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In the secret realm of ice and snow, Liu Yan did not have to walk for long before he realized that something was amiss.

He was surrounded by a world of ice and snow, and the ground beneath his feet was formed from ice crystals.

With the high temperature of the flames around him, the ground that he had walked on earlier had gradually melted and cracked.

After it had cracked, Liu Yan looked down only to see an endless abyss.

The sound of falling ice crystals did not come after a long time.

Seeing this, Liu Yan had no choice but to reduce the flames around him.

He had to lower the temperature of the flames a little so that the ice crystals under his feet would not melt and he would not fall into the endless abyss.

As a result, his body turned cold again.

Although it was not so cold it chilled the bone, it was still relatively cold.

If he stayed here for a long time, he would definitely not be able to endure it.

Liu Yan relied on his body to endure the cold.

He only surrounded himself with some flames as he hurriedly moved forward.

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Just as he was struggling, unexpectedly, puppets suddenly rushed out from the surroundings and towards him.

[Enchanted Puppet]

[Level: 4]

[Potential: D]

[HP: …]

Looking at their stats, they were level 4 enchanted puppets.

Liu Yan wasnt afraid at all.

Although he was also at level 4, his strength was already above level 8.

However, there were dozens of enchanted puppets rushing out from the surroundings, and there were even more rushing towards him from afar.

Liu Yan hurriedly took out his Myriad Beast Bow and shot one arrow after another.


Under his powerful strength, the arrows easily penetrated the armor of the puppets, and some even pierced them through.

However, these puppets were not living beings, to begin with.

They were without life and did not feel pain.

Even after being shot through, they were still completely unharmed and continued to rush toward Liu Yan.

Two of the enchanted puppets were already close to him.

After blocking their attacks, Liu Yan hurriedly moved away from them.

At this moment, Liu Yans expression turned solemn.

These enchanted puppets were incomparably powerful.

Their strength was actually not much inferior to his, and their attacks were incomparably ruthless.

Their every move was aimed at his fatal spots.

What gave Liu Yan the greatest headache was that while these puppets greatly numbered and were very powerful, they did not feel pain at all.


As such, he could not engage in close combat with them, or he would be easily injured.

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If he attacked with long-range methods, even if he hit them with his arrows, it would not be able to cause much damage.

The poison attached to the arrows was even more useless.

The puppets were not life-forms, to begin with, so they were not afraid of poison at all.


These enchanted puppets were simply indestructible, which made Liu Yan extremely wary of them.

Helpless, Liu Yan hurriedly used Swiftsteps and pulled away from them with his terrifying speed.

He hid to the side, thinking of a way to deal with them.

He definitely could not stay in this ice and snow secret realm for long.

Firstly, the environment here was extremely harsh.

It made him extremely cold, yet he could not use too many flames to warm himself.

Otherwise, it would be even more dangerous if he fell into the abyss.

Yet, this was a secret realm.

Liu Yan entered through teleportation and could not find an exit at all.

Secondly, these enchanted puppets were not only powerful but also indestructible.

Plus, their numbers also made him extremely troubled.


Just as he was thinking, the ice block under Liu Yans feet started to crumble.

It looked like it was about to collapse.

Seeing this, he had no choice but to leave his hiding place before it shattered.

At this moment, the surrounding enchanted puppets charged at him once again.

Liu Yan was a little puzzled.

He had already distanced himself from them and avoided their sight, so how could they still find him so accurately

It was as if these puppets had a third eye that could always find him accurately.

At this moment, Liu Yan sensed the powerful fighting desire of the inferno shadow wolf again, It seemed that Shadow wanted to help him out.


Liu Yan directly released it.

The body of the inferno shadow wolf was equally terrifying.

The moment Liu Yan released it, it charged at the puppets and started fighting them.

Although the puppets were very powerful, they were not as powerful as the inferno shadow wolf.

With its strong body and firepower, the inferno shadow wolf could easily suppress the puppets.

However, the enchanted puppets were immortal, so they could keep pestering the wolf.

For a moment, the inferno shadow wolf was locked in a fierce battle with the puppets.

As the wolf was covered in flames, the temperature around it was rising, and the ice under its feet was melting faster.

Seeing this, Liu Yan frowned slightly.

It was not a good idea to delay the battle.

Let alone the fact that the inferior shadow wolf would be exhausted soon, the ice crystals under its feet could not sustain the battle for that long.


Before long, the ice crystals would melt, and the inferno shadow wolf would fall into the endless abyss together with the enchanted puppets.


The inferno shadow wolf was Liu Yans first familiar.

Not only was it powerful, but he already had some feelings for it.

As such, Liu Yan wouldnt allow such a situation to happen.

He quickly wracked his brain for a solution.

He had to quickly find one, or else the situation would be even more disadvantageous if this dragged on.

Soon, he thought of something.

Among the hunter class skills on traps, there had been some introduction about puppets.

Liu Yan quickly searched through the memories in his mind.

According to the records, puppets had no life and were immortal.

Therefore, if one wanted to defeat a puppet, one had to find its energy core.

By destroying the puppets energy core, it would stop.

As such, it would naturally no longer pose any threat.

However, each puppet was different.

The location of the energy core would also be different depending on the puppets production.

Liu Yan looked at the enchanted puppets in front of him and wondered where their energy core might be.

He took out his Myriad Beast Bow and nocked an arrow.

He then joined in on the battle and searched for the energy core of the puppets while attacking.

He first aimed at the more common parts of the puppet, like its head and its heart.

However, after shooting two arrows in succession and piercing through those two spots, a hole appeared in each of the two puppets, but they were unaffected as they continued to fight.

No Then he would just keep trying.

He didnt believe that he cant find their energy core!

In Liu Yans hunter class skills, Rapid Shot in the Archery column had been unlocked and learned, so the speed of his arrows could be very fast.

Liu Yan shot arrows at different parts of the puppets one after another, looking for their energy core.

However, looking at the enchanted puppets not far away after a few minutes, he suddenly felt a headache.

Apart from the head and heart at the beginning, Liu Yan had experimented on their throat, chest, abdomen, crotch, legs, and even ankles.


However, the results were all the same.

The puppets were not affected at all except for additional holes in parts of their bodies.

Liu Yan couldnt find the energy core of the puppets at all!

At this moment, after the time that the battle had gone on, the ground around the inferno shadow wolf had cracked and was about to collapse.


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