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“Huh Isnt this too precious Youd better exchange a weapon for yourself to increase your strength,” Chu Long looked at Liu Yan in surprise.

She had not expected him to just give her this B-grade weapon.

One had to know that the highest grade of equipment that Chu Long had ever seen so far was only C-grade, and even that was extremely precious.

Most of the time, even D-grade equipment was rare.

Normally, it was already very good for a cultivator to have a piece of E-grade equipment, which was quite enough to raise ones strength a lot.

To think he was not giving her a B-grade weapon directly

A B-grade weapon was so precious it would at least cost over a hundred million Federation dollars.

What Chu Long did not know was that Liu Yan already had a B-grade and an A-grade weapon.

Both weapons were much stronger than the ink-green staff sword.

“Its fine.

This is for you.

I dont need anything for the time being.

Theres no need to decline, what with our relationship.

Just accept it,” Liu Yan said calmly.

Chu Long was a little hesitant.

The main reason was that this was too precious.

However, she had known Liu Yan for many years and she knew that he was not one that would pretend to be courteous.

Since he said that he wanted to give it to her, his true intentions were as such.

After hesitating for a while, Chu Long nodded and accepted it.

She said with a face full of promise, “Big brother Liu Yan, dont worry.

With this ink-green staff sword, my strength will improve a lot.

I will definitely be of use to you!”

“Okay, good luck,” Liu Yan smiled and patted Chu Longs small head.

Then, he left the weapon exchange counter with her.

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“What should we do next We are almost done with the preparations and the time is almost up.

Should we go to the field now” Chu Long followed behind Liu Yan and asked.

“There is still one more important thing that is indispensable,” Liu Yan said with a smile.

“What else is there” Chu Longs face was full of curiosity.

After thinking for a while, she still could not think of what else was missing.

They had prepared everything and were not lacking at all.

Liu Yan did not say anything.

Instead, he brought Chu Long to the Lighthouse Academys library.

“What are we doing here” Chu Long asked curiously.

At this moment of life and death, a trip to the library seemed useless.

Any book would not be of any use at this point.

Liu Yan simply smiled and brought Chu Long to the counter.

He then grabbed Chu Longs hand.

Feeling her small hands being grabbed and feeling the heat of Liu Yans palm, Chu Longs face instantly flushed.

She didnt understand why he would suddenly grab her hand here and now.

Liu Yan, on the other hand, had a serious look on his face.

He took the smart wristband from Chu Longs wrist and put it on the counter together with his own, then he said, “Hi, Id like to buy information about the fierce beasts on level three of the Tower.”

The staff took the wristbands and nodded slightly, “Okay, please wait for a moment.”

As he said that, the staff took the wristbands and left to handle the request.

Only then did Liu Yan explain to Chu Long, “Have you forgotten The information about the fierce beasts that our smart wristband gives us is only that of the low-level fierce beasts on levels one and two.

From level three onwards, the information about the fierce beasts has to be purchased by ourselves.

Only by knowing the habitat, attributes, skills, and other information of the fierce beasts can we know the enemy well.

Only then can our adventure on level three be much smoother.


Hearing this, Chu Long instantly recalled that it was indeed such.

She had forgotten about this matter previously, and it seemed that Liu Yan had not.

Otherwise, if they only discovered that they did not have any information on level threes fierce beasts after they had entered level three, they would be in a lot of trouble.

They would be like blind men in the face of the various kinds of fierce beasts since they wouldnt have known anything about the fierce beasts at all.

Very soon, the staff member returned and handed back the two wristbands, “The information has been entered.

One set of information costs 10,000 federation dollars, and the sum has been deducted.”

“Okay,” Liu Yan nodded and left with Chu Long.

Everything was ready and the time was almost up.

Liu Yan hurriedly brought Chu Long to the field.

At this time, many people had already gathered on the field.

Almost all the Awakened had arrived.

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The principal was standing on the stage.

He looked at the time and waited.

Once the time arrived, level three would be opened on time.

Those who couldnt make it could only miss it.

At this moment, Murong Xue, who was in the crowd, was walking in a daze, looking for the figures of Liu Yan and Chu Long.

However, there were too many Awakened present, so there was simply no way to find them.

It wasnt a good idea to continue looking like this, so she directly went up the stage.

When the principal saw her coming up the stage, he immediately went up to her with a cautious look on his face, and asked in a low voice, “Miss Murong, is there anything else I can help you with There are so many students here, after all, so it would be bad if you directly came up the stage It would make me lose face.”

Murong Xue simply ignored him and went straight to the microphone.

The many Awakened below looked over curiously when they saw Murong Xue suddenly go up on stage, wondering what she was up to.

Chu Long, who was in the corner of the crowd, also saw this scene.

She hurriedly pulled Liu Yan and pointed at the stage, saying, “Big brother Liu Yan, look, isnt that big sister Murong Xue Why did she suddenly go up on stage”

Liu Yan looked over and saw Murong Xue looking around.

He immediately guessed her purpose.

His expression darkened as he said speechlessly, “This girl is really intrepid.

To think she went straight on stage to look for us.”

“She went on stage to look for us” Chu Long was stunned.

She hadnt come to her senses and did not understand Liu Yans meaning.

Meanwhile, Murong Xue, who was on stage, looked around but still did not see Liu Yan and Chu Long.

There were too many people at the scene and she simply could not see clearly.

She then grabbed the microphone and shouted, “Hey, hey, hey, Liu Yan and Chu Long, where are you I cant find you guys.

Hurry up and meet me on the stage.

Come on!”

The Awakened below the stage who were wondering what Murong Xue was going to do on the stage were all stunned when they saw this.

“Damn, Murong Xue went on the stage to look for her teammates Isnt this too intrepid”

“Im also looking for my teammate, but even if I had ten guts, I still wouldnt dare to go up on stage and just snatch the principals microphone.”

“As expected of Miss Murong, shes really intrepid!”

“Amazing, amazing, I really admire Miss Murong!”


In a corner of the crowd, when Chu Long heard Murong Xues shouts, she finally came to her sense, “So Murong Xue went up on stage just to look for us!”

Chu Long had a silly look on her face, it was obvious that she had just reacted.

Liu Yan was also a little speechless, but he had no choice but to pull Chu Long up to the stage to meet up with Murong Xue.

Otherwise, if he allowed her to continue to shout like this, although Liu Yan wasnt afraid of the embarrassment, the principal at the side would probably lose all his face.

When Liu Yan and Murong Xue arrived on stage, Murong Xue immediately looked over and said with a face full of pleasant surprise, “Ive finally found you two, its been a while since Ive been looking for you!”

She clearly looked like a Goddess, but she was not embarrassed to do all these actions at all.

She had such a valiant personality.

Liu Yan was quite speechless.

He nodded slightly and said, “Alright, weve already met up, so hurry up and follow me down.

Dont delay the principal and the others matters.”

As he said this, Liu Yan hurriedly brought Murong Xue down from the stage.

When the principal who was feeling very awkward saw this, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

He looked at Liu Yan with a face full of gratitude.

If Murong Xue were to continue to stay on stage, the principal didnt know what to do.

The principal did not have the guts to chase her off.

He knew Murong Xues temper and simply could not afford to offend her.

But if he did not chase her off, it would be very embarrassing for him in front of so many students and teachers.


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