin card so quickly.

Murong Xue seemed eager to take credit as she smiled and said, “Although its not a yang card, look at how quickly Ive gotten one.

Tomorrow, Ill deal with some other fierce beasts, and wouldnt it just be easy to obtain the yang cards Its as easy as ABC, really.

Level three isnt that difficult.

You two dont even need to make a move.

I can finish it by myself.

The two of you can just lie down and wait!”

Chu Long came over.

When she saw the new yin card, she immediately looked at Murong Xue with admiration.

Liu Yan, on the other hand, did not have a smile on his face.

He looked at Murong Xue with a strange expression and said indifferently, “Didnt you realize that you were being followed”

With his Spirit Vision and Beasts Sense of Smell, Liu Yan had long detected that two human auras were sneakily following behind Murong Xue.

Since these people were acting with such sneakiness, they clearly had ill intentions.

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Hearing this, Murong Xue immediately had a strange look on her face.

She quickly turned around and looked.

There was no movement in the quiet forest.

“Someone is following me Why didnt I notice anything” Murong Xue asked suspiciously.

Liu Yan did not have the time to explain it to Murong Xue.

Instead, he directly said to the air, “The two of you, we only have yin cards in our hands.

You should be the Awakened in the vicinity, so yin cards should be useless to you.

Theres nothing here for you to snatch, so its better if you leave as soon as possible.”

Although he could sense from the perception of Spirit Vision that the twos strength wasnt that great from their auras and that he didnt need to be afraid at all, if it wasnt necessary, Liu Yan still didnt want to make a move against the other Awakened.

After all, all of them were humans.

Therefore, he spoke out to exhort them, hoping that they would just leave.

When Murong Xue heard Liu Yans words, she immediately looked at the quiet forest behind her with a doubtful expression.

At this moment, two figures walked out from the bushes.

They were two young men with tattoos on them.

One of them was skinny, while the other was rather strong.

Both of them were bald.

Judging from their auras, it was obvious that they were not people like Liu Yan who had entered the Tower from the academy.

The two young men looked at each other.

The skinny figure looked at the stronger-looking man beside him with a fawning expression and said with a smile, “Big brother Hai, this brat is really naive.

To think he would think that theres nothing to snatch since they only have yin cards.

Haha, hes rather stupid!”

The stronger-looking youth also said with a smile, “Shouhou, you have to be understanding.

These people seem to have come from the Academy and have never entered society.

How would they know the laws of survival Look at us.

Even though we came out from prison and did not have the novice equipment given by the Federation at the start, while also only having average talent, which makes our starting point quite low, we were able to survive to level three and are still able to grow in strength because we know the laws of survival!”

Hearing this, Liu Yan looked at the two young men in surprise.

From what they had said, he knew that the two seemed to have come from prison.

When Chu Long heard this, she asked with some puzzlement, “Can people from prison enter the Tower too”

Being born into the Murong Family, Murong Xue was quite familiar with this, so she explained, “At present, humans are struggling to survive.

To find as many experts as possible, those in the prison will enter the Tower as well.

If they die, it will just be a death sentence for them.

However, if they survive and grow, they will become part of the human races combat power.

For those in prison, this is a new lease of life, so its mutually beneficial on both sides.”

“However…”Murong Xue frowned slightly and said, “Ive heard that those who enter the Tower from prisons dont usually follow the rules.

Usually, just to survive in the lower levels of the Tower, they would attack the other human Awakened and step on the corpses of others to advance.

Although the Federation knows this, they dont care too much about it.

It can be considered a tacit agreement.

After all, this is a world where the strong prey on the weak, and the weak deserve to be trampled under the feet of experts.”

“Thats right!” The young man called big brother Hai licked his lips and said with a smile, “The number of Awakened who died under our hands in the first two levels were even more than the fierce beasts that we killed.

But so what We have indeed grown, and were quite strong now.

The world of the Tower is not restricted by the Federations laws.

It is a world where the strong prey on the weak!”

As he said this, big brother Hai looked at Murong Xues goddess-like face and curvy figure.

He could not help but lick his lips again.

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He then looked at Chu Long.

She was also extremely good-looking, a typical cute loli who was pure and innocent.

Shouhou who was at the side could not shift his gaze away either.

He said with a face full of lust, “Big brother Hai, weve only played with a few girls on level one, and didnt have the chance to do so on level two.

This time, we can finally have fun again.

There are even two, its too comfortable!”

Big brother Hai gave him a kick and scolded, “How many times have I told you In the Tower, strength and survival are the most important.

If we survive, well have plenty of women to play with.

There are no rules in the Tower, so we can play with any woman we meet.

Whats the rush We have to first deal with the other party properly.

Then, we can have fun slowly.

Dont let your sperm get to your head!”

“Yes, yes, yes, big brother Hai is right!” Shouhou nodded repeatedly.

Big brother Hai then looked at Liu Yan and the other two and analyzed their strength.

The woman they had been following seemed to be quite strong but was probably not that strong either.

After all, those who came from the Academy were usually not ruthless enough, so their combat strength was just average.

The little Loli behind had a decent weapon, so she should be quite strong, though probably just average.

As for the only young man in the other party, he only had a weapon on his waist that seemed very of a very low grade, so his strength was definitely not that great.

He was probably just a pushover that they could teach a lesson first.


After confirming that their opponents strength was not that great, big brother Hai immediately felt relieved.

He directly said to Murong Xue and Chu Long, “Young misses, watch us teach this brat a lesson.

Watch carefully.

I advise you to obediently hand over the cards in your hands and let us have a good night of fun.

If you let us have a good time together with you, I will let the two of you go.

Otherwise, you will end up like this kid.”

With that, big brother Hai waved his hand and rushed toward Liu Yan together with Shouhou.

They felt that Liu Yan was easier to bully and planned to get rid of him first so that the remaining two pretty girls could see their strength and now that it was best not to resist and obediently submit to them.


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