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Liu Yan heard the conversation between Zheng Tainan, Alan Smith, and Xu Han.

Zheng Tainan was trying to get Alan Smith and Xu Han to snatch Liu Yans fierce beast together.

Liu Yans expression changed slightly, and he looked at Alan Smith and Xu Han with some hostility.

These two were genius students of the Gifted Academy, and their strength was unfathomable.

Liu Yan had yet to exchange blows with them, so he did not know how terrifying their skills were.

Although Liu Yan possessed the SSS-grade talent, Divine Extraction, and had even built a perfect foundation to reconstruct his physical body, his strength was already extremely terrifying.

However, Alan Smith was a war machine trained by the Federation with tons of resources.

Xu Han was also the legitimate son of a financial magnate and had grown up with resources from a young age.

The strength of these two was off the chart.

If these two people were to fight Liu Yans team with a group of students from the Gifted Academy, Liu Yans team would be in big trouble.

In Liu Yans opinion, geniuses like Alan Smith and Xu Han should feel disdained for plundering others, but no one knew what their choice would be.

Liu Yan looked at Alan Smith and Xu Han in the distance with a face full of hostility.

If these two people decided to fight Liu Yan, Liu Yan would not stand back.

Luo Qingcheng, who was at the back of the team, also felt a little worried.

After all, there were only four of them here.

The real fighters were only Liu Yan and Murong Xue.

If Alan Smith and Xu Han fought them together, they would be in great danger, not to mention that there were so many elite students from the Gifted Academy.

Their combat strength could not be ignored too.

At this moment, on the other side, Allen Smith heard Zheng Tainans words and looked in the direction of Liu Yan in the distance.

He saw the three fierce beasts in Chu Longs hands.

They were all relatively small in size, and the smallest one was only the size of two palms.

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However, Allen Smith immediately withdrew his gaze with a face full of contempt.

It seemed that Liu Yans fierce beast was not enough for Allen Smith.

When Zheng Tainan saw Alan Smith looking at him, he thought that Alan Smith was interested, so he quickly continued, “You can see Liu Yans fierce beast is quite small.

It will definitely be able to get a high score, and it might even be a strong competitor for the highest score.

How about it Do you want to make a move”

When the students of the Gifted Academy saw this scene, their faces were filled with anticipation.

During this period, Liu Yan had always been on top of them.

Hence, they had begrudged with him for a long time.

However, Liu Yans strength was formidable, and they had no way of dealing with him.

Now that was a hope.

Alan Smith and Xu Han were passing by here.

They could teach Liu Yan a good lesson.

Although the strength that Liu Yan displayed during this period was terrifying, it was still inferior to Alan Smith and Xu Han in their eyes.

Two of them were top-notch genius students.

Although Liu Yan was strong, he was still behind Alan Smith and Xu Han.

Under the expectant gazes of the GiftedAcademy students, Alan Smith completely ignored them, directly ignoring Zheng Tainan and leaving.

Seeing this, Xu Han said furiously, “You have so many people, yet you still cant defeat Liu Yans team And youre asking us to help you Is this a joke”

After throwing out a sentence filled with ridicule, Xu Han followed behind Alan Smith and left.

Zheng Tainan was standing at the same spot.

He had an awkward expression after hearing Xu Hans words.

He wanted to ask Alan Smith and Xu Han for help, but he did not expect that not only would he be ignored, but he would also even be ridiculed.

It was really embarrassing.

When the group of Gifted Academy students at the back heard this, they also felt a little ashamed.

So many of them had made a move against Liu Yan, but they were intimidated by Liu Yans terrifying strength.

So many of them did not dare to attack Liu Yan.

However, even though they were dissatisfied in their hearts, they did not dare to show it.

Alan Smith and Xu Han were existences they could not afford to offend.

Very quickly, this group of students gave up on the idea of continuing to snatch Liu Yans fierce beasts.

Without the help of Alan Smith and Xu Han, they wouldnt be able to defeat Liu Yan.

If these students attacked together, they might succeed in the end.

But they would still suffer serious injuries.

At least half of them would be injured and unable to continue the trial of the altar of fragrance.

In the end, they might get eliminated.

Thus, they would not have the chance to attempt the fifth level of the Tower this time.

Seeing this scene, Chu Long immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

She patted her chest and said, “I almost scared to death.

Fortunately, Alan Smith and Xu Han did not want to fight.

Otherwise, we might be in trouble.”

Luo Qingcheng nodded in agreement, “If the genius students of the Gifted Academy choose to fight us together, we might not be a match for them.”

However, Murong Xue did not seem to mind and said, “What are you afraid of They are just genius students.

I dont think they are that good.

How would we know their strength if we dont fight them”

Murong Xue had always been like this, fearless.

Liu Yan did not say much, but he knew in his heart that Allen Smith and Xu Han were strong.

If they really fought, even if Liu Yan could win, he would have to use almost all of his trump cards.

It was totally unnecessary.

On the other side, Xu Han caught up with Allen Smiths pace and said unhappily, “Although Liu Yans fierce beast is very small, its probably only worth 180 points.

It might not be able to obtain the highest score.

Theres no need to snatch it.”

When Alan Smith heard this, he said arrogantly, “No matter how high his fierce beast score is, I dont have to snatch it.

Its not like I cant capture a smaller fierce beast.”

Liu Yans performance was astonishing, and he obtained two sacrificial gemstones consecutively.

However, the arrogant Alan Smith still did not place Liu Yan in his eyes.

Xu Han shook her head slightly when she heard this.

She had long gotten used to Alan Smiths personality.

Xu Han felt that Liu Yan was mysterious.

He might be even more powerful than he had imagined.

However, there would not be any conflict for the time being.

There was no need to worry at all.

Xu Han was too lazy to say anything else.

He only said, “Alan, you are so powerful.

Why dont you hurry up and capture two smaller fierce beasts I am still waiting for you to help me capture one.”

“Dont you know how to catch them yourself Why are you always following me” Allen said impatiently.

Xu Han said with a scoundrel expression, “I dont have such a powerful detection skill.

I dont care.

Im stuck with you.

You have to help me catch a fierce beast with a high mark.

It doesnt have to be the highest mark.”

The two of them quarreled while they strutted away, looking for a smaller fierce beast.

On the other side, Murong Xue and Liu Yan displayed terrifying strength in the battle.

In an instant, they had shocked the many students of the Gifted Academy, and they no longer dared to cause trouble for Liu Yan and the others.

Previously, Liu Yan had already captured three fierce beasts.

Two of them were above average.

One of them had high marks, and Liu Yan still needed the last fierce beast.

Liu Yan continued to lead the three girls to wander around the swamp in search of the fierce beast.

This time, they did not wander in a random direction.

Liu Yan had always had a purpose in searching for the fierce beast that he had just discovered.

The three women were baffled but they could only follow Liu Yan.


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