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In the altar of fragrance.

Liu Yan led the three girls and continued to wander around the swamp in search of the fierce beast.

Liu Yan used his A-grade perception skill Omniscient Insight to search around.

The three girls followed behind Liu Yan.

They noticed only half an hour left, but Liu Yan still had not made a move.

The three girls were a little worried.

Especially Luo Qingcheng.

She also had a detection skill, but she was not as good as Liu Yan.

Her detection range was only 30 meters and not as clear as Liu Yans.

However, along the way, she detected several fierce beasts.

Some of them were smaller and could get higher scores.

However, Liu Yan ignored these fierce beasts.

He did not capture them and just walked past them.

Luo Qingcheng naturally knew Liu Yans purpose.

He wanted to aim for the highest score.

Those fierce beasts just now could only help Liu Yan to pass the trial and obtain a good score.

However, they could not help Liu Yan get the highest score.

Luo Qingcheng hesitated for a moment.

She could not help but say, “Liu Yan, why dont you capture a fierce beast first, and then go look for a smaller fierce beast to aim for the highest score There isnt much time left.

You need to make sure that you can pass this trial.”

Hearing this, Chu Long agreed, “Thats right, Brother Liu Yan.

If you cant find a smaller fierce beast, just capture another one for me.

Ill give you the smallest fierce beast in my hand.

Youll also have a chance to get the highest score.”

Murong Xue, who had always been easygoing, actually agreed at this time, “Theres not much time left.

You must ensure that you can pass this trial first.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan did not even turn his head and directly said, “Its fine.

I know what Im doing.

You guys dont have to worry.”

When they were fighting over there just now, Liu Yan had already used his Omniscient Insight to sense that there was a small fierce beast not far away.

This fierce beast was much smaller than the fierce beast that Liu Yan gave to Chu Long just now.

If Liu Yan could capture it, he believed he had a better chance of getting the highest score.

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However, this fierce beast seemed to be more intelligent.

It stayed very close to the battle just now, and it did not seem to be afraid.

However, it immediately left right after Liu Yans battle ended, as if it was afraid that Liu Yan would attack it.

It was clear that it had a certain level of intelligence.

Along the way, Liu Yan did not just walk around casually.

He had been using his Omniscient Insight to follow this tiny fierce beast.

At this point, the distance between them had gradually shortened.

Soon, there would be a chance for Liu Yan to make his move.

If Liu Yan could not successfully capture the fierce beast, Liu Yan did not need to worry about not passing the trial.

After all, if Liu Yan wanted to capture the other ordinary fierce beasts in the surrounding mud, he would be able to do so instantly.

As long as he had a few minutes left, Liu Yan had absolute confidence that he could capture a fierce beast.

Therefore, Liu Yan did not need to worry that he would not be able to pass this trial.

At the same time, the other students kept searching, capturing fierce beasts and plundering each other.

Many students had already been injured and eliminated.

Nearly half of them got eliminated by now.

As for the remaining students, they had gained something.

They had a fierce beast in their hands.

After all, if they did not have a fierce beast in their hands, they couldnt coexist peacefully.

Although they had their own fierce beasts, they were also in an extremely miserable state.

Not only were their bodies covered in mud, but also quite a lot of blood.

They got those dirty stains from the battle during the plundering or protecting the fierce beast.

At this moment, everyone saw that Liu Yans hands were empty.

They were a little surprised and immediately started discussing.

“Isnt Liu Yan very strong Why is he still empty-handed”

“Yeah, theres only half an hour left.

Liu Yan still hasnt caught a fierce beast”

“Liu Yan wont be able to pass this trial, right Thats too funny.


“I guess there arent any fierce beasts around.

After all, weve just turned this area upside down.

In addition to the huge commotion caused by the battle, all fierce beasts had fled.”

“I think its possible too.

Then why isnt Liu Yan going to other places to look for fierce beasts Why is he walking around here”

“I thought that Liu Yan was powerful.

It looks like he only had the suitable abilities in the first two trials but not this one.”

“How funny.

Liu Yan obtained the highest scores in the first two trials and the sacrificial gemstones.

However, he will be eliminated in this trial.


Chu Long heard the discussions around her and immediately felt displeased.

“These people are too much.

Cant you see that all three of us have a fierce beast How could Brother Liu Yan be eliminated” Chu Long said unhappily.

Murong Xue said helplessly, “These people are brainless.

Liu Yan could attack them and snatch their fierce beasts.

Its just a piece of cake for him.”

Luo Qingcheng didnt say anything.

She looked at Liu Yan, who was walking in front of her, with curiosity.

Along the way, Luo Qingcheng gradually felt that something was wrong.

The path that Liu Yan was walking on was not a random one.

It seemed that he deliberately chose a direction.

Liu Yan seemed to have his own intention.

Luo Qingcheng could not help but guess.

Did Liu Yan find a smaller fierce beast Was this the reason why he was so calm

At this moment, Liu Yan ignored the discussions and jeers of the surrounding students.

Instead, he used his A-grade perception skill Omniscient Insight to locate the fierce beast.

This fierce beast stopped not far away from the group of students.

It was indeed a little strange.

Liu Yan could not help but sigh at this moment.

There was such a huge commotion here.

The other fierce beasts were all fleeing far away, but this fierce beast was approaching the students.

It seemed to want to join in the fun.

It was indeed a strange character.

However, at this moment, Liu Yan could not care too much.

He was getting closer to the fierce beast, and it was almost time to make a move.

Liu Yan directly used a B-class Traceless Silence.

Immediately, Liu Yans movement went completely silent.

He did not make a sound as he approached the fierce beast.

Luo Qingcheng and the other women saw the situation.

With their previous experiences, they immediately understood that Liu Yan was about to capture a fierce beast.

The three women immediately stopped their footsteps and did not disturb Liu Yan.

They waited quietly for Liu Yans result.

At this moment, Liu Yan relied on his B-grade Traceless Silence and quietly approached the fierce beast.

Not long after, the distance between them had shortened to thirty meters.

This distance was already relatively close, but Liu Yan could not capture the fierce beast in one go.

However, at this moment, the fierce beast suddenly moved.

It moved away from Liu Yan.

It instantly speeded up and fled.

Seeing this, Liu Yan was surprised.

He was using his skill Traceless Silence.

He did not make a single sound, and even the sound of his heartbeat and breathing were almost gone.

This fierce beast was in the mud.

Logically, it should not be able to see, so why did it seem to have noticed him

Liu Yan was unconvinced.

He relied on his B-grade skill Traceless Silence and continued to approach.

However, the same thing happened again.

When Liu Yan was about 30 meters away from this fierce beast, it once again rapidly pulled away!


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