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Outside the altar of body.

A group of students and teachers were watching the virtual images together.

They were looking at the results of the remaining students curiously.

The difficulty of the trial had reached a terrifying level as the number and speed of the bullet increased.

At this moment, only some of the remaining students in the altar of body.

As the difficulty of the bullet attack continued to increase, the remaining elite students were hit one by one, ending the trial.

Zheng Tainan, Murong Xue, and the other elite students were eliminated.

Soon, there were only the last three top genius students left.

They were Liu Yan, Allen Smith, and Xu Han.

Seeing this situation, Hong Kewei announced, “You guys performed really well by lasting until the third bullet attack.

Your score will be between 160-180 points.

When 20 minutes have passed, the fourth round of attack will start.”

When the many students outside heard this, they were all discussed in surprise.

“I didnt expect the third attack to be so powerful.

There are so many bullets that I cant even see clearly.”

“Yeah, its too difficult to dodge under such circumstances.”

“Its already very terrifying that they could hold on until now.

Only the three monsters, Liu Yan, Allen Smith, and Xu Han, can continue to hold on.”

“It looks like the three of them can hold on until the fourth round.”

“I wonder who can hold on until the end and who will get the highest score.”

Many students were discussing and were extremely curious.

At the same time, the two principals, Murakami and Lan Jinqiu brought some teachers.

They rushed over to witness the results of the final trial.

“Looks like we came at the right time.

It just so happens to be the final moment.” Chu Xuan said with a smile.

Lan Jinqiu nodded slightly.

He couldnt help but look at the virtual screen with some anticipation as he waited for the final result.

From the looks of it, Liu Yan and the other two were still persisting.

Liu Yan had the chance to persevere until the very end to obtain the highest score and get the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of body.

And if Liu Yan could obtain the final sacrificial gemstone, he would be able to gather all five sacrificial gemstones.

It was a great honor for Lighthouse Academy and something unprecedented.

Lan Jinqiu was naturally looking forward to it.

Murakami did not say anything.

He looked at the virtual screen indifferently, waiting for the final score.

Soon, 20 minutes had passed.

In the last three spaces of the altar of body, the attacks suddenly changed.

The bullets just now had all disappeared, replaced by all kinds of laser attacks.

The speed of the bullets was only a few hundred meters per second.

Even at the end of the bullet attack, the speed of the bullets was only a few thousand meters per second.

But the laser was different.

Its speed suddenly increased significantly.

Liu Yan did not dare to be careless and hurriedly increased his speed.

His Sonic Speed increased from eightfold to twelvefold, and only then could he barely dodge.

But even so, Liu Yan still felt some pressure.

The speed of the laser was too fast.

In addition to the continuous laser attacks around him, if he wanted to dodge the laser, he had to be much faster than the laser to duck all the laser attacks.

Liu Yan focused his attention, not daring to be the slightest mistake.

Relying on his A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight, and terrifying speed, he continuously dodged.

On the other side, Xu Han was already under tons of pressure.

He did not hold on for long before he was hit.

He immediately ended the trial, and his score was 185 points.

On the other hand, Allen Smith was relatively relaxed.

He seemed to be even more relaxed than Liu Yan.

The final competitors were only Liu Yan and Allen Smith.

The two of them would compete for the final highest score and the final sacrificial gemstone.

Time passed bit by bit.

The speed of the laser continued to increase, and the difficulty also increased rapidly.

Liu Yan could only continue to increase his speed.

In less than two minutes, Liu Yan increased his speed to 16 times the speed of sound.

He had maximized the speed of his S-grade skill, Sonic Speed, and directly increased his speed to the maximum.

However, Liu Yan still found it difficult to dodge the rapid and complicated laser attacks around him.

The slightest carelessness could result in elimination at any time.

When the people outside the altar saw this scene, they were all shocked.

“This speed is too terrifying.

I cant see him at all.”

“Yeah, the speed of Liu Yan and Allen Smith is too terrifying.”

“We cant see whats going on at all.

We dont know who will last longer.”

“Liu Yan is too terrifying, too powerful.”

“I admire Liu Yan very much.

I suddenly hope that Liu Yan can last until the end.”

The students were discussing animatedly.

However, they had no idea what happened inside the altar of body.

Liu Yan and Allen Smith only left behind afterimages because their speed became extremely fast.

The other students could not see the exact situation clearly.

On the other side, the principal, teacher, and others had profound strength, so they could naturally see the situation inside the altar.

The few of them could see clearly that Allen Smith seemed to be struggling, but it was clear that he was still at ease.

On the contrary, Liu Yan looked like he was at the end of his rope and would get hit at any moment.

Even if he could maintain his concentration and dodge the attacks, the intensity of the laser attacks would continue to increase.

At that time, Liu Yan would still be defeated.

“It looks like Liu Yan wont be able to hold on for long.

In this round, Liu Yan can only get second place.”

“Second place isnt bad.

He just lost to Allen Smith by a little.”

“Yeah, Liu Yan has already obtained four sacrificial gemstones.

He only lost the last sacrificial gemstone.

Thats already very impressive.”

“Allen Smith is better in terms of speed.”

The few teachers were discussing amongst themselves.

Although the results were not out yet, they thought Liu Yan would lose.

Although Liu Yan was incredibly fast, he was still inferior to Allen Smith.

It was only a matter of time before he would be defeated.

Seeing this, Lan Jinqiu sighed slightly, feeling a little regretful.

Liu Yan had received four sacrificial gemstones, and he completely crushed the students of Gifted Academy.

Liu Yan did bring great glory to Lighthouse Academy.

But Liu Yan still could not do the undoable, obtaining the five sacrificial gemstones.

Lan Jinqiu felt a little pity.

If Allen Smith were slower than Liu Yan, Liu Yan would have had a chance to get the highest score in this trial.

Then, he would obtain the last sacrificial gemstone to gather five sacrificial gemstones.

The teachers had already made their judgment.

Murakami, who had been silent all this while, suddenly said, “I dont think so.

Lets not jump to a conclusion yet.

Just keep watching.”


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