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Liu Yans expression was solemn as he looked at the situation in front of him and kept thinking.

Logically speaking, the puppets should have an energy core, otherwise, they would not be able to operate at all.

However, he had just tried shooting every part once and had almost broken the puppets.

The puppets were already riddled with holes, yet they were still moving.

At this moment, the surrounding ground was about to collapse.

If this continued, he and his wolf would be in danger.

Where else could the energy core be It couldnt be in the sky, right Liu Yan was getting annoyed.

However, at this moment, he sensed that something was wrong.

Previously, he had not paid much attention to the sky.

After all, the sky was also full of ice, and there was nothing worth paying attention to.

But now, the temperature had risen yet the ice in the sky had not melted.

Something was not right.

Liu Yan tried to shoot a few arrows into the sky.

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Under the continuous shooting, the ice in the sky shattered like a mirror and fell.

At the same time, the situation above the ice in the sky was revealed.

There was actually a huge bird-type fierce beast on the ice!

It was the size of a human.

When it spread its wings, it was the size of five or six people.

Its entire body was snow-white, and not a single speck of black could be seen on it.

Its eyes sparkled as if it was thinking, and it was clear that the beast was sentient.

Liu Yan hurriedly used his smart bracelet to check its stats.

[Freeze Bird]


[Level: 8]

[Potential: S]

[HP: …]

At this moment, Liu Yan finally understood.

It turned out that the secret realm was not one level, but two.

The first level was the enchanted puppets, and the second level was the freeze bird.

These enchanted puppets were being controlled by the freeze bird in real-time.

Previously, Liu Yan had not noticed it, but now, through his Spirit Vision, he could see that there was an extremely thin thread made of ice that was connected to the heads of the puppets, so thin that it was invisible to the naked eye.

Even with Spirit Vision, he had not noticed the threads at all.

The freeze bird was controlling the puppets through the ice threads.

At the same time, it was also providing energy to the puppets through the ice threads.

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At this moment, each claw of the freeze bird was hung with an ice thread, controlling a puppet.

Liu Yan finally understood why the many puppets around him did not approach him as if they were waiting for the dozen or so puppets before him to finish their battle.

It turned out that the freeze bird could not control so many puppets at the same time.

Liu Yan had also figured out why the puppets seemed to have the ability to always find him as if they had a third eye.

It turned out that the freeze bird had been watching him from the ice crystals above.

So of course it could find him.

The ice crystals above his head were unidirectional.

The freeze bird could clearly watch Liu Yan, but when Liu Yan looked over, he would see nothing but white ice crystals.

At that moment, as some of the ice crystals fell and ran into a few ice threads in the air, the corresponding puppets lost their energy supply and instantly fell.

Liu Yan used his Spirit Vision to aim at the remaining ice threads in the air.

With Precise Shot, every arrow he shot perfectly cut through the ice threads.


In an instant, the remaining puppets lost their energy supply and fell.

The puppets that Liu Yan and the inferno shadow wolf had been having a headache about just now were easily dealt with at this moment.

After dealing with the enchanted puppets, Liu Yan turned his gaze to the freeze bird in the air.

It was at level 8, and its potential had reached S-grade, making it extremely powerful.

Even if Liu Yan had heaven-defying strength, he still had to be careful.

He did not dare to hold back and directly used Strength Enhancement.

Immediately, he entered berserk mode, and his strength increased by three times.

Following this, he added poison to his arrows.

He then drew his Myriad Beast Bow into a full moon and shot three arrows consecutively with Three Shots.


However, Liu Yan, who had always had excellent accuracy, did not hit his target this time.

“Chirp! Chirp!” The freeze bird let out clear cries as it immediately flapped its wings and its body disappeared instantly, easily dodging the three arrows shot by Liu Yan.

In the next moment, it had already appeared in front of Liu Yan.

It extended its huge claw and charged toward Liu Yan.

Liu Yan did not dare to face it head-on.

This was a powerful level 8 boss, after all.

Activating Swiftseps quickly, his speed received a terrifying increase.

With that, his body flashed and he dodged to the side.

The freeze bird seemed to be a little surprised that Liu Yans speed was so fast.

However, it immediately charged toward Liu Yan again.

Not only was the freeze bird high in level and powerful, but it was also clearly an agility-type fierce beast.

Its speed was extremely terrifying.

As an archer, Liu Yan was extremely agile.

After using Swiftsteps, his speed was about the same as the freeze birds.

However, his main attack method was to shoot arrows.

At this moment, he had no chance to shoot any arrows since he had to dodge and couldnt counterattack at all.

He was in an extremely passive state.

Then, Liu Yan sensed the inferno shadow wolfs thoughts and immediately understood.

Immediately after, he directly went to the inferno shadow wolfs side.

He took a step forward and rode on it.

Before this, when Shadow was still just a shadow wolf, it had been a wolf cub and was very small.


But after evolving into the inferior shadow wolf, its body had become much larger.

It was completely suitable as a mount.


After Liu Yan rode on the inferno shadow wolf, his movement speed increased a lot.

Furthermore, he did not need to focus on speed and dodging.

He left those to the wolf and finally had a chance to fight back.

He attached poison, followed by the paralyzing, delay, and many other debuffs of Fog to his arrows before shooting them out consecutively.

Liu Yan had originally thought that the freeze bird, which was anxious to give chase, would not be able to dodge in time and would be hit.

However, he had underestimated the freeze birds intelligence and terrifying reaction speed.

Just as these few arrows were about to hit, the freeze bird suddenly turned its body sideways.

It was clever in dodging the arrows that the movements did not affect its speed at all.

On the contrary, its speed even increased as it rushed to the front of Liu Yan.

The inferno shadow wolfs speed was quite good, but it still could not compare to the speed-type freeze bird.

Previously, it had relied on sudden turns to dodge a few times.

This time, it did not have the time to turn, and the distance between them was thus pulled closer, giving the freeze bird an opportunity to attack.

The freeze bird directly grabbed at Liu Yans chest.

It was incomparably ruthless.

Its attack was a fatal blow!

Liu Yan hurriedly reacted and dodged.

At the same time, he activated Fog and Flame Control.

White fog instantly appeared in the surroundings.

With that, the freeze bird was affected by the delay and paralysis effect, and its speed became slightly slower.

These few seconds gave Liu Yan the time to dodge in a hurry.

At the same time, flames pounced on the freeze bird.

After its grab, the freeze bird quickly pulled away.

Liu Yan had been able to dodge and avoid his vital parts from being hurt, but he couldnt completely avoid the freeze birds attack.

His shoulder had been clawed.

Heart-wrenching pain filled him, and his shoulder was left with a few deep wounds.


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