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Allen Smiths expression became serious.

He was also surprised that Liu Yan had already obtained the sacrificial gemstones from the first three altars consecutively.

In fact, Allen Smiths performance in the first three trials was not bad.

However, he was always a little worse than Liu Yan.

He could not get the highest score and obtain the sacrificial gemstones because of Liu Yan.


“Dont worry, Liu Yan will not be able to get one of the next two sacrificial gemstones.” Allen Smith said firmly.

Meanwhile, Liu Yan was enjoying his food in the cafeteria with Murong Xue and the other girls relaxingly.

Through chatting, Liu Yan also learned that Chu Long finally got a high score of 180 points in the trial on the altar of fragrance.

Murong Xue and Luo Qingcheng obtained a slightly lower score of 150 points, but it was not bad.

The three girls scores were not bad, far exceeding the average score.

As long as they performed well and passed the following two trials, they would have a higher chance of going to the fifth level of the Tower.

“I didnt expect Brother Liu Yan to obtain three sacrificial gemstones so smoothly.

I bet you can gather five sacrificial gemstones, right” Chu Long said with some surprise.

Murong Xue and Luo Qingcheng also looked at Liu Yan when they heard this.

During the trial on the fourth level of the Tower, Liu Yans performance was indeed eye-catching.

He had already obtained three sacrificial gemstones from the three altars.

“Allen Smith and Xu Han are not as strong as they said.

Didnt they say that they are the most powerful genius students of the Gifted Academy They are just boasting.

Otherwise, why didnt they obtain any consecrated gemstones now” Murong Xue teased with some disdain.

However, Luo Qingcheng shook her head and said, “I have some understanding of the situation.

Although Allen Smith and Xu Han did not obtain any sacrificial gemstones, their results in the first three trials were quite good.

It seems that they were only slightly worse than Liu Yan in the.

Their luck was slightly worse, so they did not obtain any sacrificial gemstones.

We have to pay more attention to the last two rounds.

They might catch up to us.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan nodded in agreement.


Although he had never fought Allen Smith and Xu Han before, judging from their aura, Allen Smith and Xu Han were not weak.

On the contrary, they were extremely powerful.

He could not underestimate them.

“It seems they were not very lucky in the first three trials.

They might be strong contenders in the last two trials.” Liu Yan sighed.

In reality, Liu Yan was also extremely eager for the sacrificial gemstones in the last two trials of the altar.

If there were a chance, Liu Yan would try his best to obtain the remaining two sacrificial gemstones.

He wanted to see what kind of surprise would happen after he gathered five sacrificial gemstones.

The next day, the fourth trial began.

The teacher in charge of this trial was the first trials teacher, Chu Xuan.

Liu Yan and the other students followed Chu Xuan to the fourth level of the Tower.

It was already the fourth time they had climbed the stairway.

The first time, the students were struggling to climb up.

But now, they had gradually gotten used to it.

Not only were they able to keep up with their teachers pace, but even after they reached the fourth level of the Tower, they did not seem very tired

However, Liu Yan noticed the speed of the teachers climbing up the stairway became faster and faster.

During the first time, the teachers would deliberately slow down and wait for the students for a while.

However, their speed gradually became faster and faster now.

It seemed that the stairway was also part of the trial of the fourth level of the Tower.

If the students could not keep up with the teachers speed, they would also be eliminated even if they reached the fourth level of the Tower.

In this Tower, one needed to train to become an all-rounded and powerful expert.

Only then would they have a crucial impact on the humans of the blue planet and have a real influence on the situation.

At the entrance of another huge altar, Chu Xuan brought Liu Yan and the other students to arrive.

Chu Xuan looked at the students and said with a smile, “Todays trial is relatively easy.

The trial requires you to taste the river water.”

“Taste the river water”

“Only need to taste the river water Its that simple”

“What kind of trial is this It looks so strange.”

The students discussed animatedly.

They were all somewhat curious about what kind of trial this altar trial was.

The first three rounds of the trial did not pose any danger.

As long as there was danger, they would be teleported out.

However, the trial process was not simple.

Whether it was hunting a fierce beast in the absolute darkness of the altar of color, dodging all kinds of attacks in the completely silent environment of the altar of sound, or capturing a fierce beast in the swamp of the altar of fragrance, it was all filled with difficulties.

Especially the altar of fragrance that they had just experienced yesterday.

It made everyone extremely miserable.

And this trial seemed to be much simpler.

Chu Xuan smiled.

He continued to explain, “Todays altar is called the altar of taste.

The content of the trial is also simple.

The trial will test your sense of taste.

This altar of taste gathers all the rivers from the fourth level of the Tower.

Besides, there are a total of several hundred of them.

What you all need to do is to taste the river water and then describe the situation of each river in three days.

Finally, the score will be evaluated based on the number of content and accuracy of the content in your report.

Simply put, the more content you say, the more detailed the content, and the longer it takes, the higher your score will be!”

After the students learned the rules, their expressions gradually changed.

They that it was easy to taste the river water.

However, the students did not expect that after tasting the river water.

They would have to report what had happened recently in the river.

It was tough.

How could they know what happened to the river by just tasting the river water The test of taste was too hard.

“What kind of trial is this Isnt this too difficult”

“Is this easy Why do I feel like its the hardest trial”


Although the first three trials were difficult, at least the goal was straightforward and clear.

Now, we have no idea how to complete this trial.”

“How would one know what had happened recently by tasting river water How would one proceed like this”

“I do have a special skill, but I dont know if it will be useful.”

For a moment, many students were discussing animatedly.

They all felt that this trial was too difficult.

At this moment, after Liu Yan learned the rules, his expression was a little strange.

It was the first time he knew about such a strange trial.

Liu Yan could not help but think about how he would proceed with this trial.

Previously, he had relied on the A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight, which was useless in this round.

After all, Omniscient Insight could only detect all sorts of situations within a 100-meter radius.

However, these rivers were more than 100 meters away, so Liu Yan had no way of knowing the situation.

Hence, Liu Yan could only find another way.

For a moment, Liu Yan was also in a dilemma.

Could it be that he would not be able to obtain the highest score in this round of trials


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