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Murakami looked at Liu Yan with interest before he slowly said,

“Alright, I wont tease you anymore.

In fact, Ive already thought of a reward for you.

Its the five sacrificial gems themselves.”

When Liu Yan heard this, he immediately looked at Murakami in surprise.

“The sacrificial gems themselves”

“Thats right.”

Murakami nodded and said, “These five sacrificial gemstones are not only used to open the fifth level of the Tower.

They are also a treasure.

The awakened can benefit greatly from them.

The method to use them is simple.

You can use the senses that represent each sacrificial gemstone to activate them.

Then, you can obtain unexpected gains.”

When Liu Yan heard this, he finally understood.

When Liu Yan obtained the first sacrificial gemstone, he could faintly feel it was extraordinary.

After all, it contained terrifying power.

However, Liu Yan knew nothing about the method of using the sacrificial gemstone.

Previously, Liu Yan had also tried some methods, but they did not work.

Liu Yan did not expect he would learn the magical method of using the five sacrificial gemstones from Murakami today.

One needed to use the corresponding senses to sense the gemstones to obtain the reward.

However, Liu Yan looked at Murakami with a strange expression.

The so-called reward was to tell Liu Yan how to use the five sacrificial gemstones to increase his strength.

Although it could indeed help Liu Yan a lot, he got these five sacrificial gemstones with his own effort.

Even though Liu Yan had to use the sacrificial gemstones as the key to the fifth level of the Tower, those gemstones did indeed belong to Liu Yan.

This reward from Murakami seemed a little shabby.

Murakami had seen through Liu Yans intentions.

So, he smiled helplessly and said, “The reward is not just that.

There isnt much time left.

In these three days, you must make good use of these five sacrificial gemstones to increase your corresponding ability.

You must grasp the time.

In three days, come and find me at dusk.

I will directly impart you a skill based on the situation you have grasped.

A unique skill that I have.

It will satisfy you.

Now you can leave and go back to cultivate properly.”

Not long after, Liu Yan was chased out of the office by Murakami, saying that time was of the essence.

It seemed like Murakami had intentionally chased Liu Yan away.

However, Liu Yan was also looking forward to seeing what kind of existence the ultimate skill that Murakami had mentioned.

After all, Murakami was the principal of the Gifted Academy.

From the looks of it, he was also an absolute expert.

The ultimate skill of such a character was definitely extremely powerful.

However, for some reason, Liu Yan also felt it was somewhat unreliable.

After all, Murakami said he would impart the skill to Liu Yan based on his current situation.

If Murakami were to comment his cultivation was not good enough, it would be a great loss if Murakami were to give him an ordinary skill.

Liu Yan understood that there was no point in thinking about this at this moment.

He might as well do what he could at the moment.

Following that, Liu Yan returned to his dormitory and took out five sacrificial gemstones from his storage ring.

The first gemstone was the Dark Night Gem he obtained from the altar of color.

The Dark Night Gem was half the size of a chest.

Its entire body was completely pitch black.

It was impossible to see anything within it.

It was like a black hole.

However, Liu Yan could sense a terrifying power from the Dark Night Gem.

Liu Yan recalled Mr.

Murakamis words.

He had to use corresponding senses to activate each sacrificial gemstone to increase his ability.

The Dark Night Gem corresponded to vision.

Liu Yan came before the Dark Night Gem.

He then carefully looked inside and tried to observe it.

At first, it was only darkness, and nothing could be seen.

Just like when he was inside the altar of colors, it was absolute darkness, and he could not see anything at all.

However, Liu Yans vision had improved a lot.

Then, he calmed his heart and began to observe.

Soon, Liu Yan vaguely saw something inside the Dark Night Gem.

However, Liu Yan still could not see it clearly.

He could only see an outline.

He could not see the actual situation clearly at all.

Liu Yan did not give up and continued to observe carefully.

This observation lasted for a day.

During this period, Liu Yan could gradually see more clearly and see more things.

It wasnt until late at night that Liu Yan could roughly see the situation inside the Dark Night Gem.

It seemed to be an altar.

Looking at the outline, it was similar to the outside of the altar of color, but there were some differences.

As for the situation inside, Liu Yan did not know.

After all, it was completely dark inside the altar of color.

Liu Yan did not know the situation inside the altar of color at all.

Liu Yan felt that it was somewhat similar to the altar of color he knew, but it was not completely the same.

It seemed to be another altar.

Maybe it had the same function and feature as the altar of color.

At this moment, Liu Yan finally retracted his gaze and stopped his observation.

This observation lasted for a whole day.

It was tiring and a heavy burden on Liu Yans spirit.

He took out something from his storage ring and ate it while resting.

At this moment, after resting, Liu Yan finally noticed the difference.

His vision seemed to have improved a lot.

It was even greater than before, and it had improved qualitatively in an instant.

Only then did Liu Yan realize that during the day of observation, his vision had also unknowingly improved tremendously.

It was a strange feeling.

Liu Yans vision had now reached a terrifying level.

Liu Yan could easily see the mosquitoes in the air and even the legs and wings of any insect.

Liu Yan did not know how good his vision had become, but it was clear that he was not on the same level as before.

The awakened ones could not have this vision level, let alone an ordinary human.

In the previous battles and trials, Liu Yan had to rely on his Omniscient Insight to dodge the fast attacks.

The attacks were too fast, and Liu Yans vision would not be able to capture them.

However, at this moment, Liu Yan felt that his vision could totally see the fast attacks.

It was not on the same level as before.

At this moment, Liu Yan finally understood Murakamis meaning.

So, this was the method used for these few gemstones.

One had to keep observing the Dark Night Gem through their vision.

At first, Liu Yan could not see anything, but if he persevered, he could see some things in the Dark Night Gem.

Later on, there would be more and more.

And this observation process was actually a process of improvement.

Liu Yans vision had a significant improvement during this one day.

He had even leveled up.

He was on a completely different level from before.

Liu Yans face was instantly filled with joy.

He hadnt thought that this was the correct method to use the sacrificial gemstones.

Immediately after, Liu Yan hurriedly ate some food and took a short rest.

He did not sleep and turned his gaze to the remaining four sacrificial gems.

One Dark Night Gem had brought a qualitative improvement to Liu Yans vision.

After using five sacrificial gems, what kind of huge change would it bring Liu Yan could not help but be a little excited.


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