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When Liu Yan saw this, he was surprised.

Previously, Liu Yan could capture the fierce beasts easily because he used his A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight, and the B-grade skill, Traceless Silence.

With Omniscient Insight, Liu Yan could accurately sense the location of these fierce beasts.

Then, he used Traceless Silence to conceal his traces.

After all, these fierce beasts were in the mud.

Their vision and sense of smell were also greatly affected.

It was difficult for them to detect the humans, so they mainly relied on sound.

Liu Yan did not make any sound, so he could easily approach them.

Even when Liu Yan reached the top of these fierce beasts, these fierce beasts did not notice him.

The Traceless Silence was practical and powerful.

It allowed Liu Yan to stay silent when he was moving.

After reaching such a close distance, Liu Yan could easily capture the fierce beast.

However, Liu Yans capture did not go smoothly this time.

The method he used previously did not work on this fierce beast.

Every time he reached about 30 meters away from this fierce beast, it would notice Liu Yan and escape in time.

Even Liu Yan didnt know how it noticed him.

He could basically turn invisible after using Traceless Silence.

Luo Qingcheng and the other girls saw that Liu Yan was using the previous method of capturing the fierce beast, but he kept walking around.

It didnt seem to be going smoothly, so they were worried.

“It seems that this fierce beast is somewhat special.

Liu Yans previous method didnt work.” Luo Qingcheng quickly guessed the reason.

“These fierce beasts are really troublesome.” Murong Xue also said helplessly.

She wanted to help Liu Yan, but she did not have the ability.

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If Murong Xue were to fight the awakened ones or fierce beasts, she would immediately raise her shield and rush forward to help.

However, Murong Xue did not know how to catch the fierce beast in the mud.

Chu Long looked at the time and said, “There are still twenty minutes left.

Brother Liu Yan must hurry up.”

At the same time, a group of students from the Gifted Academy not too far away saw Liu Yans strange actions.

They could not understand what Liu Yan was doing.

“What is he doing He is walking around alone.”

“Liu Yan seems to have used some special skill.

He did not make a sound at all.”

“I also have a detection skill, but there is no fierce beast around Liu Yan.”

“I dont understand Liu Yan.

It seems like hes catching a fierce beast, but how can he catch a fierce beast like this”

“Theres no fierce beast around here.

Where can Liu Yan catch one”

Everyone discussed animatedly and looked at Liu Yan with amusement.

However, Liu Yans figure suddenly disappeared from everyones sight.

When everyone saw this scene, they were all shocked.

The students didnt understand what was going on.

Liu Yan was still there just a moment ago.

How did he suddenly disappear

There were even people who could not believe their eyes.

They rubbed their eyes and looked again, but Liu Yan was not there.

There was no sign of Liu Yan at all.

“D*mn, whats going on Wheres Liu Yan”

“It should be an invisibility skill.

Liu Yan actually has an invisibility skill.

Its too amazing.”

“Invisibility skill is extremely rare.”

“Did he turn invisible It looks like this Liu Yans invisibility skill is not ordinary.”

“Thats right.

Liu Yan turns completely invisible when it is still bright.

It is the full invisibility.

Usually, many skills are only semi-invisibility.

The users could only turn totally invisible when its dark.”

“This Liu Yan is too unfathomable.

I didnt expect him to have an invisibility skill.”

On the other side, Murong Xue and the other girls already knew that Liu Yan had an invisibility skill, so they were already used to it.

Seeing that Liu Yan had suddenly disappeared, they guessed that Liu Yan must have used an invisibility skill to capture that fierce beast.

“I didnt expect him to use an invisibility skill to capture that fierce beast.

It seems that this fierce beast is not ordinary.” Luo Qingcheng exclaimed.

“In that case, if Liu Yan can capture this fierce beast, it should be even smaller.

It must be the highest score fierce beast.” Chu Long was somewhat happy for Liu Yan.

Murong Xue also nodded in agreement, “I think so.

Liu Yan has already used his invisibility skill.

He should be able to capture it, right”

The three women were somewhat relieved and were full of confidence in Liu Yan.

At this moment, Liu Yan had indeed used his A-grade skill, Shadow Cloak.

Even under the bright light, his figure could blend into the light and become completely invisible.

Under the effects of Shadow Cloak and Traceless Silence, not only did Liu Yan become invisible, but he also did not make any sound.

It could be said that he had done his best to hide his tracks.

Under such circumstances, Liu Yan once again approached the fierce beast.

When he crossed the 30 meters boundary this time, the fierce beast didnt move again.

After Liu Yan used his A-grade perception skill Omniscient Insight to locate the fierce beast, he finally let out a sigh of relief.

It seemed that this fierce beast was indeed somewhat magical.

It still could have vision under the mud.

That was why it was able to sense Liu Yans approach.

Liu Yan let out a sigh of relief.

He continued to approach the fierce after.

After a short while, he was ten meters away from the fierce beast.

However, this fierce beast suddenly moved rapidly and ran away from Liu Yan.

Moreover, this fierce beast was alert this time.

It pulled itself away from Liu Yan for more than a hundred meters.

When Liu Yan noticed this scene, he was instantly stunned and a little surprised.

Liu Yan didnt expect this fierce beast could still detect him even after using two high-level stealth skills.

Even now, Liu Yan still couldnt understand it.

He was clearly under the effect of A-grade skill, Shadow Cloak, and B-grade skill, Traceless Silence.

He was completely invisible and did not make any sound.

It could be said that he had concealed himself to the extreme.

Under such circumstances, these low-grade fierce beasts should not be able to detect his approach.

Only high-grade fierce beasts could.

Liu Yan was a little confused.

He guessed that it was probably related to its sense of smell.

The fierce beast was in the mud of the swamp, and its smell ability was greatly affected.

However, the sense of smell of fierce beasts was much stronger than that of humans.

If it was a special fierce beast, its sense of smell would be even more powerful.

It might use its smell ability to detect Liu Yans approach in the mud.

As such, Liu Yan was in a difficult position.

Firstly, Liu Yan did not have the skill to conceal his own scent.

Time was of the essence, and there was no other way.

Secondly, this was only Liu Yans guess.

Liu Yan was not sure about the specifics.

Even if Liu Yan had the skill to conceal his own scent, he did not dare to use it to approach.

After all, he had already aroused the vigilance of this fierce beast.

If he got any closer, it was very likely that this fierce beast would immediately flee.

At that time, it would be impossible for Liu Yan to capture it.

At this time, there were only about ten minutes left until the end of the trial.

Liu Yan became nervous.

How could he capture this magical fierce beast, which could help him to get the highest score


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