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The Awakened were all shocked when they saw that the stone pillars on the field were shattered.

“F*ck, to think actually shattered.

It takes a level 15 Awakeneneds strongest attack to do this!”

“The shockwave of their battle is already equivalent to the strongest attack of a level 15 Awakened, so how terrifying are their strength”

“I was from Tower 105.

I remember that Liu Yans forte seemed to be long-range archery, not strength and close combat.”


For a moment, the Awakened all sucked in a breath of cold air.

So this was the terrifying strength of the number one genius

He was not good at close combat, yet he had such terrifying combat strength!

At this moment, Murong Xue was the first to collapse and faint in the field.

It was her first time activating the third layer of the Tyrant Body, and she had unleashed such powerful combat strength that her body could no longer take it.

Soon, some female Awakened who were on good terms with Murong Xue came up and supported her away.

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At this moment, Liu Yan also stumbled and almost fell.

Seeing this, Chu Long, who was not far away, quickly went up to support Liu Yan.

“Are you okay Why were you fighting so hard” Chu Long asked worriedly.

“Im fine, Im fine.

This battle was really enjoyable! Please help me find a new dormitory to rest in,” Liu Yan said with a smile.

Chu Long glanced at Liu Yan.

The battle was so intense that both of them were about to faint, yet they still found it enjoyable She really didnt understand.

At this moment, Liu Yans heart was incomparably satisfied.

Though, he hadnt displayed his true combat strength in the battle, including his various powerful skills, the ice and fire two-headed wolf, his enchanted puppets, and his bow.

In fact, he hadnt even unfurled the soft blades of his soft blade boxing gloves, not displaying their powerful lethality.

At the same time, he hadnt unleashed the fire attribute of the Blazing Tyrant Fist and used it to its full combat strength.

Once any of these had been used, there was a high possibility that he would hurt the other party.

It was just a sparring session, not a battle with a fierce beast, so there was no need to go to such extents.

In addition, Liu Yan only wanted to see just how strong his pure physical strength was.

In this battle, he had given his all in unleashing his pure physical strength and using the pure moves of the Blazing Tyrant Fist.

In the end, he was on par with Murong Xue.

After sending Liu Yan back to his new dormitory and confirming that he was fine, Chu Long went back to rest.

Liu Yan prepared the bathwater, poured in the medicinal herbs that were to be externally applied and took a bath.

These medicinal herbs could largely remove the impurities in the body and strengthen the body.


Having just experienced a great battle, Liu Yan was now able to absorb these medicinal herbs better.

Suddenly, Liu Yan felt itchy all over his body.

The cells in his body were splitting and regenerating, the process going on continuously.

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He could not help but faint in the process.

When Liu Yan finally woke up in the middle of the night, he found that the bathwater that was originally filled with medicinal fragrance had turned into stinky bathwater.

He guessed that it was probably because of the discharge of the impurities in his body.

He stood up and immediately felt that his body had become much stronger.

He then looked at his own body.

Although his muscles were not exaggerated in size, the lines of his muscles were clear and filled with strength.

He was very satisfied.

Liu Yan immediately felt some gratitude toward Murong Xue.

The great battle with her had not only helped him familiarize himself with close combat and the Blazing Tyrant Fist, but it had also greatly strengthened his body.

It was very rare to obtain such an opportunity in the Tower.

After all, in a battle with a fierce beast, one careless mistake and one might just die.

Thus, every time Liu Yan fought with a fierce beast, he would use his full strength and use killer moves.

He did not dare to be careless.

There was simply no chance to spar and train.

The next day, under the guidance of the instructors, the Awakened gathered on the field.

Not long after, the principal arrived.

“Everyone, we are going to hold a sparring session today!” The principal said with a smile.

But then, he turned his head only to see that the stone pillars used for assessments had all turned into powder.

The principal was immediately stunned and his face was full of shock, “Who Who did this”

“How dare you destroy the stone pillars used for assessments Who gave you the guts to do so” The principal roared and questioned.

The Awakened below had been discussing this matter.

At this moment, an Awakened who was near the front stepped forward and said, “Principal, last night, Liu Yan and the lady from the Murong Family had sparred on the field.

