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“Alright, then Murong Xue will be our last teammate,” Liu Yan nodded.

Seeing this, the principal let out a sigh of relief.

Murong Xue was the young miss of the Murong Family and also the beloved daughter of the head of the Murong Family.

She had been pampered since she was young.

As the principal, he did not dare to offend her easily.

In the face of Murong Xues request, he tried his best to help her, afraid that if he could not do it well, she would be displeased.

If Murong Xue wanted someone else to be her teammate, the principal could have gone to the person directly and succeeded in doing the job by exerting some pressure on the person.

However, the target was Liu Yan.

He was the future top-tier expert who had broken the historical record.

Therefore, the principal could only work together with a few sponsors to come up with this idea.

In any case, the various resources provided could be considered to be helping Liu Yan.

To leave a good impression on such a top-tier expert would definitely be a good thing for them anyway.

Seeing that the matter had finally been resolved, the principal relaxed, and his face was filled with joy.

“Thats great.

Hurry up and eat.

Prepare well.

Theres not much time left, so I wont stay here and disturb you guys anymore,” The principal said with a smile on his face and quickly left, so as to not get in the way.

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Liu Yan nodded slightly and watched the principal leave.

The three of them ate the sumptuous delicacies.

Murong Xue did not care about her image as a goddess at all.

She ate in big mouthfuls, making Liu Yan and Chu Long who were at the side stunned.

Chu Long could not help but ask softly, “Big sister, arent you from the Murong Family Why do you look like youve never eaten good food before”

Murong Xue did not even raise her head as she continued to eat in big mouthfuls, and said intermittently, “No matter how powerful the Murong Family is, we still wont have good food in the Tower.

Besides, Im mainly focused on body training and close combat, so theres a huge demand for energy.

I havent had a full meal since I came in.”

Liu Yan was not surprised to hear this.

Ever since he had crazily improved his physical fitness through Divine Extraction, his appetite had also doubled.

“Hurry up and eat.

After we finish eating, we still need to prepare some supplies.

Theres not much time left,” As Liu Yan spoke, he joined in on the meal.

Compared to Murong Xue, Liu Yans eating style was slightly better, but he ate more than the girl.

As he ate in big mouthfuls, Chu Long, who was watching from the side, was once again stunned.

Soon, the table full of dishes was finished.

To be precise, most of the dishes had been eaten by Liu Yan and Murong Xue.

Chu Long, who did not eat much, only ate a small bowl.

“Alright, lets split up and prepare the supplies.

Well gather at the square on time in the afternoon,” As Liu Yan spoke, he quickly left with Chu Long.

He was too lazy to say anything to Murong Xue.

Murong Xue, who was still standing at the same spot, glanced at Liu Yan who had left in the distance.

She was also a little depressed.

Other men had always tried to curry favor with her, yet not only did this man not curry favor with her, but why did he seem like he was too lazy to bother with her

Murong Xue shook her head.

She could not be bothered to think too much about it.

She also quickly went to make preparations, planning to raise her strength on level three.

When the time came, she would definitely defeat Liu Yan.

Ever since she was young, she had never lost to her peers.

She simply wouldnt allow her peers to be stronger than her!

On the other side, Liu Yan brought Chu Long to continue shopping.

The main thing was to purchase dry rations and some medicine.

With Chu Longs S-grade talent Holy Healing, most of the injuries could be directly healed.

As such, they only needed a small amount of medicine in case of emergency.

As for the materials, the principal and sponsors had prepared a lot of those, so there was no need to buy anymore.

Liu Yan used the exchange voucher to exchange for them and put them into his interspatial ring.

With this, everything was almost ready.

The last thing that was left was the B-grade weapon exchange voucher.

It was extremely precious, and Liu Yan planned to make good use of it to increase his strength.

He then looked at the equipment that he had.

The Myriad Beast Bow was at the B-grade, but because he had used all kinds of precious fierce beast materials to forge it, its power was actually much stronger than an ordinary B-grade bow.

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As for gloves, he had a pair of A-grade soft blade boxing gloves.

It was very powerful and incomparable to B-grade gloves.

The grade of his dagger was not high, though.

It was only an E-grade dagger, but Liu Yan did not use it much.

Most of the time, it was used as a tool, not a weapon, so there was no need to change it into a B-grade dagger.

Following that, Liu Yan looked at Chu Long who was beside him, and asked, “Hey, Chu Long, what weapon are you using”

Chu Long answered in a daze, “I dont have a weapon.

When I came in, I chose the defensive equipment and got a set of F-grade defensive equipment.

After that, I didnt really change my defensive equipment or buy any weapons.

My talent is Holy Healing anyway, so I dont really need any weapons.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan remembered that Chu Longs equipment was still very poor.

Previously, he had sold most of the D-grade and C-grade equipment he had obtained and had forgotten to keep some for Chu Long.

Chu Long was about to enter level three, yet she was still just equipped with the lowest grade defensive equipment.

She did not even have any weapons and was truly quite shabbily prepared in terms of equipment.

However, there was not much time left.

Liu Yan did not have the time to prepare much equipment for Chu Long, so he could only think about it later.

In any case, he had the SSS-grade talent Divine Extraction, so he would not be lacking in equipment.

There would be plenty of opportunities later on.

With this, Liu Yan planned to use the B-grade weapon-exchange coupon to see if he could help Chu Long choose a suitable weapon for now.

“Lets go, lets look for a weapon for you,” Liu Yan pulled Chu Long towards the equipment exchange counter.

“Huh I dont need any equipment, right Its a bit of a waste,” Chu Long felt that it was somewhat unnecessary.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the weapon exchange counter.

Liu Yan asked for the list of B-grade weapons and began browsing through it.

Chu Longs talent was a healing-type talent, after all.

Most of the time, she did not need to fight.

She would only have to fight in an emergency, so there was no need to choose an ordinary combat weapon.

Instead, he needed to find a weapon that would be more helpful to her.

Soon, Liu Yans gaze stopped on a B-grade weapon.

[Ink-green Staff Sword ]

[Grade: B]

[Effects: Can be used as a magic staff or as a rapier.

Attack 150, Spell Effect 30%, Casting Speed 30%]

[Equipment Special Effect: When using a healing spell, it can trigger an AOE effect.

Number of uses: 5/5 (restores once every 5 hours)]

Seeing the ink-green staff swords effect, Liu Yans eyes lit up.

First of all, it could be used as both a staff and a rapier, which was undoubtedly very suitable for Chu Long.

Most of the time, she would stand at the back and cast spells.

Under special circumstances, she could use the weapon as a rapier to protect her life.

As for the effects, they were also pretty good.

In extreme cases, especially its special effects, the weapon was simply a perfect match for Chu Long.

“Ill take this one!” Liu Yan immediately decided on it and handed over the exchange coupon.

In a short while, he received the ink-green staff sword.

Its entire body was like some kind of green crystal and was incomparably light.

It gave off a cool feeling in his hand.

It looked like a magic staff, but it could also be brandished and used as a rapier.

Liu Yan played with it for a while, and a satisfied expression appeared on his face.

This ink-green staff sword could greatly increase Chu Longs strength.

“Come, Chu Long, this ink-green staff sword will belong to you from now on.

Take good care of it and use it to bring out its effects,” As Liu Yan spoke, he directly handed it over to Chu Long.


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