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Outside the altar.

The eliminated students looked at each other.

They had never expected that the trial of the altar of body would be so difficult.

“I didnt expect we would be teleported out after the second round of attacks.”

“Fortunately, it has been three minutes, so we have passed the trial.”

“This altar is so hard.

Although its only a speed trial, the difficulty is really hard.”

“Yeah, the first round of attacks was just ping pong ball, but towards the end, I was exhausted.

I couldnt withstand the liquid attack at all.”

“This is only the second round of attacks.

Its hard to imagine how terrifying the subsequent attacks are.”

“But our scores are relatively low.

Fortunately, its enough for me.”

“Oh no, my score might not be enough for the entire trial on the fourth level of the Tower.

If I dont reach 600 points, I wont be able to head to the fifth level of the Tower.”

The students discussed their scores among themselves.

After asking their teacher, the students also learned their scores.

Those who got eliminated in the second round of attack would have a score ranging from 80 to 120 points.

Their scores varied by how long they survived the attack.

Therefore, their overall score would not be too high.

This time, many students had bitter expressions.

Although they had passed the previous four trials, their scores were not high.

Initially, they thought they would try their best to get high scores in the last trial so their total score could reach 600 points to pass the final trial.

However, they did not expect the final round of trials was much tougher than they imagined.

They could not get high scores.

As a result, although they had passed the trials of the five altars, their total points were not enough.

In the end, they were still eliminated and could not go to the fifth level of the Tower.

They could only wait for the next chance.

At this moment, everyone realized they could not just be satisfied with passing the trials in the previous rounds.

They had to obtain sufficient points.

Soon, nearly half of the students left helplessly.

Even though they had persevered until the last, they were still eliminated.

As for the remaining students, they were watching at the entrance of the altar.

They were curious about who would obtain the highest points and obtain the sacrificial gemstone of the altar.

The focus of their attention was naturally on the performance of the three genius students, Liu Yan, Allen Smith, and Xu Han.

At this moment, the time had unknowingly reached 10 minutes.

The altar of body was filled with all sorts of liquid attacks that came from all directions.

The intensity of the attacks was extremely high, and it was extremely difficult to dodge them.

At this moment, Liu Yan had already raised his Sonic Speed to twice the speed of sound.

In addition, he could perceive all the attacks in his surroundings from all directions.

Only then would he be able to dodge them with relative ease.

At this moment, Liu Yan did not dare to be careless in the slightest bit.

After 10 minutes, the surrounding liquid disappeared, giving the many students a short period to catch their breath.

However, it also meant the more powerful third round of attacks was starting soon.

Liu Yan took a short break.

At the same time, he looked at his surroundings.

He was curious about what the third round of attacks was.

Suddenly, gunshots rang out in the surroundings, and bullets shot over.

Liu Yan was a little surprised.

He did not expect bullets.

Bullets were usually a few hundred meters per second, about three to four times the speed of sound.

Dodging tons of bullets that were three to four times the speed of sound.

The students had to be even faster.

Without hesitation, Liu Yan directly increased the speed of his S-grade skill, Sonic Speed, to six times the speed of sound.

Under six times the speed of sound, Liu Yan could easily dodge the bullets shooting at him from all directions.

As for the other students inside the altar of body, they were in trouble.

The third round of the bullet attack was much stronger.

Many students were already at the end of their tethers and were barely holding on.

Once the bullet attacks arrived, they were unable to dodge them.

Students were teleported out one by one.

The remaining students were basically all teleported out.

There were only a few students left in the altar of body.

At the entrance of the altar.

When Hong Kewei saw the students were teleported out.

He announced, “The eliminated students in the third round have a score between 120-160 points.

Its considered a pretty good score.”

The students that had just been teleported out of the trial heard their teachers words and heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, these students were able to hold on until now.

Their scores were not low.

It was enough for them to pass the trial on the fourth level of the Tower.

“The intensity of this attack is too high.”

“Yeah, I can barely dodge the liquid attack just now.

I cant dodge the bullet attack at all.”

“The speed of the bullet is too fast.

Its already several hundred meters per second, and there are still so many of them.

Its too difficult to dodge.”

“Only experts can dodge them.”

“There are only a few students left in the altar.”

“These dozens of students are all elite students of Gifted Academy and Lighthouse Academy.”

“The three geniuses are still inside.

Who do you think will be able to obtain the highest score and the altar of bodys sacrificial gemstone”

“I remember that Allen Smith is very good at speed.

He should have a good chance.”

“I feel that Liu Yan has a better chance.

This guy is really unfathomable.”

The group of students discussed and chatted.

Those whose scores were not enough to be eliminated had already left the arena dejectedly.

Those who remained here had enough scores to pass the trial of the fourth level of the Tower.

After successfully passing the trial of the fourth level of the Tower, the students felt much more relaxed.

Their mood was delightful as they chatted here.

The topic of their conversation was who would obtain the last sacrificial gemstone.

Previously, Liu Yan had already obtained four sacrificial gemstones.

Would Liu Yan get the last sacrificial gemstone and achieve an unprecedented achievement, obtaining five sacrificial gemstones by himself

Or would the two genius students of the Gifted Academy get the sacrificial gemstone and protect the reputation of the Gifted Academy

At this moment, everyone was observing the situation of the remaining students through various virtual images.

Through their observation, everyone also discovered that Liu Yan, Allen Smith, and Xu Han were indeed worthy of being the three top genius students of the two great academies.

The three of them were relaxed while dodging the terrifying bullet attacks.

Although the remaining students were still persisting, they had a hard time compared to the three geniuses.

It would not be long before they would be hit and get eliminated.

Inside the altar of body.

As time passed, although it was still bullet attacks, the number of bullets and their speed were increasing rapidly.

The difficulty was also continuously rising.

Liu Yan gradually felt the pressure.

He increased his speed once again, directly increasing from six times the speed of sound to eight times the speed of sound.

After increasing to eight times the speed of sound, Liu Yan felt much more relaxed.

At this moment, Liu Yan was secretly shocked.

He had increased to eight times the speed of sound in just ten minutes.

Currently, Liu Yans S-grade skill, Sonic Speed, had a maximum speed of 16 times the speed of sound.

He did not know how long he could last.


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