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“Brother, whats wrong Dont worry, with a fire this fierce, burning Liu Yan to death will definitely not be a problem!” Sun Yi looked at Sun Ren with puzzlement.

“I feel an even stronger wave of power.

Coupled with the notification that the secret realm has just opened, I reckon that the entrance of the secret realm might be on the mountain.

We have to hurry up!” Sun Ren said seriously.

“Huh On the top of the mountain But the fire is so fierce now.

We cant go up at all!” Sun Yi was in a dilemma.


The other Awakened who had participated in setting fire to the mountain were also anxious.

They had set fire to the mountain with the intention to burn the fierce beast on the mountain and Liu Yan, their powerful rival, to death.

Now, it was unknown whether the fierce beast and Liu Yan had been burned to death, but it was a fact that the fire was blocking their advance and delaying their entry into the secret realm.

“What if Liu Yan finds the entrance to the secret realm first”

“Chu Long also went up just now.

If the entrance to the secret realm is up there, she might have entered as well!”

“Were finished now.

Weve set the fire in vain, and its actually stopping us from advancing.”

“Sigh, if Liu Yan enters the secret realm first and takes away all the treasures, well suffer a huge loss!”

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“If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have set the place on fire.

There havent been any benefits at all, and I have cheated myself instead!”



The few Awakened in the surroundings were discussing among themselves.

At this moment, all of them regretted setting the mountain on fire.

These words were undoubtedly a little harsh to Sun Rens ears.

“Enough!” Sun Ren frowned slightly and roared, “So what if Liu Yan finds the entrance to the secret realm first The secret realm is full of dangers.

Just judging from the power fluctuation that had been released just now, the boss in there should be even more powerful.

Liu Yan would be courting death if he dared to enter the secret realm alone! Calm down, all of you.

When the fire dies out, we will enter together.

Dont be thrown into a mess yourselves!”

Hearing Sun Rens words, the Awakened felt that it made sense.

No matter how strong Liu Yan was, he would be courting death if he dared to enter the dangerous secret realm alone!


On the other side, in the secret realm, Liu Yan, who had reaped a full harvest, had already left the ice crystal tunnel and was preparing to return to the entrance to leave.


Previously, he did not know how to return to the entrance, but after obtaining the secret areas map of traps, he already knew the way to activate the teleportation array and leave.

Not long after heading towards the entrance, Liu Yan met Chu Long who had just entered.

When he saw Chu Long, Liu Yan was a little surprised and quickly walked up.

“Chu Long Why are you here” Liu Yan said in surprise.

When Chu Long saw Liu Yan, she was also very pleasantly surprised and quickly ran over.

Without having time to reminisce, Chu Long quickly told Liu Yan about the other Awakeneds actions in setting the mountain on fire.

“I feel that Sun Ren and the others arent setting the mountain on fire to burn the fierce beast to death.

Its more probable that they want to burn you to death.

I was worried that you would be in danger, so I immediately came to find you!” Chu Long explained.

Liu Yan nodded slightly.

He had long understood.

The two of them were childhood sweethearts and their relationship was very good.

Liu Yan was very grateful that Chu Long was willing to take the risk to come and inform him, but there was no need to say any thanks at this moment.

With the relationship between them, saying thanks would make them seem like strangers.


“Hey, are you injured Let me help you heal your injury!” Chu Long said when she saw the wounds on Liu Yans shoulder.

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Liu Yan looked at his shoulder.

There were deep scratches there which had been left from the battle with the freeze bird.

He hadnt paid much attention to the wounds because he had been in a hurry.

Plus, in the ice and snow secret realm, he didnt feel much pain under the low temperature.

“Sure,” Liu Yan nodded.

With that, Chu Long summoned a ball of milky white light and covered it on Liu Yans shoulder.

Immediately, Liu Yan felt an itchy sensation on his shoulder.

The deep wound that revealed his bones was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In less than a minute, the white light dissipated and Liu Yans shoulder was already as good as new.

It was as if he had never been injured before.

In fact, the skin on his shoulder seemed even better than the other parts.

“Not bad, your skill isnt weak at all!” Liu Yan was a little surprised.

“Of course!” Chu Long had a smug look on her face.

“My talent is the S-grade Holy Healing.

How about it Are you envious”

“Im envious.

Ill follow you in the future!” Liu Yan said with a smile.

Although healing type S-grade talents did not have any combat power, they were similarly extremely powerful and could play a crucial role.


With such a heaven-defying talent, Chu Longs future was destined to be great, and Liu Yan was happy for her.

At the same time, Liu Yan thought to himself, if Chu Long knew that the talent he had awakened was the SSS-grade Divine Extraction, what would she think


However, Liu Yan obviously couldnt tell her about it since an SSS-grade talent was simply too frightening.

On one hand, he wanted to hide his strength to preserve it.

On the other hand, he didnt tell Chu Long because he didnt want to hurt her self-esteem.

“Oh, right,” Chu Long regained her composure and said, “What conflicts do you have with Sun Ren, Sun Yi, and the others From what Ive seen, they seriously want to kill you.

If they knew that the fire didnt burn you to death, they would definitely still deal with you.”

“Conflicts” Liu Yan frowned slightly.

After thinking for a while, he shook his head slightly and said, “Theres no big conflict.

Sun Yi probably wants to kill me because I snatched his first place.

In the Tower, the dangerous beings are not only the fierce beasts, but the human Awakened as well.

In fact, the cruelty of the same species is even more terrifying than the different creatures.”

“I see,” Chu long nodded.

She felt that it was a little scary.

To think someone wanted to kill Liu Yan just because he snatched his first place.

Their hearts were really vicious.

“Then what should we do Sun Ren and Sun Yi are not weak, and now there are many Awakened siding with them.

If they combine their strength, they are very strong,” Chu Long said worriedly.

“Thats simple.

When you go out later…” Liu Yan told Chu Long the plan that he had come up with.


He told her the method to get out of the ice and snow secret realm.

At the same time, he asked her to go back and tell them his location, then lead them into the secret realm.

After that, he told her to not follow them in but stay outside.

After they entered the ice and snow secret realm, he would deal with them properly.

Chu Long looked at Liu Yan in puzzlement.

She knew that Liu Yan had been ranked number one in Tower 105 and was very strong, but was he strong enough to have the confidence to deal with Sun Ren and a dozen other powerful Awakened alone

However, the two of them had known each other for a long time.

Chu Long knew that Liu Yan was not the kind of person who would talk big, so she chose to believe him and did not ask further.


Then, Chu Long took out a white pearl the size of a palm and handed it to Liu Yan, saying, “This is a healing pearl.

It can treat most superficial wounds.

Keep it well and use it in the future.

Ill go out and act according to the plan first.

Stay diligent for your safety!”

“Alright!” Liu Yan replied.

Following this, the two of them bade farewell.

Chu Long left to lead Sun Ren and the others into the ice and snow secret realm.

As for Liu Yan, he began to think of ways to deal with Sun Ren and the others.

The ice and snow secret realm was filled with dangers.

There were many ways to deal with them.

The most simple one was for him to just leave after they had been lured into the realm.

after all, they wouldnt be able to find the way out.

If they were trapped in the ice and snow secret realm for a long time, the place could freeze them to death.

However, this was undoubtedly a waste of time.

It was also easy for unforeseen circumstances to occur.


Then, Liu Yans eyes lit up when he thought of the traps in the ice crystal tunnel earlier.


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