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[ Divine Extraction of Fragrant Gem (SSS-grade) successful.

Congratulations, Smell Enhancement obtained.

Your sense of smell has improved and leveled up! (The grade of the item is too high.

You can only complete the extraction after the Divine Extraction has been upgraded.)]

[ Divine Extraction of Luscious Gem (SSS-grade) successful.

Congratulations, Taste Enhancement obtained.

Your sense of taste has improved and leveled up! (The grade of the item is too high.

You can only complete the extraction after the Divine Extraction has been upgraded.)]

[ Divine Extraction of Swift Gem (SSS-grade) successful.

Congratulations, Speed Enhancement obtained.

Your speed has improved and leveled up! (The grade of the item is too high.

You can only complete the extraction after the Divine Extraction has been upgraded.)]

[ Vision, hearing, smell, taste, and speed have been greatly enhanced.

Five senses are fusing.

Synesthesia obtained! ]

As the notifications appeared one after another, Liu Yan immediately felt his body undergo an earth-shattering change.

His sense of smell had obviously enhanced greatly, and he had obtained a qualitative improvement.

He could smell all kinds of smells in the surrounding area.

Moreover, he could also clearly identify the source of the smells.

His sense of taste had also improved significantly.

He could distinguish every type of flavor accurately.

His speed had also obtained a qualitative improvement.

Liu Yan could feel that his body had become lighter, and his speed had increased tremendously.

Then, the last notification surprised him.

Five senses fused into synesthesia What was this

Out of curiosity, Liu Yan hurriedly checked it.

[ Synesthesia ]

Introduction: After each of the five senses has reached a certain height, one can achieve synesthesia.

After achieving synesthesia, one can successfully awaken a sixth sense other than the five senses, the power of will.

In the future, one can learn spirit spells!

After Liu Yan finished reading the introduction, he roughly understood.

After carefully experiencing it, Liu Yan gradually understood.

Simply put, he could only learn synesthesia after his five senses reached a certain height.

The five senses combined and formed the sixth sense.

For now, Liu Yan could only feel that his five senses were more robust, and there were not too many changes in other aspects.

It seemed that he would have to learn a spirit skill before he would be able to change even more.

Liu Yan silently memorized this point.

In the future, he would learn a spirit skill if he had the chance.

A spirit skill was different from ordinary skills.

It was an extremely special skill and had magical effects.

Whether it was in battle or any other aspect, it would be very useful.

At this moment, the sky gradually brightened.

In a day and a night, with the help of his talent Divine Extraction, Liu Yan had completely comprehended five sacrificial gemstones.

His five senses had increased, and he had even achieved synaesthesia.

He had indeed gained a huge harvest.

Luckily, he had the help of a heaven-defying talent, Divine Extraction.

Otherwise, he would need at least a day to comprehend one sacrificial gemstone just by relying on himself.

Liu Yan only had three days.

It was not enough for him to comprehend five sacrificial gemstones.

Liu Yan looked at the five sacrificial gemstones in his hand.

They were all SSS-grade treasures.

It was a pity that Liu Yans Divine Extraction was not enough.

He could not extract the sacrificial gemstones completely.

Otherwise, if he could completely extract the sacrificial gemstones, Liu Yan estimated that these five SSS-grade sacrificial gemstones would bring him an unimaginable harvest.

But for now, Liu Yans harvest was not bad either.

After comprehending the five sacrificial gemstones, his strength increased quite a bit.

Such a reward was much more precious than ordinary cultivation resources.

After that, Liu Yan rested well for a day.

These few days of trials were really tiring, and he still had to head to the fifth level of the Tower.

The fifth level of the Tower was not something that the fourth level could compare.

It was even more dangerous.

The slightest carelessness could result in death.

On the morning of the third day.

Liu Yan directly went to Principal Murakamis office.

Murakami was a little surprised when he saw Liu Yan come to him so early.

According to his expectations, three days should not be enough for Liu Yan to comprehend the five sacrificial gemstones.

Hence, Murakami was confused about why Liu Yan came over this morning.

“Didnt you gain anything from the five sacrificial gemstones” Murakami looked at Liu Yan with confusion, thinking that Liu Yan had not found a way to comprehend them.

However, as soon as Murakami asked, Murakami felt he might be wrong.

From their previous interaction, Murakami knew Liu Yans talent was quite good.

Logically, Liu Yan should be able to comprehend some of the sacrificial gemstones and gain something.

“Ive gained a lot.” Liu Yan said firmly.

“Let me check.”

As Murakami spoke, an invisible force suddenly enveloped Liu Yan.

Liu Yan suddenly had a strange feeling.

It was as if Murakami had seen through him.

Everything on his body could not hide from Murakamis perception.

Liu Yan immediately understood that Murakamis skill should be a spirit-type skill.

Previously, when Liu Yan was not in synesthesia, he could not sense a spirit-type skill.

Now that he was in synesthesia, he could sense it clearly.

An invisible force enveloped Murakamis body.

He was observing Liu Yan.

Liu Yan could not help but feel a little guilty.

When he thought about it, he realized that the secret he had was only the SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction.

Through this observation, Murakami should not be able to discover anything.

Liu Yan felt much more at ease.

At this moment, Murakami looked at Liu Yans body and immediately discovered that Liu Yans five senses had improved tremendously.

In fact, he had even completed the advancement.

It truly surprised Murakami.

According to Murakamis expectations, Liu Yan would not have enough time to comprehend all five sacrificial gemstones.

No matter how good Liu Yans talent was or how great his gains were, he could not do it.

Liu Yan would be marvelously talented if he could advance by two or three senses at night.

But now, Liu Yan had actually completed a huge improvement in his five senses and even advanced.

He had completed the fusion of the five senses and achieved synesthesia.

Murakami retracted his detection skill and looked at Liu Yan in surprise.

He was stunned for a moment.

Then, he slowly said, “I didnt expect your talent to be so good.

It has far exceeded my expectations.

You really are a once-in-a-century genius.”

At this moment, Murakami was becoming more and more convinced of Zhong Yuntians evaluation of Liu Yan.

Something impossible was constantly happening to Liu Yan.

This time, it was the same.

Liu Yans talent far exceeded Murakamis expectations.

He was an unprecedented existence.

When Liu Yan heard this, his expression was a little awkward, but he did not say anything.

Liu Yan knew that his talent was far from being so exaggerated.

Even after rebuilding his body and having a perfect foundation, he could only be considered a decent genius.

He was not that heaven-defying.

All of his achievement was because of his heaven-defying talent, Divine Extraction.

However, Liu Yan naturally would not tell Murakami much about the Divine Extraction.

Murakami looked at Liu Yan in shock for a while before he gradually recovered.

He immediately said, “Since you have gained so much this time and improved so much, it seems that I will have to teach you a secret skill that I have treasured for many years.”


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