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“Theres a trap inside!”

“This trap is too powerful.”

“This cant do.

If this goes on, well all die here!”


The Awakened were instantly fearful.

Seeing this, Sun Ren and Sun Yi, who were behind them, frowned slightly.

“Somethings not right.

Liu Yan must have come in, so why havent we seen him, but theres still an untriggered trap” Sun Yi was a little puzzled.

“Somethings not right.

I saw some traces just now that showed that the traps shouldve already been triggered,” Sun Ren frowned, feeling something wrong with the situation.

Following this, the group of Awakened gritted their teeth and still chose to move forward, but they became more careful.

However, not long after they advanced, the ice crystals before them suddenly sank, revealing the quicksand underneath.

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The Awakened in front quickly retreated to avoid the quicksand, but one of them was still too slow and died in the quicksand.

“No, we cant advance any further.”

“Right, if we advance any further, well all die here before we even see the treasure.”

“I second the idea that we can retreat first and then make a plan.

If theres really nothing we can do, lets make the Awakened at the foot of the mountain come in first to trigger the traps, then well come in to harvest the treasure!”



The group of Awakened discussed for a while and prepared to retreat first.

Sun Ren and Sun Yi, who had been walking at the back at the beginning, suddenly became the lead.

However, after walking for a while, an ice crystal under their feet moved, and the mechanism was triggered.

A huge rock suddenly broke through the ice crystals above them and fell.

“Not good, danger!” Sun Ren hurriedly pulled Sun Yi aside and dodged.

The huge rock rolled over.

One of the Awakened was slightly injured, but none died.

The expressions of the group of Awakened instantly became serious.

They had just passed through here when entering, and there hadnt been any traps.

But now that they were returning to the entrance of the tunnel, there were traps instead.

Their current situation was very bad.

Whether they advanced or retreated, there were traps.

The remaining Awakened had grave expressions serious as they discussed their decision.

In the end, they decided to retreat.

After all, they had just come in from the outside, so they knew that they werent very far from the entrance.

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Even if there were still traps, they had a chance of getting out alive if they were careful.

If they continued to go deeper, no one knew how far they would have to go to reach the end, and no one knew how many more terrifying traps were waiting for them along the way.

After the discussion, the group returned.

This time, Sun Ren and Sun Yi were a little more cautious as they walked to the back of the group.

The few Awakened continued to charge out and constantly encountered traps.

Some were killed by the traps, while others managed to avoid the traps but were either lightly or heavily injured.

At this moment, they were only thirty meters away from the entrance.

There were only four of them left from the initial group of a dozen people.

The four of them looked at each other.

Each of them had some injuries on their bodies, and they were all quite heavy.

Sun Ren, who was the strongest and most injured, had three to four wounds on his body at this moment, and blood was continuously flowing out.

There were simply too many traps in this place.

Moreover, they were extremely hidden and powerful.

It was impossible to guard against them.

At this moment, Liu Yan, who was outside, moved a little closer when he heard the waves of miserable screams suddenly stop.

Seeing that Sun Ren and the others were hesitating, he was not in a hurry.

Although it was only the last thirty to forty meters, the last stretch had the most traps and was the most dangerous.

Sun Ren and the others discussed for a moment before deciding to just rush out.

They were only left with the last thirty meters or so.

Immediately, the four of them rushed towards the entrance together.

Not long after they did so, a trap was triggered.

A huge rock rolled over.

At the same time, poisonous gas was released, and a white fog with a delay effect appeared under their feet.

The four did not expect that there would be three traps in the last thirty meters that were all extremely powerful.

Under the white fogs paralysis and delay effect, their speed was immediately affected and reduced.

The giant rock in front of them was about to arrive, and the poisonous gas beside had also spread over.

They had encountered this kind of poisonous gas before.

It was a mixture of many kinds of poison.

As long as they came into contact with it, they would almost certainly die.

The only chance for the four of them to survive was to rush through the gap between the giant rock and the tunnel before the poisonous gas arrived.

However, because of the delay effect, their time to do so was extremely limited.

On top of that, only one person could pass through the gap at the same time.

This almost meant that only one of the four of them could survive.

If they wanted to be the second to pass through the gap, it would be too late because by then, the poisonous gas would have already arrived.

At this time, among the four, Sun Ren and Sun Yi were at the front.

Sun Yi didnt think too much about it and immediately rushed forward.

If he was fast enough, two might be able to pass through in time, though it was only a possibility.

Sun Ren looked at the white fog around him.

Under the delay effect, he reckoned that there was no time at all.

Looking at his younger brother who was in front of him, Sun Ren gritted his teeth, then grabbed Sun Yi and threw him behind him.

“Hey, brother, what are you doing” Sun Yi was in a daze.

He never thought that his brother would actually make a move against him.

At this time, Sun Rens face was full of indifference as he said coldly, “Im sorry, but only one person can survive.

This person must be me!”

As he spoke, Sun Ren rushed forward.

Before the poison gas arrived, he passed through the gap between the rolling stones and the tunnel and escaped from the tunnel.

At the same time, although the three people behind Sun Ren could also dodge the rolling stones attack by passing through the gap, the poison gas had already arrived.

Immediately, the three screamed and died miserably under the mixture of poison.

Looking at the miserable situation behind him, Sun Ren gasped for breath.

“This cant do, this secret realm is too dangerous.

I have to find a way out quickly.

I cant stay here alone.

There are still many Awakened outside.

I have to find them and make them enter the secret realm together with me.

With so many of them, they will definitely be enough to trigger all the traps in this tunnel.

By then, I will be able to obtain the treasures inside.

Since this ice and snow secret realm is so terrifying and the ice crystal tunnel is so dangerous, there must be an extremely powerful treasure inside!”


Sun Ren muttered to himself as he thought about his next move.

He did not feel too sad about the deaths of the Awakened who had just traveled with him.

He was even thinking of bringing more Awakened in to be his cannon fodder and help him obtain the treasures.

Seeing this while hiding at the side, Liu Yans expression turned cold.

Since Sun Ren was such a person, he wouldnt feel the slightest bit of guilt if he killed him.

With that, Liu Yan immediately summoned the ice and fire two-headed wolf.

Immediately after, he ordered the ice and fire two-headed wolf to temporarily return to its shadow wolf form.

Then, it appeared in front of Sun Ren.

Sun Ren, who possessed an A-grade talent Soul Extraction, was instantly moved when he saw the shadow wolf.


If he could kill it and extract its soul, his strength would receive a huge increase.

“To think its a shadow wolf.

This trip hasnt been in vain.

The sacrifice of my younger brother and the others is finally worth it!”

Sun Ren hurriedly raised his weapon and charged forward, preparing to defeat it.


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