Then, the shockwaves from their battle hit these stone pillars and they shattered.”

The principal, who had been angry just a moment ago, immediately calmed down when he heard this.

One of the parties in question was a member of the Murong Family, who was the main sponsor of the academy, so he didnt dare to say anything about her.

The other one was Liu Yan, who was an expert that the entire academy had to rely on in the future.

He couldnt afford to offend him.

“Oh, thats fine then,” The principal smiled and said.

At this moment, the Awakened below were discussing animatedly.

“Is this for real The shockwaves from their battle were enough to shatter these stone pillars”

“My question exactly.

Didnt they say that the stone pillars can withstand the strongest attack of a level 10 Awakened and would only shatter under the strongest attack of a level 15 Awakened”

“Its true.

I saw it with my own eyes last night.

You didnt see it, but the two of them were very powerful.

The battle was really exciting!”

“I saw it too.

The whole battle had been of close combat, and was very interesting!”

“If only I can have such powerful strength one day.

I would definitely become the pride of our entire family.

No, the pride of the entire village!”


The principal listened to the discussions below the stage but wasnt surprised.

He had been the principal for many years and had seen all sorts of monstrous experts.

He was most clear about the value of one being able to obtain 320,000 points on the first two levels of the tower.

That was far beyond the imagination and understanding of ordinary people.

It wasnt surprising at all that such a top-notch expert could possess such terrifying combat strength so early on.

Since the stone pillars had already been shattered, the sparring session could not be continued.

The principal explained some things and have some words of encouragement to the group of Awakened before explaining the rules and points to note for level three of the Tower.

The academy planned to open level three of the Tower ahead of time.

“Everyone, I will now begin to explain the rules and points to note for level three of the Tower.

You must remember every word I say clearly.

This not only concerns whether you can pass the trial on level three of the Tower, but it also concerns your lives and the future of mankind! Level three of the Tower is different from the first two novice levels.

Level three is extremely dangerous, so you must form teams to fight.

Each of you is to form a team of three and appoint a team leader.”

“Secondly, each of you will receive a card that will be marked withyin oryang! Level three is theTaiji Basin.

Those with the yin card will be in one of the semi-circles of Taiji, while those with the yang card will be in the other.”

“The requirement to pass the trial of level three and enter level four is to gather both the yin and yang cards! At the same time, you may also be rewarded by killing the fierce beasts in the Tower, though, the probability of that happening is very low, only about 10%.

In other words, if you kill 10 fierce beasts, you might only get one card or even less.”

“Last of all, gathering the yin and yang cards is extremely crucial.

Not only is it the only way to get out of level three of the Tower, but it also has another benefit, which is related to your class transition!”

When the Awakened below heard this, they were all extremely curious.

Previously, many of them had heard that when they reached the upper levels of the Tower, they would be able to undergo class transition.

After the class transition, their strength would receive a qualitative improvement.

It could be said that an Awakeneds future depended on whether ones class transition was successful or not.

The different classes also had quite a big difference.

Whether the class transitioned into was strong or not would affect ones future growth.

If it were to be said that awakening a talent was the first chance to determine ones future, then the class transition was the second chance!

At this moment, the principal continued to explain on the stage, “Different talents are related to different classes.

Those with classes will have more room for development in comparison to those who only have talents.

For example, berserker, priest, and so on.

As long as you gather X pairs of yin and yang cards, you can exchange them for a certificate of class transition!


“Thats all there is to it.

The help we can give you is very limited.

Everything depends on you.

It also depends on the cooperation between you and the members of your team.

Now, you can choose your teammates, form a term, and appoint your leader.

With a good leader, youll have better guidance! Were planning on opening level three of the Tower after everyone has selected their teammates and formed their respective teams.

Everyone, make haste!”

The Awakened below were all extremely excited when they heard this.

Although level three of the Tower was extremely dangerous, being able to obtain a class transition certificate also meant that they would have a huge chance to increase their strength.

Danger and opportunity coexisted.

The Awakened who were able to reach this stage were all quite strong.

Naturally, they werent afraid.

At this moment, they were all eager to give it a try.


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