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When the captain of the New Continents team saw that Liu Yan had chosen the fire attribute gem that he had set his eyes on, he looked at the latter with slight dissatisfaction.

However, he did not say anything and turned to walk toward the metal attribute gem.

Soon, four teams all chose their respective attributes.

The last team had no choice but to choose the remaining water attribute.

And the moment the five teams finished choosing their attributes, the Towers resounding voice rang out once again.

[All attributes have been chosen.

The match has officially begun!]

As the Towers voice fell, it also meant that the match had officially begun.

The members of the five teams were inexplicably nervous and expectant.

The members of the five teams were top existences representing the top combat strength of their respective continents.

According to the rules, two of the five teams were destined to be eliminated, and only one team could receive a rich reward.

The rules could be said to be extremely cruel.

Those who could pass the previous trials to reach level 5 of the Tower were all outstanding.

There were no weaklings.

However, as long as they were not as strong as the other party, they were destined to be eliminated.

Moreover, the rules of level 5 of the Tower were based on a team system.

Perhaps one was very strong, much stronger than the other party.

However, it was still possible for the final result to be that the other party advances and entered level 6 of the Tower, while one would be eliminated because of the teams failure.

The rules of this round attached some importance to individual ability, but at the same time, it undoubtedly emphasized the division of labor and cooperation of the team.

The role of the team was undoubtedly crucial.

Seeing that the competition had already begun, Liu Yan did not waste any time.

He immediately led the team from the Land of Origin and rushed in the direction of the fire attribute pillar.

The huge fire attribute pillar seemed to be very close, but in reality, it was very far away.

Liu Yan and the others were not weak, so their speed was naturally not slow.

Even so, they still took half a day to arrive.

On the way, Liu Yan was also thinking about their next movements.

The rules of level 5 of the Tower were team-based.

The results of the team would determine the elimination of an individual.

Undoubtedly, the requirements for the team were very high, especially for the leader of the team.

As the captain, Liu Yan was naturally bearing a heavy responsibility.

Not only did he have to be himself and display his strength, but he also had to make the right choice as much as possible.

He had to display the strength of every member of the team and gather as many fragments of the Lords token as possible.

Only then could he successfully pass the trial on level 5 of the Tower.

He might even be able to obtain a rich reward.

If he failed, not only would it mean that he would be eliminated, but the team formed from two great academies that were being led by him, the hope of the Land of Origin, would also be eliminated this year.

This included Murong Xue and the other two girls, who were Liu Yans good friends, as well as the former alumni of Lighthouse Academy and the outstanding students of Gifted Academy.

Luo Qingcheng, who was following at the side, seemed to be able to see the pressure on Liu Yan.

She comforted him in a low voice, “Its alright, Liu Yan.

You dont have to feel so much pressure.

Believe in your abilities.

We will try our best to assist you during the process.”

“Thats right.

Isnt it just collecting fragments of the Lords token Whats there to be afraid of” Murong Xue said indifferently.

Hearing this, Liu Yan felt a little relieved in his heart.

The students of these two academies were not weak and were worthy of trust.

Luo Qingcheng and the other girls would also help him, especially Luo Qingcheng, who was a genius student of Command School.

She might not be good at fighting and did not have much combat strength, but she had a wealth of knowledge in the field of command.

With the help of Luo Qingcheng, the pressure would be much less.

Liu Yan thought about the next plan as he led everyone towards the fire attribute pillar.

After traveling for half a day, they finally arrived at the edge of the fire attribute pillars domain.

Further ahead was the fire attribute pillars domain, which was also the territory of Liu Yan and the others.

The entire territory was surrounded by a haze of fog, so it was impossible to see the current situation clearly.

The fire attribute pillar was located in the center of the huge territory, which was still a certain distance away.

On the road just now, Liu Yan had decided on what the team would do today.

The first thing was to set up the temporary camp.

Relying on the fire attribute gem, they could set up a temporary camp at any place within their territory.

This way, the team members would have a place to gather and rest, which would also form a gathering place that would be convenient for the team to communicate and split up.

After all, in the Tower, all communication methods were ineffective.

They could not contact each other through the smart wristband.

Only by forming a gathering place could the entire team meet up regularly and thus form a preliminary command system.

Apart from that, they had to quickly gather the Lords token fragments.

After all, the entire trial on level 5 of the Tower was mainly to collect fragments of the Lords token.

Only after collecting 10,000 Lords token fragments could one form a Lords token and complete the trial on level 5.

On top of that, only the first three teams to synthesize the Lords token could pass the trial on level 5 and successfully go to level 6.

Especially the first team to form a Lords token would obtain the generous reward of a gold Lords token and gain the upper hand in the trial on level 6 and beyond.

At this moment, the team formed from the two academies looked at the white fog before them.

They couldnt see anything clearly and started to discuss.

“I cant see anything in the fog.

Its a little scary.”

“The rules are very clear.

The fog will disappear once we explore the area.

Well be able to see the whole place clearly in the future.”

“Looks like we have to explore it.

I wonder if there is any danger inside.”

“The fire attribute region looks so big.

We have less than a hundred people, and it feels like we wont be able to explore it in a few days.”

“The rules mentioned just now that this round is a team competition.

There are no fierce beasts, so there shouldnt be any danger in the fog.”

“Its fine as long as there arent any fierce beasts.

Im relieved.”


While everyone was discussing, a deafening phoenix cry suddenly sounded.

Flames lit up in front of everyones eyes.

Soon after, a huge figure appeared in the sky not far in front of everyone.

It was a phoenix that was bathed in red flames.

Everyone was shocked when they saw this.

“Damn, what fierce beast is this It looks so powerful.”

“Is it a Phoenix This is the first time Ive seen such a legendary fierce beast.”

“Are you guys kidding me This should be our guardian beast, not a fierce beast.”

“Oh, our guardian beast, so its on our side.”

“I was scared to death.

I thought it was our enemy.

So Its the guardian beast.

Its fine then.”


At this moment, Liu Yan, who was holding the fire attribute gem, felt that the guardian beast was staring at him from not far away.

He looked at the fire attribute gem in his hand and immediately understood.

As the guardian beast of the fire attribute, it naturally recognized Liu Yan, who had the fire attribute gem, as its master.


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