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A group of students from the Gifted Academy saw that Liu Yan had deliberately chosen a river.

Everyone immediately had some doubts.

Before this, all the students had randomly chosen a river during the trial.

After all, there were so many rivers.

They looked exactly the same.

If the students did not taste it, they would not even know the difference.

So why did Liu Yan want to pick a river carefully

“Liu Yan is choosing a river Why would he do that”

“I dont understand.

All the river looks the same.”

“I think hes doing that on purpose.

Did he find a way”

“Its not necessary.

Everyones scores in this round are generally on the low side.

Xu Hans 190 points is definitely a high score, and it is difficult to surpass him.”

Many students were discussing.

At the same time, they were watching Liu Yans trial curiously, waiting for the results of Liu Yans trial.

They already knew that Xu Hans score of 190 was high.

As long as Liu Yan did not surpass Xu Han, Xu Han would be in the first place, and he would obtain the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of taste.

Chu Xuan was also looking at Liu Yan with some anticipation.

As a teacher, Chu Xuan understood many things.

He guessed that Liu Yan must have seen that this river was more complicated, so it had a higher chance of obtaining a high score.

However, having a special skill to detect the complexity of the river did not mean that Liu Yan could analyze all the complicated situations of the river.

After all, the more things happened in the river, the more complicated the situation was.


It meant that the upper limit was higher, and there was a chance of getting a higher score.

At the same time, it also indicated that the river was harder to analyze, and Liu Yan could make a mistake.

At this moment, after Liu Yan came to this river, he directly tasted it.

After that, Liu Yan used his A-grade skill, Treasure Hunting, to analyze the composition of this river to determine what had happened to this river recently.

At the same time, he activated his B-grade skill, Poison Control, to analyze the composition of the river.

Poison Control was a B-grade skill and one level lower than the A-grade skill, Treasure Hunting.

However, it was a crucial skill to analyze more components of the river.

In addition, after Liu Yan had built a perfect foundation, his sense of taste was much better than before.

He could carefully taste the complicated situations in the river.

Under the combination of the three abilities, Liu Yan closed his eyes and seriously analyzed, thinking.

The surrounding people were all curiously waiting for Liu Yans result.

However, after waiting a while, they saw that Liu Yan was still closing his eyes and analyzing the river.

It had already been a long time.

It was much longer than the time the other students spent time analyzing the situation.

Seeing the situation, many students were somewhat puzzled and discussed it impatiently.

“Its been so long.

Why is Liu Yan still analyzing”

“Thats right.

The other two students have already finished analyzing their rivers.

Liu Yan is too slow.”

“He has analyzed it for so long.”

“If he could not analyze it, he should give up.

Hes just wasting his time.”

“From the looks of it, even though this Liu Yan is strong, hes only average in this trial.

There shouldnt be a chance for him to surpass Xu Hans high score.”

“Haha, not to mention surpassing Xu Hans exaggerated 190 points, even surpassing my 140 points would be difficult for Liu Yan.”

At this moment, Liu Yan suddenly opened his eyes.

His eyes were full of confidence.

Liu Yan looked at his mentor, Chu Xuan, and explained, “The situation of this river is quite complicated.

I wont explain the specific components and reasons.

Ill say what happened in the river recently.”

“Of course, the rules are to explain what happened.

You dont have to explain the other analysis processes.” Chu Xuan nodded.

At this moment, Chu Xuan could not help but feel curious and expectant.

Many students did not think highly of Liu Yan, but Chu Xuan was the opposite.

He felt that Liu Yan seemed to be very confident.

Perhaps there would be surprises.

Liu Yan nodded and continued, “This river is at the edge of the fourth level of the Tower.

In addition, it passes through the river on the left side of the stairway.

Therefore, more things happen and are more complicated.”

When the students below heard this, they were all a little surprised.

When everyone ascended the stairway, they all noticed there were two rivers on both sides of the stairway.

When they ascended the stairway, many people even drank the river water.

These two rivers were connected to the fourth level of the Tower and three-and-a-half-level.

The rivers ran through the entire stairway, and they looked like a falling Milky Way.

It was extremely magical.

No one had expected that Liu Yan would be able to determine that this river was one of the two rivers on the stairway just by tasting it.

Moreover, he could determine that it was the river on the left side of the stairway.

“Is it fake You can even determine that”

“I dont believe it.

You can determine which specific river it is just by tasting it”

“I think Liu Yan is talking nonsense.”

“Haha, the altar will light up later anyway.

If Liu Yan talks nonsense, he will be eliminated by the red light.”

“Tell me, if Liu Yan is eliminated, do you think he will have to hand over the three sacrificial gemstones he received”

“I think that is the rule.

In the first three trials, other than Liu Yan, the highest score is either Allen Smith or Xu Han.”

Everyone was chatting and seemed to be gloating.

Chu Xuan looked at the altar and was shocked.

If he were lying, the altar would immediately light up.

If he were not lying, the altar would not light up until he finished talking.

At this moment, the altar did not light up at all.

It meant that what Liu Yan said was completely correct.

Chu Xuan was a little surprised.

He had not expected Liu Yan to be able to make such an accurate judgment.

Liu Yans first guess was not enough for Liu Yan to surpass Xu Hans high score of 190, but it was enough for Liu Yan to obtain a high score.

Chu Xuan did not understand why Liu Yan could judge the complexity of a river without tasting it.

Even an experienced teacher like him could not do it.

It meant that Liu Yan had a special detection skill.

Chu Xuan was instantly shocked for Liu Yan.

At this moment, Liu Yan was not affected by the students of the Gifted Academy below him and continued to answer.

“There are a lot of things happening in this river.

Ill tell you one by one in order of time from the most recent event to the past.”

“Firstly, there were over a hundred people who drank the water in this river today, and over a hundred people used the water in this river to wash their faces.”

“Secondly, during the process of descending the stairway yesterday, more than three hundred people used the river to wash the mud.”

“Besides, there were more than ten fierce beasts bathed themselves in the river.

“When ascending the stairway yesterday, more than two hundred people drank the water from the river.

Besides, more than two hundred people used the water from the river to wash their faces.”

“Moreover, two people fell into this river the day before yesterday for unknown reasons.

They were injured and bled.”

When Chu Xuan heard Liu Yans detailed explanation, he was surprised.

He looked at the altar, but it still did not light up.

Chu Xuan was shocked.


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