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[Divine Extraction of the corpse has been successful.

Obtained: agility 0.1, F-grade skill “Rapid Step”!]

[Divine Extraction of the corpse has been successful.

Obtained: spirit 0.1, E-grade skill “Spirit Vision”!]

Just as Liu Yan had guessed, he obtained very few attribute points, but could obtain skills instead from human corpses!

Liu Yan was ecstatic as he hurriedly checked these two skills.

[Rapid Step]


[Grade: F]

[Effect: After activation, your agility will increase by two times.]


[Spirit Vision]

[Grade: E]

[Effect: Passive skill.

You will be able to keenly detect a small area around you and avoid danger.]

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Seeing these two skills, Liu Yan was instantly overjoyed.


With “Rapid Step”, he would be much more agile.

If he were to face the blood wolf again, even if it was still in perfect health, Liu Yan believed that he could easily win.

After all, he could rely on “Rapid Step” to dodge the blood wolfs attack, then attack.

And if he were to encounter a powerful beast that he was not a match for, he could also rely on “Rapid Step” to run away.

As for “Spirit Vision, it was a perception-type passive skill.

Liu Yan immersed himself in his senses for a moment.

With the E-grade Spirit Vision, he could roughly sense an area of about fifty meters in his perimeter, which was quite a wide range.


With this skill, his movements in this world would be much more convenient.

Liu Yan was just about to take a look at the beginners equipment on the two corpses when he sensed with his Spirit Vision that a few people were approaching from the west.

It seemed like it was the people from the same team who were finally willing to return and fight with the then heavily injured blood wolf.

Forget it, the room for advancement of a few pieces of basic equipment wasnt much anyway.

To avoid conflict, it was better to leave first.

With that, Liu Yan directly left in the opposite direction.

Not long after Liu Yan left, a team mainly consisting of the Awakened with F-grade talents came back with weapons in their hands in a threatening manner, ready to take revenge on the blood wolf and engage in a bloody battle.

However, when they returned to their original location, they discovered that the blood wolf had already fallen to the ground, with fresh blood flowing out from it.

“Strange, could it be that the blood wolf died from the injuries it received just now”

“Thats not right,” An Awakened went forward to check, “There are many new wounds on it that are mostly focused on its head.

Someone has finished off this blood wolf before us, and it seems to be only one person who did the deed!”


“Someone finished off the half-dead blood wolf alone”

When the other Awakened heard this, they were all extremely shocked.

Although it was a blood wolf that was on the verge of death, it was still extremely powerful.

Just now, even with seven or eight of them, they had been no match for it.

Two of them had died and a few of them were injured.

But now, this blood wolf had actually been taken care of by someone else alone

“Whos so powerful”


“To think the person could take care of the blood wolf alone, isnt that too amazing!”

“The gap between that person and us is too big, no We cant even beat this blood wolf in a tea, yet the other party took care of it by himself.”


“The person must be at least an Awakened with a B-grade talent since hes so powerful, right”


The few Awakened were all shocked and discussing animatedly.

As for the person in question, Liu Yan was currently using his Spirit Vision skill to traverse the vast forest with ease.

He skillfully bypassed the beasts one by one, waiting for the next opportunity to pick up scraps.


However, after traveling for quite a while, Liu Yan didnt see any notifications of the Awakeneds deaths coming from his smart wristband.

The Awakened seemed to be more afraid of death, and they were all avoiding any fights with beasts, making it so that Liu Yan didnt have a chance to pick up any scraps.

Having strolled around for quite some time, Liu Yan was a little tired.

As such, he climbed up a big tree and sat down on a branch to rest.

At the same time, he opened his attribute panel and check the gains he had made since entering the Tower half a day ago.

[Liu Yan]

[Level: ]


[HP: 150/150]

[MP: 85/105]

[Strength (attack): 14.1]

[Vitality (defense): 13]


[Agility (speed) : 14.1]

[Spirit (mana): 13.1]

[Adaptability (magic resistance): 12]

[Luck (probability): 43]

[Talent: Divine Extraction (SSS-grade), usage times available: 1/5 (CD will refresh by one every hour)


[Skills: Strength Enhancement (D-grade), Rapid Steps (F-grade), Spirit Vision (E-grade)]


[Equipment: Federation Defense Equipment Set (E-grade), Federation Special Dagger (E-grade)]

His attributes had improved by quite a bit, and he had also become richer in terms of equipment and skills.

Apart from this, Liu Yan had also noticed that Divine Extraction has a usage limit of five times, and would only be regenerated once every hour.

Currently, he only had one time left.

Fortunately, he hadnt randomly used his talent on flowers and trees before, or it would have been a waste.


Liu Yan secretly rejoiced in his heart.

However, he also guessed that the SSS-grade Divine Extraction talent should be much more than this.

It must have other powerful abilities.

It was just that he hadnt discovered them yet, so he needed to slowly explore it himself.


After waiting for a while, there were still no new notifications of the deaths of the Awakened, so there was no chance to pick up any scraps.

Liu Yan assessed his own strength.

He had already grown quite a bit.

He should be able to easily deal with level one beasts.

Even if something unexpected were to happen, he could still rely on the Rapid Step to escape.

He probably wouldnt be injured or killed by the beast.

With this, Liu Yan prepared to take the initiative to attack and hunt beasts himself.

After all, picking up scraps was only a prudent choice to raise his strength in the early stages.

It wasnt Liu Yans path in the future.

After the battle with the blood wolf, Liu Yan understood that in order to become a true expert, not only did one need powerful attributes, equipment, and skills, but one also needed battle techniques and battle awareness, which could only be cultivated during battles with beasts.


One needed to experience the baptism of blood and battle time and time again to obtain battle techniques and battle awareness.

There were no shortcuts.


After thinking about all this, Liu Yan took out his dagger.

He then jumped down from the tree and wandered around in the forest, looking for a suitable beast to kill.


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