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In the auditorium, all the Awakened looked at the exaggerated number on the big screen and were shocked.

Some of the Awakened from Tower 105 knew Liu Yan and were all looking at him now.

Some of them even started showing off to the people around them.

“See, I told you that the number one in Tower 105, Liu Yan, is very strong!”

“I even know Liu Yan.

I traded with him back then!”

“I had thought that the gap between me and Liu Yan was huge.

It turns out that its not that Im too weak, but hes too strong.”

“As expected of the number one in Tower 105.

Hes awesome.”

“Say, Liu Yan and I were both in Tower 105.

Will he accept me as his teammate because of this”

“Are you serious Do you know Liu Yan”


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At this moment, the Awakened were discussing.

Only the Awakened from Tower 105 knew Liu Yan, and the Awakened from Tower 106 and Tower 107 had seen him before on level two.

As for the rest, they didnt know Liu Yan at all.

As such, they were all curious about who this unprecedented genius was.

At this moment, in a corner of the crowd, Chu Long was surprised as she pulled on Liu Yans arm, her face full of excitement, “Wow, youre number one.

You actually have 300,000 points.

How did you do it Youre too amazing!”

When they were on level two, Chu Long already knew that Liu Yan was extremely powerful.

After all, he had been far in the lead when they were climbing the mountain.

After that, he entered the secret realm alone and survived.

Then, Sun Ren and a dozen other Awakened who had entered the secret realm and met Liu Yan did not return alive.

However, Chu Long did not expect that his strength had already reached such a level.

He was ridiculously strong!

At this time, the principal returned to the stage and came to the middle.

“Next, lets invite our number one, Liu Yan, to the stage to be presented with his rewards!” The principal announced.

Hearing the principals voice, Liu Yan stood up and walked toward the stage.

For a moment, all eyes in the auditorium were focused on him.

“So this is the number one genius, Liu Yan”

“He looks so ordinary.

How can he be so monstrous”


“What do you know This is being reserved.

From now on, Liu Yan is my idol!”

“His reputation points have directly surpassed the highest historical record.

Liu Yans future is destined to be limitless.”

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“F*ck, this guy must be lucky.

If Im lucky, I wouldve definitely been first!”

“So what if hes first Hes only the number one of the first two levels.

Level three of the Tower is extremely dangerous.

He might not even survive.”

“Thats right.

Its useless if a genius cant grow into an expert.

Who knows how many geniuses have fallen in the process of growing.”


At this moment, Liu Yan didnt pay attention to the discussions of the Awakened around him.

Instead, he walked straight up to the stage.

The principal walked up to Liu Yan with a smile on his face and shook his hand.

“Congratulations, Liu Yan,” The principal said with a smile.

He was clearly the dignified principal with high status and immense power in his hands, yet at this moment, the principal felt extremely honored to shake hands with one of his students.

This was because the principal knew very well that in the near future, when Liu Yan truly matured, he was destined to become the top expert in the entire Federation.

With such heaven-defying talent, it meant that he would become the leader of mankind in the future and lead the entire human race to a new height.

The principal said a few congratulatory words and began to distribute the rewards.

The rewards for being ranked first in the overall ranking of the twenty Towers were naturally extremely rich.

Apart from the various basic but precious potions that could be used externally or taken directly to improve ones physical strength, there were also some weapon-exchange coupons and skill-exchange coupons.

The people below were all extremely envious when they saw this.

Those precious potions for external application and taken directly could help an Awakened improve ones physical strength without any side effects.

The weapon and skill vouchers were even more precious.

They could be exchanged for many powerful pieces of equipment, which would greatly increase ones combat strength.


Liu Yan took a quick look.

The equipment that these weapon and skill vouchers could be exchanged for was even stronger than his current Wind Rider Set.

On top of that, he could use Divine Extraction on the equipment that he had exchanged for.

This way, his overall equipment could be raised by another two grades, and his strength would be doubled!

Liu Yan was also quite surprised.

He didnt expect the rewards to be so abundant.

After he received his rewards, Liu Yan left the stage.

Although Liu Yans strength had exceeded everyones expectations, time was pressing, and there was still a lot of work to be done.

The principal introduced the specific functions of the Lighthouse Academy, urging everyone to increase their strength as soon as possible to increase their chances of survival from level three onwards.

After that, he ended his speech and concluded the freshmen assembly.

When the Awakened left the auditorium, a large number of investors from various factions and Chambers of Commerce had already gathered at the entrance.


To be able to obtain the qualifications to enter level three, it was destined that these Awakened would have a high chance of leaving the Tower alive in the future.

They would be able to grow and become true experts.

It was undoubtedly wise for them to invest in these yet-to-grow Awakened.

Of course, those with higher rankings would be able to gain the favor and investment of more factions and Chambers of Commerce that were stronger.

These factions had long known about the results of the ranking in the auditorium.

At this moment, the moment Liu Yan walked out, a large number of representatives from various factions and Chambers of Commerce came looking for him, wanting to invest in him.

Only a small number of weaker forces and Chambers of Commerce knew that they wouldnt be able to get their hands on him, so they didnt go to him.

Instead, they turned their gazes to the other weaker Awakened who were also very talented.

“Hello, Mr.


I am the representative of the Awakened Alliance in City A, and I wish to cooperate with you!”


“Hello, Mr.


I am the representative of Dingsheng Chamber of Commerce, and I wish to invest in you!”

“Nice to meet you.

Im a member of the Federations military.

Id like to discuss cooperation with you.”


The representatives of the various factions and Chambers of Commerce were all fighting to cooperate with Liu Yan.

The number of representatives was so large that Liu Yan was immediately surrounded tightly.

Liu Yan looked at these people and smiled politely, “Everyone, please dont be anxious.

Lets proceed one by one.

Ill record your conditions down one by one.

As long as its suitable, well cooperate!”

Very soon, under Liu Yans arrangement, the messy representatives immediately became orderly.

Each of them briefly reported their conditions and negotiated.

Liu Yans high EQ behavior formed a sharp contrast with the other arrogant and talented geniuses.


He didnt put on any airs and could discuss and cooperate politely and rationally.

For a time, Liu Yans behavior was appreciated by all the investors present.

As expected of the number one genius in history, the ordinary geniuses were completely incomparable to him.


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