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Liu Yan started browsing the many types of B-grade equipment.

There were many types to choose from, including armor, weapons, jewelry, and so on.

They were B-grade equipment, after all, so they were all extremely powerful and could make Liu Yan a little stronger.

However, they were not that crucial.

After a short while, Liu Yan stopped on a pair of gloves.

Unlike the other pieces of equipment that were thick and heavy, this pair of gloves was very thin.

It was made of special soft armor, and its power did not seem to be weak at all.

[Soft Blade Gloves]

[Grade: B]

[Effects: Attack 100.

The gloves are thin and soft, suitable for wear.

They do not affect movement and are abnormally tough.

The wearer may stop all kinds of sharp weapons with bare hands without getting hurt!]

The minute he read the effects of the gloves, he immediately liked them.

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The pair of soft blade gloves was just like its name.

It was very thin, soft, and thus very comfortable to wear.

It would not affect movement, which meant it would not affect Liu Yans shooting.

At the same time, these gloves would be extremely powerful in close combat.

Judging by how they added so many attack attribute points, it was apparent that the effects of the gloves were not to be underestimated.

They looked ordinary, but in fact, they were extremely lethal.

“I want this pair of gloves!” Liu Yan confirmed.

After giving the exchange coupon to the counter, he successfully obtained the soft blade gloves.

He then went to the side and used Divine Extraction on them.

A white light enveloped the gloves.

Under Liu Yans gaze, the originally thin and soft gloves that had a few small blades on the outside became thinner and smoother.

Even the small blades on the outside had disappeared.

He hurriedly checked their renewed stats.

[Soft Blade Boxing Gloves]

[Grade: A]

[Effect: Attack 300.

The gloves are thin and soft, suitable for wear.

They do not affect movement and are abnormally tough.

The wearer may stop all kinds of sharp weapons and elemental attacks with bare hands without getting hurt! The outer body of the gloves may seem smooth, but in fact, they are full of small blades that can not be seen by the naked eye.

When combined with strong attacks, they are extremely lethal.]

After he finished reading all this, Liu Yan was extremely surprised.

Only now did he understand that the gloves only looked smooth.

The small blades hadnt disappeared, they had just become smaller, invisible to the naked eye, and more in numbers.


Liu Yan used Spirit Vision to carefully examine the gloves.

Only then did he notice the small blades.

Each of them was extremely small, but their size did not affect their lethality.

At the same time, after Divine Extraction had been used on the gloves and they had been upgraded, their stats had increased by a lot.

His attack could be increased by 300 points, which was even greater than his current close-range attack stats, making his strength double in an instant.

Apart from that, Liu Yan also noticed a crucial change.

Not only could the soft blade boxing gloves block all kinds of sharp weapons, but they could also block all kinds of elemental power after being upgraded!

With this, both the defense and attack power of the gloves were extremely powerful, making them perfectly compatible with Liu Yans Blazing Tyrant Fist!

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With the Blazing Tyrant Fist and this soft blade boxing glove, his close-range combat strength was thus abruptly improved.

Liu Yan put on the soft blade boxing gloves.

They were very thin and did not affect his normal movements at all.

They wouldnt affect his movements in archery or other things.

On top of that, he could actively control whether to unfurl the small blades that could not be seen by the naked eye that covered the soft blade boxing gloves.

If the blades were furled, these soft blade boxing gloves would just be a pair of gloves with extremely strong defense, not hurting other people or objects when they came into accidental contact with them.

It would undoubtedly be much more convenient if he had the initiative to control whether the soft blades on the gloves were unfurled or not.

With that, Liu Yan furled the soft blades on the gloves, planning to unfurl them when needed.

At this time, the sky was already dark, and it was already late.

Having gained a bountiful harvest, Liu Yan was quite satisfied.

He returned to the dormitory that had been arranged for him.

Other than the exchange coupons for cultivation methods and equipment, Liu Yan had also obtained various precious medicinal herbs for body tempering.

These medicinal herbs were all able to increase ones physique and strength to a certain extent.

Liu Yan used Divine Extraction on each of them, and their effects were immediately improved by several times.

After a rough estimation, if he consumed all the medicinal herbs to be taken internally and used up all the medicinal herbs to be applied externally, his attribute points would be increased by several dozen points in an instant, making him incomparably powerful.

However, he knew that this was mainly thanks to Divine Extraction.

If it was before, it would probably already be amazing if he could increase his attribute points by more than ten points.

After returning to the dormitory, Liu Yan first brew the medicinal herbs that had to be taken internally and drank all of them.

Then, a notification appeared before him.

[Strength 31, Vitality 42!]

Seeing the notification, Liu Yan was overjoyed.

Medicines were really convenient in increasing ones strength.

That being said, he had previously learned from the principal that although potions could increase ones strength without any side effects, there was a limit to how much one could use them.

If one continuously used them, there would not be much effect towards the end.

The potions worked to remove the impurities in ones body and increasing ones strength.

As such, after all the impurities had been removed, further consumption of potions would not have the same effects again.

There was a limit to it.

After taking the potions, the medicinal ingredients for external application were left.

Liu Yan took them and went to the bathroom, preparing to take a bath and soak in them.

The many days of adventure in the Tower had made him very tense.

It was a good opportunity for him to take a bath to relax now since he would be busy again the next day.

However, as soon as Liu Yan opened the bathroom, he found that there was mist lingering around.

Previously, he had been informed that due to the limited number of dormitories, a single dormitory could not be arranged.

Instead, he was given a two-person dormitory.

To think his roommate didnt know to ventilate after taking a bath, making the entire bathroom so wet.

Liu Yan thought to himself that he would have to give his roommate a lecture after the latter came back as he headed deeper into the bathroom.

At this moment, inside the bathroom, a curvy figure was taking a shower.

Her proud bust was very much prominent.

Murong Xue was relaxing while taking a shower, and at the same time, wondering who her roommate was.

The Murong Family was the manager of the Murong Chamber of Commerce and an important sponsor of the academy.

Therefore, Murong Xue knew quite some insider information that others didnt.

For example, in Lighthouse Academy, strength was the most important thing.

Therefore, when the dormitories were allocated, they were allocated according to ones strength.

Murong Xue was very confident in her own strength, so she was a little curious about how strong her roommate would be.

Unlike other Awakened who only started to practice martial arts after they entered the Tower and were awakened, Murong Xue had been born into the prestigious Murong Family and had been practicing martial arts since she was young.

Before she had awakened her talent, she had already displayed signs of obtaining an extremely powerful talent.

After practicing martial arts for thirteen years, her strength was incomparably powerful.

Murong Xue had been long unsatisfied with the sparring partner that her family had assigned for her.

The sparring partner was simply so weak that she was able to finish him off in two or three moves.

Even those experts who had already awakened their talent after training in the Tower were no match for Murong Xue who had yet to awaken her talent.

This time, after entering the Tower, Murong Xue had awakened a powerful talent related to her close-combat martial arts.

Her strength had also received a terrifying increase.

Right at this moment, the bathroom door was pulled open, and a figure walked over.

Murong Xue was instantly shocked.

On the other side, Liu Yan was even more stunned when he saw the beautiful scene in front of him.

The girls graceful figure, especially the two football-sized breasts on her chest, made Liu Yan extremely surprised.


“Damn, the academys dormitory is a mixed dorm” Liu Yan cried out in surprise.

Murong Xues face immediately turned cold, and she instantly reacted.

She jumped directly onto Liu Yans face and waved her fist to attack him.


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