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“Everyone must form a team.

Three people in a team.

Today is the last day of preparation, so you must make haste.

We will be opening level three of the Tower at two oclock sharp in the afternoon!” The principal announced in the end.

With that, the principal left.

The Awakened below immediately began to form teams.

Most of them were looking for those with similar or higher strengths than themselves to form teams.

This was a matter of life and death, of whether they could succeed in clearing the trial, and of their future.

No one wanted to be dragged down.

Only those who were slightly weaker but had high-grade talents that had better growth potential were accepted into teams.

Murong Xue finally came to at this time and rushed to the field.

Although she had an S-grade talent Berserk Stance and had an abnormally strong body because she had practiced martial arts since she was young, her injuries from last nights battle with Liu Yan were serious.

At this moment, only half of her injuries had recovered, unlike Liu Yan who had fully recovered in one night.

Wearing a red top and a red mini skirt, added by her exquisite face and her curvy figure, Murong Xue immediately attracted most of the attention the moment she arrived on the field.

Instantly, many people turned their gazes towards her and started discussing in hushed voices.

“Who is that lady Shes so pretty.

This figure, tsk tsk tsk!”

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“If I could play with such a great figure for an entire night, I would even be willing to die!”

“Stop dreaming, who else could it be Its Murong Xue, the young miss of the Murong Family.

How can you and I covet her”

“Murong Xue Ive heard of her as well.

Behind her is the powerful Murong Family, and Murong Xue herself is also very powerful.

Shes really a winner in life!”

“I wonder who would Murong Xue, who is so good-looking and so strong, team up with Its such a blessing to be able to team up with such a beautiful expert.”


Everyone discussed in low voices.

They quite yearned to team up with Murong Xue.

After all, not only did she have a powerful background, a goddess-like face, and a curvy figure, but her strength was not weak either.

She was the top expert in this batch of Awakened.

However, most of them knew that there was a huge gap between them and Murong Xue.

They were simply not worthy of forming a team with her.

Being tactful, not many went forward.

There was no need for them to go forward and embarrass themselves.

However, there were also a few who thought with their penises and immediately rushed forward upon seeing Murong Xues goddess-like face and curvy figure.

A young man covered in lumps of flesh rushed forward and blocked Murong Xue, saying with a smug look on his face, “Miss, look at how strong I am.

My talent is a C grade strength-type talent.

How about it Form a team with me, and I will protect you!”

Obviously, this person did not know Murong Xues identity.

Upon seeing Murong Xue, it was as if his sperms rushed to his brain and he immediately became obsessed with her.

He took no heed of the discussions of the people around him.

Murong Xue looked at the young man in front of her.

He was covered in lumps of flesh and looked quite strong.

However, that was only in comparison to the ordinary people and low-level Awakened.

In front of a powerful fierce beast, he was nothing.

Murong Xue said, displeased, “Only C-grade Youre so weak, yet youre thinking of forming a team with me.

Are you even worthy”

When the young man heard this, he was immediately displeased.

He had always been proud of his strength.

Now that he was being humiliated in this aspect, he could not stand it at all.

“Miss, what are you saying Im not strong enough Why dont you give it a try” The young man provoked unhappily.

Murong Xues gaze turned cold.

With her fiery temper, she was lazy to say anything else.

She simply stomped on the ground fiercely and activated the first layer of the Tyrant Body!

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Under the support of the terrifying strength, Murong Xue, who had looked like a goddess just a moment ago, was suddenly filled with strength.

Her aura was astonishing.

The young man immediately felt that something was wrong, but it was already too late.

Murong Xue swept her leg over, and under the immense power, the young man with a C-grade strength-type talent was unable to resist at all.

He was directly swept over ten meters away by the leg attack and ended in a sorry state.

When the surrounding people saw this, they were all shocked.

Murong Xue was really good-looking, but she was really strong and also very bad-tempered.

“Thats it Be more watchful in the future.

Youre so weak, yet you still have the nerve to come out and flirt with girls!” Leaving behind a disdainful sentence, Murong Xue left immediately.

The young man who had fallen to the ground had originally only been slightly injured, but when he heard Murong Xues words, he instantly spat out a mouthful of blood in anger.

His eyes were filled with resentment as he stared at Murong Xues departing back.

He thought to himself, “You little girl, youd better remember this well.

Sooner or later, Im going to have you underneath me and avenge todays humiliation!”


Murong Xue hadnt even taken two steps before another young man walked over.

Unlike the previous young man, this young man was quite feminine and did not have much of a sense of power.

The young man had a humble look on his face as he said, “Miss Murong Xue, my combat strength is not that strong, but I have a healer-type talent, so I will definitely be of help to you.

Can you form a team with me If you bring me along, I will do whatever you want me to do, anything!”

The young man said such words in an extremely humble manner as if he was a dog.

When the surrounding people heard this, they secretly exclaimed in awe at the willingness of the young man to put himself in such a low position.

However, Murong Xue simply had a disdainful smile on her face as she said disdainfully, “I will either form a team with men or with women.

I wont form a team with a sissy.

Talk about healing, Im so strong, will I even get hurt Youre completely useless!”

After she finished spitting these words, Murong Xue left with a disdainful look on her face.

The young man on the spot immediately had a sorrowful look on his face.

Murong Xues words had caused him to feel inferior to the point he was doubting his own life.

The remaining few who had originally been eager to give it a try immediately retreated and did not dare to go forwards anymore.

They knew, seeing this situation, that if they went forward, they would either be beaten up by Murong Xue or be dissed.

Murong Xue pushed aside numerous people as she searched through the crowd.

On the other side, Liu Yan was also feeling quite troubled at this moment.

In terms of personality, he liked to move alone.

This was the most convenient, and there wouldnt be so much trouble.

Although forming a team would increase ones overall strength, it was also troublesome.

Liu Yan was very afraid of trouble.

Moreover, he was extremely confident in his own strength.

With his strength, he didnt need to form a team.

He would be able to successfully clear the Tower alone.

After obtaining the Blazing Tyrant Fist, Liu Yan could currently be said to be an all-rounded warrior.

He was proficient in many aspects, including close combat, long-range combat, strength, agility, ice attribute, fire attribute, poison attribute, and so on.

He even had a powerful fierce beast as a pet as well as enchanted puppets.

He could fight many fierce beasts alone without any flaws.

He simply did not need to borrow the strength of others at all.

However, the principal had said that team-forming said was a must.

The rule was that one must form a team and not be alone.

Without another choice, Liu Yan could only choose to form a team.

The first candidate was very easy.

His neighbors younger sister, Chu Long.

On one hand, he could protect her.

On the other hand, her healing ability might be useful in certain situations.

However, it was not easy to find a second member.

Liu Yan looked around, but he really could not find anyone that he liked.

At this moment, Murong Xue pushed a few people away in a domineering manner.

The male Awakened were thus pushed to the ground.

However, Murong Xue did not even look at them as she walked forward.

The male Awakened who were lying on the ground were about to fly into a rage, but when they saw that it was Murong Xue who had pushed them, they did not dare even to make a sound.

Even if they were humiliated, they could only grit their teeth and swallow the grievance.

Murong Xue came to Liu Yan and Chu Long.

Then, she pointed at Liu Yan and said, “You were very strong last night!”



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