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Inside the altar of body.

As time gradually passed, the intensity of the laser attacks continued to increase, and the difficulty of the trial increased rapidly.

Allen Smith, who had been struggling just now, became more and more exhausted.

Soon, he was out of strength and could not hold on for too long.

On the other side, Liu Yan became incredibly fast under the augmentation of Sonic Speed and Dragonification.

He was still able to dodge the terrifying laser attacks around him effortlessly.

Allen Smith could not understand why Liu Yan could persevere until now.

They were all students of the same age.

Allen Smith even had extraordinary talent.

Moreover, he had grown up with resources since he was young.

Logically, no one should be able to surpass him.

However, Liu Yan had surpassed him in all aspects.

It truly made Allen Smith feel helpless.

Allen Smith, who had always been extremely arrogant, felt a sense of defeat in his heart at this moment.

Not long after, Allen Smith could not hold on any longer.

He was hit by a laser beam and was teleported out of the altar of body.

When Shi Tian, who was in charge of Allen Smith at Lighthouse Academy, saw this scene, he announced, “Twenty-eight minutes.

You have already obtained a full score of 200 points.

However, you have lost to Liu Yan.

You can only get second place.

You will not obtain the sacrificial gemstone of the altar.”

When Allen Smith heard this, he confirmed his guess that the only person who could have such a terrifying speed was Liu Yan.

When the surrounding students of Lighthouse Academy heard this, they all cheered.

They were watching the trial nervously, looking forward to the final result of the trial.

They did not expect that in the end, Liu Yan would still win by a notch and win against Allen Smith.

The students of Lighthouse Academy had been training together with Allen Smith during this period.

They knew how terrifying Allen Smiths strength was.

He was definitely a top-notch genius, and his strength was not weak at all.

However, Liu Yan was even stronger.

“Thats great! Liu Yan wins first place, and hes number one again!”

“Liu Yan gathered five sacrificial gemstones.

He is too amazing.”

“Liu Yan is the hero of our Lighthouse Academy!”

“Liu Yan is my idol!”

“Thats great, Lighthouse Academy can finally win against Gifted Academy this year!”

Hearing the cheers around him, Allen Smith could not help but feel depressed.

Allen Smith had always been an invincible existence since he was young.

Everybody else was not his match.

He was way ahead of his peers.

Among his peers, Allen Smith had always been an invincible existence.

After he started to study at Gifted Academy, he encountered the monster, Xu Han.

Xu Han was able to defeat him in some aspects.

But even so, Allen Smith and Xu Han were on par.

The two of them were both enemies and friends, constantly competing against each other.

Until now, Allen Smith had met a terrifying figure like Liu Yan.

Not only did Liu Yan surpass him, but he also surpassed him in all aspects.

It was a blow to Allen Smith.

It was the first time Allen Smith had experienced such a blow since he was young.

Xu Han noticed Allen Smith was depressed.

He smiled and said, “Are you defeated already My great genius, this is not a big deal at all.

The road ahead of us is still very long.

In the future, when the world of the Tower merges again, we will also meet the top geniuses of the other continents.

There will be even more powerful existences.”

Xu Hans words seemed to be teasing.

But in reality, he was comforting Allen Smith.

Hearing this, Allen Smith felt a little better.

He thought Xu Han was right.

They were only geniuses from their respective regions of the Origin Continent.

Now, it was not a surprise that they had met a monstrous genius like Liu Yan.

After all, there were geniuses in other places.

Even if he lost to Liu Yan, he was still one of the three great geniuses of the Origin Continent among this batch of students.

Later on, when the world of the Tower merges again, they would meet the top geniuses of the other continents on the Blue Planet.

There would always be taller mountains.

No one could say they were the strongest.

There would always be someone stronger.

After thinking through all this, Allen Smith felt much better.

He was still young, and there was still a long way to go.

He had a chance to surpass Liu Yan.

On the other side, Liu Yan also walked out from the altar of body at this time.

After Allen Smith was defeated, Liu Yans trial ended.

When the time reached 25 minutes, he had already got the full score.

However, the trial continued.

It was just a competition to see who the first place would be and obtain the altar of bodys sacrificial gemstone.

When Liu Yan walked out of the body altar, a wave of cheers immediately rang out.

“Liu Yan is out! Liu Yan is out!”

“Liu Yan, youre too amazing.

Youre my idol.”

“I apologize to you, Liu Yan.

I misunderstood you previously and shouldnt have doubted your strength.”

“Liu Yan, youre my idol.”

The students from Gifted academy were cheering incessantly at this moment, feeling happy for Liu Yan from Lighthouse Academy.

They were from different academies and were competing for the title of the best academy.

However, the students from the Gifted Academy had always worshipped the powerhouse.

Furthermore, Lighthouse Academy was one of the two top academies in the Origin Continent.

In the end, they were on the same side as Liu Yan.

And during this period, Liu Yans strength had undoubtedly won the respect of the students from the Gifted Academy.

They were filled with endless admiration for Liu Yans strength.

At this moment, the students of the Gifted Academy had already completely forgotten that Liu Yan was a student of the Lighthouse Academy.

They had almost become Liu Yans little fans, worshipping Liu Yan.

When Liu Yan saw this, he was also a little surprised.

He did not expect the students of the Gifted Academy to admire him so much.

Following that, under the guidance of their teachers, the students descended the stairway.

They went back to the square of the two great academies.

On the stage, Lan Jinqiu and Murakami were already waiting.

The students of the two academies were still a little excited.

When they saw the two principals on the stage, they knew this was about the final sacrificial gemstone.

In the end, everyone was already aware of the result, but they were still excited.

Murakami looked at Lan Jinqiu and smiled faintly, “Who will present the final sacrificial gemstone”

When Lan Jinqiu heard this, he respectfully moved aside and said, “Mr.

Murakami, you are the senior.

Please award the prize to the winner.”

Although Lan Jinqiu was the principal of Lighthouse Academy, Murakami was Lan Jinqius senior.

Regardless of whether it was in terms of seniority, strength, or reputation, Murakami was superior.

Lan Jinqiu was incomparably respectful towards Murakami.

When Murakami heard Lan Jinqiu, he did not refuse.

He walked forward and looked at the remaining students.

He nodded happily and said, “Students, congratulations on passing the trials.

Those who can persist until now are all outstanding individuals.

All of you are able to head to the fifth level of the Tower!”

There were very few students who passed the trials.

Only about one-tenth of them were left.

However, this ratio was already better than the previous years.

The remaining students were also the outstanding ones of this batch of students from the two academies.

When the remaining students heard this, they cheered.

These few days were not long, but the students felt it had been a long time.

The trials on the five altars were not simple.

Passing the trials on any one of the altars required them to use their full strength.

Those who could persist until now all possessed decent strength and had put in an unimaginable amount of effort.


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