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When the surrounding people heard this, they were all extremely shocked.

To think the dignified daughter of the Murong Family, the famous martial arts beauty said such words.

Last night, he was very strong

When Liu Yan heard this, his expression turned black as well.

This girl really did not know how to speak.

At this time, Murong Xue continued, “30 million, Ill give you 30 million for you to be my sparring partner and teammate until we leave the Tower.

Hows that”

Hearing this, Liu Yan wore a disinterested face.

If he had been outside, he would definitely be very interested.

After all, 30 million was enough for an ordinary person for a lifetime.

But since entering the Tower, money was not of much use.

30 million may be enough for a long time outside, but in the Tower, 30 million might not even be enough to buy a piece of slightly higher graded equipment.

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For example, one might not even be able to buy the rewards that Liu Yan had received when he had gotten first place in the reputation rankings and had broken the historical record with a few hundred million.

30 million Currently, Liu Yan did not think much of it.

He immediately shook his head and said, displeased, “Im not interested, please go find someone else.”

From last nights fight, although Murong Xues skills were not bad, Liu Yan didnt think too much of her.

With only his close combat skills and his physical strength, he had been on par with her in the fight.

If he had used his full strength, he could have defeated her in an instant last night.

All in all, Murong Xues current strength was extremely strong compared to the other Awakened, but to Liu Yan, she was only slightly stronger than the enchanted puppets and the ice and fire two-headed wolf.

Other people might beg and even kneel for Murong Xue to be their teammate, but to Liu Yan, she was nothing at all.

After saying that, Liu Yan ignored Murong Xue and left with Chu Long.

Chu Long looked at Murong Xue with curiosity.

She was quite interested in the latter because she had witnessed Murong Xues battle last night.

She was definitely the most powerful female Awakened she had ever seen.

Chu Long admired such a female Awakened from the bottom of her heart.

It was just that her personality was a little too aggressive and she did not get along with Liu Yan.

Otherwise, Chu Long would have hoped to have a powerful female Awakened teammate like Murong Xue.

When Murong Xue heard Liu Yans refusal and see him leave without hesitation, she was stunned.

She did not expect to be rejected.

Being born into the Murong Family and thus having an impressive background, she had been the favored daughter of the heavens since she was young.

It had always been others who begged Murong Xue.

This was the first time that Murong Xue had taken the initiative to send out an invitation.

She had never thought that she would actually be rejected!

She looked at Liu Yans leaving figure with some annoyance, but she could not do anything about it.

When the surrounding people saw this, they were also shocked beyond words.

The Goddess that they had been longing for so much to be their teammate was now taking the initiative to invite someone, yet was actually rejected

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“Is this for real He even rejected Murong Xue.”

“Is that brat stupid To think he even rejects such a strong and beautiful goddess Where can he find a better teammate”

“Are you stupid Thats Liu Yan, the person who broke the historical record!”

“Oh, thats Liu Yan.

Its alright then.

Liu Yan is indeed much stronger than Murong Xue.”

“Ive heard about it too.

Last night, Liu Yan and Murong Xue had been equally matched in close combat.”

“So what Liu Yan won.

I came from the same Tower as Liu Yan.

His specialty is archery and is worst in close combat!”


Hearing the discussions around her, Murong Xue immediately understood.

So this guy was the monster that broke the record, Liu Yan.

No wonder he was so powerful and looked down on her!

Murong Xue, who had just been rejected for the first time, felt a little better.

“You want to escape from me Dream on!” Murong Xue muttered to herself and left, going straight to the principal.

On the other side, Liu Yan was with Chu Long in the store to buy various supplies and materials, preparing for level three of the Tower when the principal came looking for him with Murong Xue.

Seeing the principal come in person, Liu Yan was a little surprised.

“Principal, whats the matter” Liu Yan asked.

Chu Long was also a little puzzled, but seeing Murong Xue who was with the principal, she had a vague guess.

At this moment, the principal looked quite embarrassed.

He said in a low voice, “Um, Liu Yan, Im looking for you for a private matter.

Dont worry about my identity as the principal.

Is it convenient for you now Lets find a quiet place to talk.”

Liu Yan did not expect that the dignified and honorable principal would actually come to talk to him with a begging tone.

He nodded and agreed.

Not long after, Liu Yan, the principal, and the others took their seats in a small restaurant.

Under the principals treat, a table of sumptuous food was brought to the table.

Unlike the outside world, the world of the Tower was short of resources.

To order a table of sumptuous dishes would cost a price that was at least a thousand times higher than the outside world.

After the dishes had almost all been served, the principal rubbed his hands and began to talk about serious matters.

“Its like this, Liu Yan.

Arent you still trying to form a team Every cultivator has to form a team by force.

I see that your team isnt complete yet.

There are still vacancies.

Can you choose Murong Xue as your remaining teammate Of course, Im not forcing you to accept this teammate.

I dont have the right.

Dont worry, Im just discussing it with you.”

“Look, Murong Xue comes from the Murong Family and has a powerful background.

She has also been practicing martial arts since she was young.

Her foundation is very good, and the talent she has awakened is the S-grade Berserker Stance.

Shes quite strong.”

“If youre willing to agree, I have a few sponsors who can provide you with a lot of benefits.

This is the list, please see if its enough.

Liu Yan, I hope you can give me some face and agree to my request.”

As the principal spoke, he handed over a piece of paper.

Liu Yan looked at Murong Xue with some surprise.

To think this girl did not hesitate to use her connections to go directly to the principal and the sponsors just to join his team.

She was really going all out.

Liu Yan took the paper and looked at it.

There were all kinds of materials listed on it, most of which would be useful in the future.

It was obvious that the principal and the sponsors had specially prepared it according to his circumstances and needs.

Other than that, the most precious thing offered was a B-grade weapon-exchange coupon.

B-grade weapons were incomparably precious.

The principal and the sponsors had invested quite a large amount of capital.

It seemed that the Murong Familys strength was even stronger than he had imagined.

To think they could make the principal and the sponsors be so generous.

Seeing that the other party was so sincere, Liu Yan couldnt be bothered to fuss about the matter.

Besides, other than Murong Xues temper being a little missy and a little hot-tempered, she wasnt too bad.

Liu Yan looked at Chu Long and asked, “Chu Long, what do you think If you think its okay, then well take Murong Xue as our last teammate.”

The principal quickly looked at Chu Long with an expectant look on his face.

Murong Xue, who had always been arrogant, frowned slightly.

If she couldnt succeed even with this, she really wanted to lose her temper.

Chu Long had long wanted to get to know Murong Xue and wanted her as her teammate.

She looked at Liu Yan carefully and understood what he meant.

Thus, she immediately nodded, “Sure, I think its great!”


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