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After Liu Yan learned the rules of the trial of the altar of body, he immediately had an idea.

The rules were relatively simple.

Although it might be difficult, Liu Yan was not very worried.

After all, Liu Yan had the S-grade skill Sonic Speed, which was 16 times the speed of sound.

In terms of speed, Liu Yan was still very confident.

He could easily hold on for a long time to obtain high marks.

If he worked hard, he would have a great chance to get the highest score and the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of body.

At this moment, the students were also discussing.

They were all somewhat worried.

However, there was no other way.

They could only rely on themselves.

Very soon, it was time to start the last trial.

All the students entered the altar of body under the guidance of their teacher.

The moment Liu Yan stepped into the altar of body, he felt the world spin.

By the time the light returned to his eyes, all the other students in the surrounding trial had disappeared, leaving only him alone.

He looked around and realized there was nothing around him.

He was in an empty space.

After understanding his surroundings, Liu Yan quietly waited on the spot.

It seemed that it was indeed an independent space.

Now, Liu Yan only needed to wait for the attacks to arrive and dodge them.

According to the rules, it was the easiest of the five altar trials, but the difficulty was unknown.

Liu Yan did not wait for long before the attacks began.

Ping pong balls appeared from all directions, attacking in a disorderly manner.

Liu Yan relied on his own speed to easily dodge them.

These ping pong balls did not cause any damage.

Even if Liu Yan was hit, he wouldnt suffer any injuries.

However, he would be eliminated, so he did not dare to be careless.

It seemed that the first round of attacks would be ping pong balls.

After all, it was the first round, so the difficulty was relatively low.

However, Liu Yan soon discovered that the number of ping pong balls around him was increasing, and the difficulty was also continuously increasing.

At first, only a few ping pong balls attacked, but it didnt take long for them to become densely packed ping pong balls attacking.

If one of these ping pong balls hit Liu Yan, he would be eliminated immediately.

Fortunately, Liu Yans agility attribute was high, and his speed was blazing fast.

In addition, after rebuilding his physical body, his body became more agile.

So, he could dodge these large numbers of ping pong balls effortlessly.

As the number of ping pong balls kept increasing, Liu Yan activated his A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight.

Speed was not the only important attribute in this trial.

Liu Yan had to be aware of the attacks before he could dodge them.

Although the speed of the ping pong balls from all directions was not very fast, there were too many of them.

Plus, Liu Yan had to dodge every single one of them.

After activating Omniscient Insight, Liu Yan felt much more relaxed.

This trial of the altar of body was similar to the previous trial of the altar of sound.

It was all about dodging all sorts of attacks.

However, there were some differences in the altar of body.

Sound existed, and there was no restriction on speed.

In this way, Liu Yan did not need to rely on the Fog skill.

The usage of the Fog skill was a wide range of perceptions.

However, its accuracy of perception was still inferior to Omniscient Insight.

Omniscient Insight had a slightly smaller range.

It only covered a hundred meters.

However, it could perceive everything within a hundred meters and was extremely accurate.

At this moment, Liu Yans speed was not restricted.

With his full speed, it was naturally easy for him to dodge these attacks.

In the face of the densely packed attacks from all directions, Liu Yan relied on Omniscient Insight.

Adding his terrifying speed, it was still relatively easy for him to dodge.

Liu Yan also understood that this was only relatively easy for him.

It was not easy for the other students in the trial.

At this moment, a few students had already been teleported out.

It also meant that they had already ended this trial.

The time had not even reached three minutes.

It also meant that they had been eliminated.

Many students had passed the first four trials, and some of their scores in the first four trials were not bad.

But if they failed this trial, they would also be eliminated.

The rules were extremely cruel.

Those students were frustrated.

“I didnt expect to fall at the last step.”

“Yeah, its been more than two minutes.

It would be great if we could hold on for a little longer.”

“Although the attack speed of the ping pong balls is not very fast, there are too many of them.

Itll be hard to dodge at the back.”

“Its because were not good at speed.

We can only train hard for next year.”

“Yeah, our strength is still not good enough.”

The eliminated students had no intention of staying here.

They left one after another and went down the stairway.

At this point, they had failed to reach the fourth level of the Tower.

In the altar of body, most of the students were still holding on.

Soon, three minutes had passed.

The attacks in the various spaces in the altar had also changed simultaneously.

The ping pong ball attacks had all disappeared, replaced by the liquid attacks.

Compared to the ping pong ball, the liquid was much faster.

It was undoubtedly much more difficult to dodge.

Other than that, the liquid was also much harder to detect compared to the ping pong ball.

The ping pong ball could be seen clearly inside the afar, but the liquid was relatively small and transparent.

It was a little harder to notice.

As a result, the difficulty increased by a few levels.

After Liu Yan noticed that the difficulty had increased, he was also very cautious.

Although Liu Yan had always been very good at speed, he could not afford to be careless in this trial.

He had to be extremely careful.

Liu Yan could still easily dodge the liquid attacks.

After all, he had the A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight.

He could detect the almost invisible gas attack easily, not to mention the liquid attack.

In addition to his own extraordinary speed, Liu Yan was also able to dodge the liquid attack.

However, as time passed, the number and speed of the liquid attack continued to increase.

After the difficulty increased steadily and steeply, Liu Yan gradually began to feel the strain.

Liu Yan was surprised.

He did not expect that the fifth trial would be this tough.

It was only the second round of attacks, and the difficulty was enough to make Liu Yan feel the strain.

Although he could dodge the dangerous now, it was undoubtedly a little strenuous and dangerous.

Liu Yan activated his S-class skill, Sonic Speed, to increase his speed to double the speed of sound.

With double the speed of sound, the pressure on Liu Yan instantly decreased, and he became much more relaxed.

Following that, Liu Yan continued to dodge, quietly waiting for the difficulty to increase again.

Meanwhile, outside the altar.

As the liquid attack arrived, the difficulty continued to increase.

Many students ended the trial and were teleported out.

It meant that they had been hit by the attack, and they could not continue their trial.

However, it had already been more than three minutes.

They had already passed the trial, but their scores were average.

It was enough for some students to pass the trial on the fourth level.

But some of the students were not that lucky.


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