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The shadow wolf had high potential but had obviously not matured yet, so Sun Ren was very confident in dealing with it.

However, just as Sun Ren rushed at the shadow wolf, it immediately returned to its fully evolved form, the ice and fire dual-headed wolf!

Its two heads with different elements, its instantly incomparably huge body, and the terrifying elements of ice and fire that constantly flashed on its body appeared before Sun Ren.

“Shit!” Sun Ren immediately realized that things were not good.

He could deal with the shadow wolf but was obviously not a match for a shadow wolf that had already evolved and matured.

Just by looking at its appearance, it was incomparably terrifying.

Sensing the danger, Sun Ren hurriedly wanted to retreat.

However, the ice and fire two-headed wolf that had received Liu Yans order did not hold back at all.

It directly went forward and bit at Sun Ren.

Although the ice and fire two-headed wolf was huge, it was extremely agile.

Sun Ren did not have the time to dodge at all and hurriedly retaliated.

However, having just risen to level 3, how could he be a match for the ice and fire two-headed wolf that was in level 7 and had S-grade potential

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Sun Ren was unable to resist the wolfs attack at all and was directly bitten to death with a single bite from the ice and fire two-headed wolf.

Following this, Liu Yan walked out from his hiding place to Sun Rens body, beginning to reap the rewards.

He used his SSS-grade talent Divine Extraction, and green light enveloped Sun Rens corpse.

[Divine Extraction successful.

Obtained: Soul Stripping (A-grade)!]

[Soul Stripping]

[Grade: A]

[Effect: You will have strong soul-sensing ability.

At the same time, you will be able to extract the soul of your target to strengthen yourself.]

The grade of the skill was quite high, reaching A-grade.

The effect of the skill was also very strong.

It had great potential since it allowed one to extract the souls of others to strengthen oneself.

However, it was of little use to Liu Yan.

The Soul Splitting was simply a simplified version of Divine Extraction.

With the SSS-grade Divine Extraction, this skill was simply useless.

Liu Yan shook his head, a little disappointed.

He then used Soul Stripping on Sun Ren.

After that, he took out an enchanted puppet and transferred Sun Rens soul into the puppets body.

Liu Yan did not choose to control the puppet like how the freeze bird had done so previously.

Although controlling the enchanted puppet through an ice line would make it have no energy core and thus no weakness, the prerequisite was that no one could discover the thin ice line.

Otherwise, it would collapse with one strike.

According to the magic warlocks knowledge that he had inherited, Liu Yan customized the puppet and placed the energy core at its ankles.

The ankles were in the lowest position and were also the least noticeable, so the spot was relatively safe.


After everything was done, the enchanted puppet emitted purple light and could already be used.

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Liu Yan checked and found that these were all level 5 enchanted puppets, and their strength was about the same as that of an ordinary level 5 Awakened.

However, as the enchanted puppets were not living beings, they did not feel pain.

As long as their energy core was still intact, they would be immortal.

Therefore, their combat strength should be on par with that of an ordinary level 6 Awakened.

Although they were still inferior to Liu Yan since he could easily deal with them, to the ordinary level 2 and level 3 Awakened outside, the puppets were undoubtedly incomparably powerful.

The key was that the enchanted puppets could move independently, which instantly increased Liu Yans combat power.

Then, Liu Yan entered the ice crystal tunnel again.

First, he put away all the traps into his storage ring for the next use.

His usage of traps this time had made him think more highly of traps.

Sometimes, they were indeed very useful.

After putting everything away, Liu Yan went to the corpses of the Awakened.

These Awakened didnt have any grudges against Liu Yan.

Yet, they had listened to Sun Rens words and coveted the treasure, to the point they didnt hesitate to set fire to the mountain to kill Liu Yan.

This had thus resulted in their deaths.

Let alone obtaining the treasure, they hadnt even seen the shadow of the treasure, and their bodies were all cold as they lay here.

Liu Yan went forward and used Divine Extraction on the corpses one by one.

Green light enveloped them, and notifications appeared one after another before him.

[Divine Extraction of Awakeneds corpse has been successful.

Obtained: Fireball (C-grade) that has been automatically merged into Flame Control (A-grade), increasing Flame Controls power by 10%!]

[Divine Extraction of Awakeneds corpse has been successful.

Obtained: Wind Control (C-grade), able to somewhat control the wind, increasing agility and offensive ability!]

After finishing using Divine Extraction on all the corpses, Liu Yans gains were quite rich.

However, he already had quite a lot of skills with quite high grades.

As such, almost all of the skills he had obtained now had been merged into his original high-grade skills, improving their effects.


He had only obtained one new skill, and that was the C-grade skill Wind Control.

Liu Yan took a look.

Wind Control was not weak.

On the contrary, it was quite strong.

However, because he had just obtained two A-grade skills, he was no longer very interested in it.

Wind Control could only be used as a support method.

It could be attached to the arrows when shooting, further increasing the speed of the arrows, as well as their accuracy and lethality.


After finishing Divine Extraction, Liu Yan used the A-grade skill Flame Control.

Balls of flames flew out, and the corpses of the Awakened were all burned to ashes.

He had already obtained all the treasures there were in the ice and snow secret realm, so there was no need for him to stay any longer.

He went straight to the entrance, triggered the mechanism, and left the realm.


Then, he successfully met up with Chu Long, who had been waiting here at the peak of the fire-elemental mountain.

At this moment, the time was up and the teleportation portal was open.

They could already leave level two of the Tower.

At the foot of the mountain, seeing that the fire had been extinguished, the remaining Awakened were rushing to the top of the mountain when the time was up.

“How are Sun Ren and the others” Seeing Liu Yan return safely, Chu Long was curious.

“Well talk later.

Lets leave level two first,” As Liu Yan spoke, he led Chu Long into the teleportation array and left.

After a short period of dizziness, Liu Yan and Chu Long arrived at the resting platform between levels two and three.

Inside the tower, a notification sounded.

[Time is up.

Those who enter the teleportation array alive will be considered to have successfully passed the trial on level two of the Tower!]

[Towers 100 to 120 have merged!]

[Rewards are being distributed according to the ranking of the points on level two!]

As the notification sounded, Liu Yan and Chu Long quickly looked at their rankings.

After Liu Yan returned to the scoring area, he returned to first place on the reputation rankIng list.

Killing the fire Kylin, the enchanted puppets, and the freeze bird, as well as obtaining the inheritance of the deceased magic warlock had all provided Liu Yan with a large number of points.

He was undoubtedly the first place.

On the other hand, although Chu Long didnt do anything on level two and didnt receive any points, she had accumulated quite a lot of points before and was ranked in the top few.

With the deaths of Sun Ren, Sun Yi, and the other Awakened, she had directly come to second place on the reputation ranking list.

It could be said that she had won without breaking a sweat.

At this moment, the Awakened on level two who were hurrying to the top of the mountain heard the notification and saw the reputation ranking list.

All of them were instantly shocked.

“Whats going on Not only did Liu Yan not die, but he even ranked first on the reputation ranking list.

His reputation points are ahead of the second place by so much.

Its more than four times that of the second place!”

“Look, Sun Ren, Sun Yi, and the dozen people are all gone from the ranking list.

Could it be that theyre dead”

“A dozen, all dead What happened at the mountain peak and in the secret realm just now”

“Liu Yan has ranked first again.

Hes going to get rich rewards again.

Hasnt his strength increased too fast!”


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