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Inside the altar of taste.

Liu Yan was worried about how to obtain a high score or even the highest score in this trial.

At this moment, Treasure Pangolin reminded Liu Yan.

Other than finding treasures, the Treasure Hunting skill could also identify treasure and many other things.

The river was not a treasure, but the Treasure Hunting skill could identify the components of the river, which was very helpful to Liu Yan in this trial.

At this moment, Liu Yan also came back to his senses.

He did not have a special skill that was directly related to taste.

It was unable to help him identify the components of the river and the recent events that happened in the river.

However, some other special skills could be of help.

A-grade skill Treasure Hunting might be of some use in this aspect.

Thinking up to this point, Liu Yan immediately activated his A-grade skill, Treasure Hunting.

With his senses, he could immediately sense the difference between these rivers and the composition of each river.

With this, he could naturally analyze the recent events that happened in the rivers.

Apart from this, Liu Yan thought another skill would be helpful.

That was the B-grade skill, Poison Control.

Poison Control could not only be used to poison, but it could also identify all sorts of poisons and other ingredients.

Using the B-grade skill, Poison Control could help Liu Yan understand the ingredients in the river more clearly.

However, Liu Yan was unable to try the Poison Control skill now.

He could only wait until it was his turn to go up and start the trial.

At this moment, the students went up one by one and continued the trial.

With their previous experience, most students became smarter.

They tried their best to analyze the composition of the river and then analyze the recent happenings in the river.


When the students reported what they could analyze, none of them dared to lie.

After all, if they said too little, they would have a chance to pass the trial.

It was just that their scores would be lower.

However, if they lied, they would be eliminated.

That would be too much of a loss.

After understanding the rules, most students passed this trial with lower scores.

Few students had the corresponding special skill and obtained decent scores.

But overall, the scores of this trial were still on the low side.

So far, the highest score of this batch of students who had completed this trial was only 140 points.

The scores in this trial were generally much lower than in the previous three trials.

At this time, some students received the news.

The Lighthouse Academy students had already completed the trials one step ahead.

On the other side, Allen Smith and Xu Han, who were exchange students, performed exceptionally in this trial and obtained very high scores.

Allen Smith obtained a high score of 180 points, and Xu Han got 190 points.

Other than the two of them, the highest score was only 150 points.

Both of them performed exceptionally this time, leading by a huge margin.

Currently, they were waiting for the Gifted Academys trial to end to determine the final highest score.

Then, they would award the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of taste to the student with the best performance.

After learning of this situation, many Gifted Academy students heaved a sigh of relief.

“Looks like Xu Han will be able to obtain the highest score this time and obtain the sacrificial gemstones from the altar of taste.”

“Thats right.

Everyones scores in this round are generally on the low side.

One hundred and forty points is already a very high score.

Xu Han directly obtained 190 points.

This is very impressive.”

“Liu Yan got the first three sacrificial gemstones.

They also belong to Lighthouse Academy now.

This time, our Gifted Academy can finally vent our anger.”

“Thats right.

Even if the number of sacrificial gemstones we get will still be lesser than Lighthouse Academy, we still have to fight for our reputation.”

“After obtaining the last two sacrificial gemstones, our Gifted Academy will at least not lose too badly.”

“The sacrificial gemstone of this trial is basically in Gifted Academys pocket.

It all depends on the final round.”

The students of the Gifted Academy discussed this amongst themselves.

Liu Yan had yet to start this trial.

Everyone felt that it was over after learning of Allen Smith and Xu Hans outstanding performances of Allen Smith and Xu Han.

Xu Han would definitely obtain the highest final score and get the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of taste.

However, many students were paying attention to Liu Yan, waiting for the start of Liu Yans trial.

The only person who could pose a threat to Xu Han was Liu Yan.

Liu Yan heard the discussions around him, but he did not really care.

Xu Hans performance was outstanding, and his score was high.

However, Liu Yan did not care because he only needed to do his best.

There was no need to worry so much about the final result.

Soon, it was Liu Yans turn to start the trial.

After hearing his name, Liu Yan walked forward.

The teacher, Chu Xuan, pointed at the river and said, “The river that goes dark has been tested.

Those are the rivers that have not been tested.

Choose one yourself.”

As Chu Xuan spoke, he also observed Liu Yan.

Chu Xuan was also very concerned about the final acquisition of the sacrificial gemstone.

From the looks of it, although Xu Hans performance was impressive, the sacrificial gemstone in this trial was in Gifted Academys pocket.

However, based on his previous experience, Chu Xuan knew that Liu Yans depth was unfathomable and could not be underestimated.

Hence, he was concerned about Liu Yan now.

After all, Liu Yan was the only student who could threaten Xu Han.

At the same time, the gazes of the students below also focused on Liu Yan.

They were all curious about Liu Yans performance in this trial and what kind of score he would obtain in the end.

At this moment, Liu Yan nodded slightly and walked towards a river at the edge of the trial intentionally.

Through the detection of his B-grade skill Treasure Hunting, Liu Yan also analyzed the general situation of the remaining rivers.

The students could choose any rivers they wanted during the trial.

Every river was different, filled with randomness, but many students could not tell the difference.

However, Liu Yan knew clearly that the river with more complicated elements could get a higher score as much as possible.

If the characteristics of the river were relatively simple, he could only analyze the limited characteristics of the river no matter how capable he was.

In this way, the final score would not be too high.

On the contrary, if the elements in the river were complicated, it meant more things had happened to that river.

Liu Yan could display his ability to his hearts content, analyze as many components as possible, and determine things that had happened to the river recently.

In this way, Liu Yan could obtain a higher score and even surpass Xu Hans ridiculously high score of 190 points.

Chu Xuan quickly noticed this detail and found that Liu Yan seemed to have deliberately chosen a river.

After all, there were many rivers close to their current place, but Liu Yan did not choose one.

He walked towards a river in the corner.

It was clear that he had done it on purpose.

Chu Xuan was a little puzzled, but he quickly guessed something.

He immediately looked at Liu Yan in surprise.

Could it be that this fellow was really that powerful He did not even taste the river water, but he already knew which river was more complicated and was more likely to get a high score.


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