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When the teachers heard Murakamis words, they were all a little doubtful.

The situation was one-sided.

Liu Yan was at the end of his rope.

Even though Allen Smith was having some difficulty, he was still able to handle it easily.

Allen Smith most likely would win.

Did Liu Yan still have a backup plan Impossible!

Many of the teachers did not believe it.

But since Murakami had spoken, many of the teachers continued to watch curiously.

As time passed, the intensity of the laser in the altar continued to increase.

Liu Yan felt the intensity of the attacks around him continue to increase.

The pressure on him also became greater and greater.

He estimated that it would not be long before he could not hold on any longer.

Liu Yan was also a little surprised.

He did not expect there would still be people who could hold on until now.

After Liu Yan had reconstructed his body, his various abilities increased tremendously.

His speed was also one of them.

Currently, Liu Yan was incredibly fast.

In addition to using his S-grade skill, Sonic Speed, Liu Yans speed had already reached its maximum, reaching a terrifying 16 times the speed of sound.

But even so, there were still people who could hold on until now.

Liu Yan did not know who was still holding on, nor how much longer he could hold on.

But since the trial had not ended, it meant at least one person was still competing with him.

At this moment, there was still no winner.

Liu Yan knew if he continued to hold on like this, he would be hit by the laser attacks eventually.

It seemed like he had to use his last trump card.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan did not hold back anymore and used his last trump card.

He used the S-grade skill, Dragonification.

Immediately, Liu Yans appearance underwent some slight changes.

His entire body became stronger, and a few dragon scales appeared on his joints.

Moreover, a huge change had occurred inside his body, and his strength increased rapidly.

Dragonification could bring Liu Yan a great buff in all aspects.

Speed was also one of them.

Under the Dragonification state, Liu Yans speed suddenly increased several times.

Dragonification combined with Sonic Speed, with the addition of two S-grade skills, Liu Yans speed reached a terrifying level.

Liu Yan was full of pressure just a moment ago.

Now, he was easily dodging the rain of laser attacks around him.

In addition, Liu Yan had another new discovery.

Aside from increasing his speed, strength, and other attributes, Dragonification also increased his agility tremendously.

Previously, Liu Yan had been relying on his A-grade skill, Omniscient Insight, to detect the attacks around him and then dodge them.

After all, no matter how fast he was, he had to detect the attacks around him first and choose the best way to dodge them.

It was impossible to dodge such many fast laser attacks if he only relied on his speed.

However, Liu Yan gradually realized that even if he did not rely on Omniscient Insight, he could easily detect all the attacks around him.

Then, he could dodge all the attacks effortlessly by relying on his vision, hearing, and terrifying battle instincts.

It was all the ultimate buff from the Dragonification.

It was a new discovery of Liu Yans, which surprised him a little.

It seemed that when he used Dragonification in the future, he could increase his combat instinct significantly other than his combat strength.

It was really powerful.

On the other side, Allen Smith was still very relaxed just now.

But as the difficulty increased, he gradually felt the pressure and struggled to dodge the attacks.

At this time, Allen Smith was also a little surprised.

He did not expect that at this stage, there was actually someone who could continue to persist and compete with him.

Allen Smith knew that Xu Han was not very good at speed, so it was not Xu Han.

Therefore, the only possible candidate was Liu Yan.

Allen Smith, who had always been arrogant, could not figure out why Liu Yan was so strong in other aspects.

In the end, Liu Yan was not at a disadvantage in a speed competition, which Allen Smith was good at.

Such an opponent was too terrifying.

Even Allen Smith felt powerless.

Outside the altar.

The students could only see that the intensity of the attacks was increasing.

Liu Yan and Allen Smith were still holding on.

They were not clear about Liu Yan and Allen Smiths condition.

They only knew that the two of them were still holding on.

It meant Liu Yan and Allen Smith could still dodge all kinds of attacks.

“Its already been 25 minutes, but the two of them are still holding on.

Isnt that amazing”

“Yeah, I wont be able to hold on for even a minute against such a terrifying laser attack, but the two of them could hold on for so long.”

“Its really a peak-level battle, its really exciting.”

“I wonder if theyll be able to last to the end.”

“Although Im from Gifted Academy, I hope that Liu Yan will last until the end and get first place.”

“Liu Yan is indeed powerful.

I really admire him.”

Many students were discussing excitedly.

On the other side, a few teachers were slightly surprised at this moment.

They were all extremely powerful and were able to see the situation in the altar clearly.

As the intensity of the laser attacks increased again, Allen Smith, who had been relatively relaxed a moment ago, began to struggle.

On the other hand, Liu Yan was initially like an arrow at the end of its flight.

Suddenly, when he was about to be hit, his speed suddenly received a tremendous increase.

Now, he dodged the laser attacks easily.

It could be said that the tables had turned.

Liu Yan and Allen Smith changed their positions in an instant.

Looking at the current situation, Liu Yan was extremely relaxed.

It would be no problem for him to hold on for a longer period.

On the other hand, Allen Smith was already struggling.

He would probably be eliminated in a few minutes.

“I didnt expect Liu Yan to have a backup plan.”

“Yeah, in that situation just now, Liu Yan had a backup plan.

Its really surprising.”

“If Allen Smith doesnt have a trump card, he will be defeated.”

“Ive trained Allen Smith before.

I know his strength very well.

This is his fastest speed.”

“It seems that in the last trial, Liu Yan will obtain the highest score and get the last sacrificial gemstone.”


Murakami is still amazing.

He was able to see that Liu Yan still has a trump card.

Im impressed.”

The teachers were all surprised.

They did not expect that Liu Yan still had a trump card at the last moment.

He had turned the situation around instantly and slapped them in the face.

When Lan Jinqiu saw that Liu Yan had a chance to obtain first place, her face was filled with joy.

With just two of these, Liu Yan obtained five sacrificial gemstones.

It was unprecedented in history.

It would bring great glory to Lighthouse Academy.

At the same time, it could bring endless benefits to the Lighthouse Academy.

At this moment, Murakami did not say anything, but he secretly nodded his head.

During this period of observation, Murakami was satisfied with Liu Yans achievement.

Whether it was talent, temperament, or strength, Liu Yan was simply outstanding.

Murakami finally believed Zhong Yuntians evaluation of Liu Yan.

Liu Yan was a once-in-a-century genius, the hope of humanitys future!


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