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On the resting platform between levels two and three, as soon as Liu Yan arrived, he found out that he was ranked first on the reputation ranking list.

At the same time, a notification appeared in front of him.

[Congratulations on ranking first on level twos reputation ranking list.

Obtained: Golden treasure chest!]

Following this, a notification sounded and a golden treasure chest appeared before him.

At the same time, a silver treasure chest also appeared in front of Chu Long, who was beside him and had also received a reward.

Liu Yan opened his golden treasure chest.

Within the huge treasure chest, there was only a pure white and somewhat translucent ring that looked extremely ordinary.

Liu Yan checked its stats.

[Basic Teleportation Ring]


[Grade: A]

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[Effect: Upon usage, you can teleport to any area within a ten-meter radius.

Number of uses: 1/1 (refreshes once every 24 hours)]

Liu Yan was surprised when he saw the effect.

Among the attributes of the various talents and equipment, time and space were the most mysterious and precious.

Anything to do with time and space would be extremely powerful.

This basic teleportation ring was of the A-grade.

Although its effect seemed ordinary, but if used properly, it would be extremely powerful.

For example, in the previous battle between Liu Yan and the fire Kylin, as well as the battle between him and the freeze bird, he had been held back by the opponent from the start and was unable to escape.

If he had this teleportation ring, it would have been much more convenient.

He could just teleport and pull away, and the battle situation would have been reversed instantly.

Other than pulling away to dodge, the ring could also be used in attacks.

If he suddenly appeared behind his opponent to attack, the opponent would be caught off guard, and it would be extremely easy for him to succeed in attacks!


The only unfortunate thing was that this teleportation ring was only at the basic level.

The teleportation distance was a little short, and the number of times it could be used was also not much.

However, Liu Yan had Divine Extraction.

With that, he tried using his talent on the ring, and it was immediately successful.

A white light enveloped the teleportation ring, and a notification appeared in front of him.

[Divine Extraction of the basic teleportation ring (A-grade) has been successful.

Congratulations on obtaining the intermediate teleportation ring (S-grade)!]


The originally translucent teleportation ring suddenly became almost completely transparent.

Liu Yan was instantly overjoyed and hurriedly checked its stats.

[Intermediate Teleportation Ring]

[Grade: S]

[Effect: Upon usage, you can teleport to any area within a hundred meters.

The effect can be used on other items with a maximum size of 100KG.

The number of uses: 10/10 (refreshes once every two hours)!]

Seeing the effect, Liu Yan was ecstatic.

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It had become an S-grade treasure, after all.

Its effect was several levels stronger.

Not only was the teleportation range increased by a lot, reaching a range of 100 meters, but besides himself, he could also teleport other people or items.

With this, the usage of the ring would undoubtedly be much more effective, and the effect would be doubled!

Other than that, the number of times it could be used had also increased by a lot.

It could be used 10 times while it would refresh once every two hours.

Although the number of uses was still a little scarce, teleportation itself was extremely powerful, to begin with.

He did not need to use it often.

It was enough for him to use it at critical moments.

Liu Yan put on the intermediate teleportation ring.

The almost transparent teleportation ring was not eye-catching on his hand.

Rather, one could not even see it if one did not look carefully.

After putting it on, Liu Yan realized that he could teleport himself and the people and things around him with just a thought.

It was truly powerful.

At this moment, Chu Long came over from the side.

“Ive obtained a piece of B-grade equipment, and my strength has increased a lot.

What about you” Chu Long asked curiously.

“Ill tell you next time,” Liu Yan smiled but did not tell her.


This intermediate teleportation ring was extremely powerful, so he naturally had to hide it.

He would not use it unless it was a critical moment.

Keeping it as his trump card could prevent many accidents.

“Tsk, stingy!” Chu Long curled her lips, but she was already used to Liu Yans personality.


At this moment, the two started observing the resting platform between levels two and three.

It was different from the resting platform between levels one and two which had been just a few simple houses.


Rather than calling this place a resting platform, it was more appropriate to call it a resting street because it was as spacious as a whole street.

This was also where the Awakened of the 20 Towers were gathered.

Although there werent many that could reach level three, there were still several hundred.

Some probably hadnt arrived either.

When they arrived, there would be even more people.

Apart from that, there were some human things here, such as the usual food street.


These days, although Liu Yans strength had increased a lot in the Tower, the food was undoubtedly quite miserable.

Most of the time, he could only eat some wild fruits and the corpses of fierce beasts.

Without any condiments and only being able to roast the meat of fierce beasts, it was undoubtedly a little bland, and he didnt have an appetite for food.

“Wow, we can finally have some real food.

Lets go, lets go!” Chu Longs eyes lit up when she saw the food street, and she hurriedly pulled Liu Yan along.

The two of them ate all kinds of delicious food and relaxed for a rare moment.

Finally, it was noon, and the time was up.

The teleportation array from level two to the resting platform was closed, and all the Awakened who could reach had already arrived.

The remaining who hadnt arrived had either died on level two or hadnt made it in time.

They could only come when the next teleportation array was activated.

However, the prerequisite was that they could survive until then.

At this moment, when the instructor saw that all the Awakened had arrived, he gathered them together and began to announce some things.

“Everyone, first of all, congratulations on reaching this place and successfully obtaining the qualifications to enter level three.

Any one of you is the pride and the future of humanity! I believe all of you have noticed that this resting platform is much larger than the previous resting platform.

The largest and most important part of this resting platform is the military academy behind me, the lower house of the Lighthouse Academy!”


The many Awakened followed the instructors finger and saw a huge academy not far away.

The entire academy was a towering tower with its tip reaching into the clouds.

It was extremely tall and majestic.


At this moment, the instructor continued, “Starting from level three, the danger level will increase exponentially and will be obviously higher than the first two levels! Those who died in the first two levels are mostly those who are not talented, strong, or lucky.

All of you who have been able to reach here are the precious resources for us humans.

You can not be sacrificed so easily.

As such, to prevent you from suffering huge casualties after level three, our ancestors have built this military academy here for you to learn how to advance in the Tower before heading to level three!”


“The Lighthouse Academy is gathered with the wisdom of our ancestors.

Of course, this is only the lower house.

The upper house will be on the resting platform of a higher level! Other than helping you learn and improve your combat strength, the Lighthouse Academy will also provide you with a platform to find suitable teammates.

Starting from level three, it will be extremely dangerous.

You must find suitable teammates to form a team with comprehensive strength.

Only in this way can you survive and go further!”



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