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At this moment, the group of students had already formed teams.

Most of the people on the same team were those with talents at the same grade,which was more suitable an arrangement since their strength didnt vary by too much.

Some teams were willing to bring along one or two with slightly lower grade talents as support, but they werent willing to bring too many.

After all, bringing along too many people with lower grade talents would only become a burden to the team, affecting their survival and killing of beasts.

As such, the team with D-grade talents was the strongest.

It also included the few experts with C-grade talents, and as such was the team that had the best chance of entering level two of the Tower.


Those with E-grade talents had formed two teams.

Although they were much weaker and had almost no hope of entering level two, it shouldnt be a problem for them to survive if they were careful.

The remaining two teams had been formed by people with F-grade talents, and they were currently quite miserable.

Let alone advancing to level two of the Tower, it was extremely difficult for them to even survive.

The rules that the teams were formed on were extremely cruel.

At this moment, a team member from the F-grade talents team saw Liu Yan and threw out an offer, “Brother, seeing that you havent said much, the grade of your talent shouldnt be too high, right Why not come with us After all, the more the merrier.

We can try our best to survive.”

“No, thanks,” Liu Yan shook his head slightly and rejected.

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The current Liu Yan wasnt weak.

Even if he was alone, it wouldnt be difficult for him to survive.

Besides, Liu Yans goal was clearly not just that.

Soon, the teams had been formed.

The white halos on everyones bodies disappeared, indicating that the beginners protection time had ended, and the teams set off separately.

Who knew how many people would return to the Blue Planet alive after this separation.

As for Liu Yan, he was the only lone ranger.

After everyone left, Liu Yan did not go around exploring, instead, he stayed where he was and hid while waiting.

As expected, in less than an hour, the smart wristband showed new notifications.

[The Awakened Wang Hu has died.

Location 800 meters southeast.

Please pay attention to your safety!]


[The Awakened Zhao Tian has died.

Location 800 meters southeast.

Please pay attention to your safety!]


Two dead at once!

Seeing this, although Liu Yan felt sorry for these two unlucky fellows, at the same time, his face was full of joy.

His chance to pick up scraps had come!


Originally, the Federation had developed the death notification to help the Awakened avoid danger, but now, it had become a tool for Liu Yan to pick up scraps…

Liu Yan held the dagger as he hurriedly passed through the dense forest, heading southeast.

Soon, Liu Yan arrived at his destination.

Two corpses were lying on the ground, with fresh blood flowing continuously from them.

One of them even had his internal organs exposed, the scene extremely gruesome.

Next to the two corpses was a beast licking its wounds.

Liu Yan quickly used his smart wristband to check its attributes.


[Blood Wolf]

[Level: 1]

[HP: 100/300]


[MP: 200/300]

[Strength: 28]

[Vitality: 25]

[Agility: 35]

[Spirit: 16]

[Adaptability: 15]

[Talent: None]

[Skills: Claw, Pounce]


It was a heavily injured level 1 beast that was still currently healing itself!

When he saw its attributes, Liu Yan immediately understood that those who had just awakened were no match for this blood wolf in a one-on-one fight.

However, there had been two of them, but because it was their first battle, they did not dare to go forward.

That was why such a tragedy had happened.

The blood wolf was clearly on the verge of death, and the other people had only needed to muster up the courage to fight to definitely win, yet, they chose to flee because of fear…


Liu Yan raised the dagger in his hand and prepared to fight.

Although there was a certain difference in attributes, Liu Yan had two pieces of E-grade equipment on him.

With this, he was no weaker than the blood wolf.

Apart from that, Liu Yan also had a skill.

In addition to the fact that the blood wolf was already on the verge of death, he was completely capable of dealing with it.

The only thing he had to take note of was to overcome his fear and not retreat at the last minute!

“Ill let you be the first stepping stone on my path to becoming stronger!” Liu Yans gaze turned cold as he raised his dagger and charged forward.


The blood wolf, which was licking its wounds, noticed Liu Yans arrival and immediately stood up, staring coldly at him.

However, Liu Yan was not afraid at all.

He immediately activated his D-grade skill, Strength Enhancement.

Veins popped out all over Liu Yans body, and his muscles rapidly filled with blood.


The berserk mode had been activated!

With that, Liu Yans strength was instantly increased by three times.

Gripping the dagger tightly, Liu Yan charged forward.

The blood wolf also pounced forward.

Liu Yan did not dodge.

Instead, he used his equipments armguard to block it.


He felt a wave of pain, but at this moment, he had no time to think about it.

He gripped the dagger tightly and stabbed it at the blood wolfs head again and again.

After a few hits, blood spurted out, and the blood wolf gradually loosened its bite and fell to the ground.

Liu Yan was worried that it wasnt dead yet, so he went up to stab it a few more times.

After confirming that the blood wolf was indeed dead, he finally let out a sigh of relief.


Panting heavily, Liu Yan took a long time to recover.

When he looked at himself again, he realized that he was covered in blood, in a sorry state.

Liu Yan checked his forearm.

Under the protection of the equipment, he hadnt been injured, which was a relief.

The equipment that had been upgraded to E-grade with the Divine Extraction had decent defense.

To think it could withstand the bite of a level 1 blood wolf.

At this time, Liu Yan had gradually regained his composure.

He hurried to the front of the blood wolfs corpse and activated Divine Extraction.

A green light enveloped the corpse.

[Divine Extraction of the blood wolfs corpse has been successful.

Obtained: strength 2, vitality 2, agility 3!]


At the same time, Liu Yan felt a warm current flow through his entire body.

The strength in his body had clearly improved, and his physical toughness had also increased by quite a lot.

Other than that, he felt that his body had become much lighter, which meant that his speed had also increased significantly.

Liu Yan was quite surprised that he could obtain so many attribute points at once.


With this, he somewhat understood the pattern of Divine Extraction.

Using the talent on the powerful beasts would allow him to obtain more attribute points, to which the trees and corpses of newly-awakened people were far inferior.


However, other than attribute points, he did not obtain anything else.

The skill that he had obtained from the human corpse previously was extremely powerful though.

The Strength Enhancement had helped Liu Yan greatly this time.


After his first battle with a beast, Liu Yan gradually gained some confidence.

Although the beasts were powerful, they were not invincible.

As long as he could overcome his fear, they were actually not that terrifying.

However, in terms of combat techniques, he was still lacking.

At the moment, he didnt have any other skills other than a strength-type skill, so he could only fight head-on.

It would be fine if he encountered weaker beasts, but if he encountered a stronger beast than himself, it would be troublesome.

“It seems that I still have to continue improving my strength.

Although my strength has increased greatly, its still not enough”, Liu Yan thought to himself.

After roughly cleaning up the blood on his body and putting away the dagger, Liu Yan got up and was about to leave when he noticed the two human corpses beside him.

Only then did Liu Yan remember that there were still two corpses that he had not used the Divine Extraction on.

After the battle with the blood wolf, he had been quite nervous that he had almost forgotten about such an important matter.

Liu Yan quickly went to the front of the two corpses and used Divine Extraction.

Green light shrouded the corpses, and lines of notifications emerged before Liu Yan…



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