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The next morning.

On the plaza of Lighthouse Academy and Gifted Academy.

The students who had passed the trial on the fourth level of the Tower had already gathered.

They were somewhat anxious as they waited to head to the fifth level of the Tower.

Many students were also discussing amongst themselves.

“I wonder what the fifth level will look like.

Will it be dangerous”

“It will definitely be dangerous.

The fifth level of the Tower will be a real trial, and it was full of deadly dangers.”

“Thats right.

The first three levels of the Tower are equivalent to the novice village, and the danger level is relatively low.

The fourth level of the Tower is a trial.

Although it is difficult, there is no danger.”

“I wonder how many of us will be able to survive the fifth level.”

“Me too.

Its even better if we could pass the trial on the fifth level of the Tower.

If we cant, I hope all of us can survive.”

“Everyone must be careful on this trip.”

Many students were looking forward to it, but most students were nervous.

The unknown fifth level of the Tower was extremely terrifying to all students.

The students who could reach this step and pass the trial on the fourth level of the Tower were all quite strong.

They were all outstanding students of their respective academies.

They could even be considered the best students of this batch of students on this continent.

But even so, the Tower was still filled with perils.

It was incomparably dangerous for everyone.

At this moment, Principal Murakami, Principal Lan Jinqiu, and a group of teachers arrived.

The students immediately quieted down.

Principal Lan Jinqiu walked onto the stage and gave his final speech.

However, Principal Murakami stood below the stage.

He did not have any intention of going up.

Lan Jinqiu walked onto the stage and looked at the students below.

From the beginning, there were about a thousand students from the two academies had entered the trial on the fourth level of the Tower.

However, less than a hundred people had passed the trial.

These hundred people were also the elites of the current batch of students from their respective academies.

At this moment, Lan Jinqiu slowly opened his mouth and said, “Congratulations to all of you who have passed the trial on the fourth level of the Tower.

However, this also means you will have to enter the even more dangerous and difficult fifth level.

I hope that all of you will have a smooth journey.”

Many of the students were a little excited when they heard this.

Although life in the academy was full of hard work, it was relatively safe.

This period of life and training in the academy was undoubtedly a precious memory for all the students.

However, they could not continue living and training in the academy.

They had to head to the higher levels of the Tower, break through all the obstacles, and head to the wider world.

Only in this way could they have a chance to become experts.

They also had an opportunity to change the current predicament of humanity.

Lan Jinqiu continued, “After you arrive at the world of the fifth level of the Tower, the will of the Tower will simulate a human voice to tell you the rules.

Time is of the essence, so lets not talk about anything else.

Next, choose a captain to lead all the students of the two academies to train on the fifth level.

You can name the person you want.

The captain will be selected by the wishes of the masses.”

Many students had heard of it before.

On the fifth level of the Tower, they needed to choose a captain, and the captain would lead the team to carry out the trial on the fifth level of the Tower.

The role of the captain was undoubtedly crucial.

One must have sufficient strength and leadership.

They needed to lead the team to display their strength on the fifth level of the Tower and smoothly pass the trial.

Many students of Lighthouse Academy did not even think about it and immediately called out Liu Yans name.

When they entered the academy, Liu Yan had already shone brilliantly in the entrance examination.

After that, many people witnessed Liu Yans terrifying combat strength on the top hunting grounds.

Moreover, they had experienced the trial on the fourth level of the Tower.

Everyone knew of Liu Yans astonishing performance.

Liu Yan used his perfect performance to obtain the highest score and the sacrificial gemstones from the five trials.

In the end, he even got five sacrificial gemstones.

It could be said to be unprecedented.

He was an absolute genius.

The students of Lighthouse Academy wanted Liu Yan to become the captain.

The students of Gifted Academy looked at each other.

If it were before, they would definitely choose Alan Smith or Xu Han.

The two of them were the top geniuses among the current batch of students of Gifted Academy.

They were famous figures.

However, after going through the series of events in the trial, many of the students from the Gifted Academy realized Liu Yan was even more powerful than Allen Smith and Xu Han.

In the five trials, Liu Yan performed perfectly and was indisputably powerful.

“Although I am from the Gifted Academy, I also agree to let Liu Yan become the captain.”

“Thats right.

Although Liu Yan isnt from our Gifted Academy, he is from the Land of Origin.

We are on the same side.”

“I also choose Liu Yan!”

“Then lets choose Liu Yan.

I have no objections.”

Soon, almost everyone chose Liu Yan.

Some students wanted to choose Alan Smith or Xu Han.

After seeing that so many people chose Liu Yan, they knew that their opinions were useless at this moment.

Hence, they also chose Liu Yan.

When Lan Jinqiu saw this scene, he announced, “Alright, since thats the case, Liu Yan will be the captain of the two academy students in the fifth level of the Tower trial.

Everyone must listen to the captains orders.

If I find out that someone has deliberately disobeyed the orders, I will investigate and make the corresponding action!”

When everyone heard this, they were all a little surprised.

The students did not expect this captain would have such great authority.

Liu Yan would have the power to control all of them, and they still had to obey.

Lan Jinqiu even strongly supported this captain.

Many students of the Gifted Academy were immediately a little displeased.

However, when they looked at Principal Murakami, who also seemed to be taciturn, these students couldnt say anything else.

They could only endure it.

After they selected their captain, they quickly prepared to head to the fifth level of the Tower.

“The next step is to explain the method to head to the fifth level of the Tower.

Under the leadership of the captain, Liu Yan, all of you will ascend the stairway to the fourth level of the Tower.

After that, you will place the five sacrificial gemstones one by one at the entrance of the five altars.

Then, you will be off to the fifth level of the Tower.

I hope that all of you will be successful in this trial.

We will part ways here.

We can no longer send you off.” Lan Jinqiu finished his speech.

Soon, many students followed Liu Yan and bid farewell to their teachers.

They climbed the stairway to the fourth level of the Tower.

At noon, everyone climbed the stairway to the fourth level of the Tower.

Previously, when they were training on the fourth level of the Tower.

They had already climbed the stairway to the fourth level many times.

However, they were accompanied by the teachers and the principal back then.

This time, the students were on their own.

Now, it was time for the students to take charge.

There were no more teachers and the principal accompanying them.

After arriving on the fourth level of the Tower, Liu Yan did not plan to rest.

He wanted to head to the fifth level as soon as possible.

The most important thing was to understand the situation on the fifth level of the Tower.

“Dont rest.

Gather your spirits and prepare to follow me to the fifth level of the Tower.” Liu Yan shouted.


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