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The ice crystal tunnel was full of traps, to begin with.

There were boulders, crossbow bolts, quicksand, holes, poison gas, and all sorts of other traps.

Liu Yan was powerful, and his body was extremely agile, but he believed that without the map of traps, even he would not be able to pass through the ice crystal tunnel safely.

As for the secret realms map of traps, one could only obtain it from the enchanted puppets with special methods.


Without Liu Yans heaven-defying talent Divine Extraction, it would not be that easy.

As for the enchanted puppets from before, they had all been stored by Liu Yan in his storage ring, making it even more impossible for the others to obtain them.

Thinking of this, he took out the trap materials that he had kept previously and returned to the ice crystal tunnel, rearranging them one by one.

At the same time, he added some spice to these traps.

He replaced the crossbow arrows that were just laced with poison just now with his frost arrows.

Not only were they faster and more powerful, but they were also harder to dodge.

On top of that, there were many more types of poison on them.

As long as they hit, the targets would die without a doubt!

Apart from that, he also used Fog to add many effects to the tunnel such as poison, paralysis, and delay to increase the hit rate of his arrows.

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After everything was set up, Liu Yan hid to the side and waited for the group of Awakened who wanted to burn him to death to enter.

The traps that had been spiced up were even more dangerous.

Even Liu Yan himself, if he didnt know beforehand, wouldnt be able to pass through safely, let alone those Awakened.

On the other side, Chu Long activated the mechanism according to the method Liu Yan had told her, successfully activating the teleportation array and leaving the ice and snow secret realm.

As soon as she returned to the top of the mountain, she ran into Sun Ren and the others who had just come up.

When Sun Ren and the others saw that the fire had almost died off, they hurriedly put out the remaining and climbed to the top of the mountain.

On the top of the mountain, there were traces of fighting, but there were no corpses or anything else.

When he saw Chu Long, Sun Yi immediately pretended to be worried and asked, “How is it Is Liu Yan okay Have you found him”

Chu Long had already learned about Sun Yis viciousness from Liu Yan.

Seeing that he was pretending to be concerned now, she felt a sense of disdain in her heart.

However, on the surface, she pretended to be anxious and said, “I havent found him.

Ive searched around and havent seen him at all, not his body either.

However, I have seen the entrance of the secret realm below.

I wonder if he has entered.”

When Sun Yi, Sun Ren, and the others heard this, they quickly went to the other side of the mountain and saw the entrance of the secret realm that was halfway up the mountain.

“Its the entrance of the secret realm.

Lets go in quickly.

Liu Yan might have already entered ahead of us!” Sun Ren said excitedly.

The group of Awakened was excited when they saw the entrance of the secret realm.

One by one, they rushed to enter.

However, they didnt notice that Chu Long had stopped where she was and didnt enter the secret realm together with them.

After entering the ice and snow secret realm, Sun Ren and the others were searching.

“What broken secret realm is this Why isnt there anything”

“Its so damn cold.

We dont even know where the exit is.

If this continues, well all freeze to death here!”

“Whats there to be afraid of There are so many of us.

Were very powerful.

Well definitely be able to find the exit safely.”

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“I wonder where Liu Yan is hiding.

If I were to find him, I would definitely kill him!”

“Forget it, he might have already encountered some danger and is already dead.”


Sun Ren and the other Awakened grumbled as they explored.

After a while, they found the entrance of the ice crystal tunnel.

“Look, theres a tunnel over there!”

“There are many traces of battle at the entrance of this tunnel.

Liu Yan must have encountered something.”

“We havent seen him yet.

He must have died in this tunnel.”


“There must be treasures in this tunnel.

Lets go in and take a look!”


Sun Ren looked at the ranking list and found that there was no change.

This meant that Liu Yan was most likely injured in the tunnel.


“Quick, lets go in and find the treasure!” Sun Ren shouted.

The other Awakened were excited as they rushed into the ice crystal tunnel.

Sun Ren pulled Sun Yi who wanted to go in with the others and shook his head slightly.

“Brother, shouldnt we go in quickly If we fall behind, we wont be able to get the treasure, right” Sun Yi was a little confused.

“Are you silly!” Sun Ren glared at him and said in a low voice, “Even if theres treasure here, we have to be alive to get it.

Look, there are only so many traces of battle outside, which means that its very dangerous.

The tunnel itself is definitely more dangerous.

Let them go in first as cannon fodder, then well go in and reap our harvest!”

“Thats right! Brother, youre so smart!” Sun Yi came to a realization.


Following this, Sun Ren and Sun Yi followed behind the other Awakened from afar and entered the ice crystal tunnel.

On the side, Liu Yan, who had relied on his C-grade skill Aura Concealment to successfully hide from Sun Ren and the others detection, saw all of this clearly.

Hearing Sun Rens thoughts, Liu Yan immediately snickered to himself.

How vicious.

Fortunately, when he had set up the traps, he had paid special attention to making it so that the traps set up in the first half of the ice crystal tunnel could not be triggered at will.

Liu Yan had to go over and activate them before they could be triggered.

He planned to open the traps on the outer part when all of them were in the middle of the tunnel.

Then, when they encountered danger inside, they could not retreat even if they wanted to.

Both the paths of advancing and retreating were laid with traps, and both were dead ends.

Sun Ren and Sun Yi, who thought themselves clever, could not escape the traps either.

What awaited them was only death.

Inside the ice crystal tunnel, after the group of Awakened entered, they quickly regained some sense.

They knew that if there were treasures inside the ice crystal tunnel, there was also danger accompanying it.

However, after carefully advancing forward for a few minutes, they did not encounter anything.

It was as if this ice crystal tunnel was just an ordinary tunnel, and there was nothing else.

“Why is there nothing There should be some danger.”

“I dont understand.

If there is no danger, there might not be any treasures inside.”

“There should be something.

There is nothing in the ice and snow secret realm outside.

The treasure must be in this ice crystal tunnel.”

“I suppose Liu Yan had encountered and used up all the danger, which is why we can be safe!”

“If thats the case, well have to say thank you to Liu Yan.

Lets be careful.

There might be danger ahead!”


The group of Awakened was a little confused as they continued to move forward in whispers.

Although they were puzzled, they could only continue forward.

After all, they didnt know where to go after leaving the ice crystal tunnel.

They couldnt even find the way to leave this ice and snow secret realm.

As they were carefully moving forward, an Awakened at the front suddenly triggered a trap.

Immediately, a large number of frost arrows shot over.

“Theres a trap!” The Awakened at the back quickly reacted and successfully dodged.

With the help of the frost, the speed of the arrows was extremely fast.

The few Awakened at the front couldnt dodge in time and were directly hit.

Within a few seconds of being hit, the Awakened began to fall one by one.

“Theres poison on the arrows!”

Instantly, three from the group of a dozen Awakened were dead.

The losses were not small.


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