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Forty to fifty elite students of the Gifted Academy looked at Liu Yan timidly.

Gradually, some students retreated and chose to withdraw from this operation.

Their temporary alliance was not solid.

After seeing Liu Yans terrifying strength, they immediately gave up.

Gradually, more and more students retreated and gave up on this operation.

They knew that if they attacked together, they would have a chance to deal with Liu Yan.

But they would also have to pay a painful price.

It was very likely that half of them would be heavily injured.

None of them wanted to be heavily injured.

The students would be like those people who were injured and unable to continue this trial.

They would be teleported out and fail the trial.

Then, they would lose the chance to advance to the fifth level of the Tower.

No one knew if they would be the one who was injured.

But none of the students wanted to be the one who was injured.

Moreover, even if the operation were successful, the students would only be able to snatch three fierce beasts.

They might not be able to share it with them.

The reward did not make up for the effort.

The operation was risky too.

Naturally, these students did not want to take this risk.

Luo Qingcheng heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the situation.

If these students were united, they would definitely make a move.

In the end, even if Liu Yan could win, he might also be injured.

If that happened, things would be extremely troublesome.

Hence, this was the best outcome.

A round of attacks intimidated the students and made them retreat.

Not only would this solve the problem in front of them, but the students of the Gifted Academy at the back would also know Liu Yans terrifying strength.

Naturally, they would not have any thoughts and would not dare to provoke Liu Yans team.

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When Liu Yan saw the situation, he knew he had obtained the desired outcome.

He put away the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow and prepared to stop.

Initially, Liu Yan did not want to fight to the end with these elite students of the Gifted Academy.

Not only was it troublesome, but it would also be a waste of time and stamina.

There was no need for that at all.

It was enough to scare those students so they would not dare to provoke them.

Seeing that the battle had already ended, Murong Xue immediately put away the Rock Shield unsatisfied.

With a helpless expression, she said, “What the heck I havent started yet, but they gave up already.

How boring.”

Zheng Tainan, who was not far away, was a little displeased.

Previously, Liu Yan took his Angry Buddha Purple Lotus, and he had always wanted to seek revenge on Liu Yan.

However, Liu Yans strength was too terrifying.

Zheng Tainan did not have the strength to confront Liu Yan.

It was a rare opportunity.

Zheng Tainan was the one who had pushed the alliance to attack Liu Yan, and that was the main reason for this operation.

Who would have thought that Liu Yans strength would be so terrifying and that their alliance would collapse easily

At this moment, the students of the Gifted Academy no longer had any doubt that they could fight a terrifying monster like Liu Yan.

They didnt want to bring trouble upon themselves.

Zheng Tainan sighed.

He did not have the chance this time or even in the future.

Liu Yans strength was much stronger than his.

There was no way to defeat Liu Yan.

At this moment, Alan Smith and Xu Han were passing by.

They used their skill to pass through the mud effortlessly.

There was not a single bit of mud on their bodies.

They looked relaxed.

“Look, its Alan and Xu Han.”

“They are the two great geniuses of our academy.”

“They are not in our academy now.

Otherwise, how could Liu Yan be so arrogant”

“Thats right.

The geniuses of our academy have all gone to Lighthouse Academy.

Otherwise, we wouldnt have been suppressed by Liu Yan this time.”

“I reckon they are looking for the smallest fierce beast to obtain the highest score.

Thats why they are here.”

“How carefree!”

The group of students from Gifted Academy cast admiring gazes at Alan Smith and Xu Han.

When Zheng Tainan saw these two people, his eyes suddenly lit up.

He stepped forward to stop them.

“Hold on, hold on.

I have something to say.” Zheng Tainan said with a polite expression.

Alan Smith didnt even look at Zheng Tainan, as if he didnt care about him at all.

Although Zheng Tainan was also a famous figure in the Gifted Academy, he was also an existence with top 30 battle prowess.

He could be considered a strong student.

But in front of geniuses like Alan Smith and Xu Han, he was still far behind.

The two of them didnt even put Zheng Tainan in their eyes, especially the arrogant Alan Smith.

He ignored Zheng Tainan even though he heard Zheng Tainan.

When Xu Han saw it was Zheng Tainan, he said disdainfully, “Whats the matter Cant you see that were busy What the heck happened to your hair Is this your new hairstyle”

Previously, Liu yan had shaved the middle hair of Zheng Tainan.

Xu Han had seen it, but he still asked Zheng Tainan.

He was deliberately teasing Zheng Tainan.

When Zheng Tainan heard this, his expression was a little awkward.

However, he still said, “Lets not talk about this.

Lets talk about business first.

I see that the two of you dont have a fierce beast.

You havent caught suitable fierce beasts, right”

Xu Han frowned when he heard this and said, “So what”

Xu Han and Alan were completely capable of catching a fierce beast.

They hadnt caught a fierce beast until now because they hadnt found a fierce beast that they liked.

Now that Zheng Tainan mentioned this matter, it was like the two of them couldnt catch a fierce beast.

Xu Han was naturally a little unhappy.

When Zheng Tainan saw Xu Hans angry expression, he immediately understood that he had said something wrong.

He hurriedly said, “No, no, no.

I did not mean that.

How could I doubt your strength I want to say Liu Yan might have suitable fierce beasts for you two.

I saw with my eyes that he had captured a fierce beast the size of two palms.

I reckon that he would be able to obtain a high score.

If you two are interested in it, you can go and rob Liu Yan.

In any case, the rules allow it.”

The students from the Gifted Academy were watching the show at the back.

They were initially puzzled as to why Zheng Taonan dared to approach Alan Smith and Xu Han.

Although Alan Smith and Xu Han were students from the Gifted Academy, they had always been incomparably arrogant.

They couldnt be bothered with ordinary students like them and even ignored them.

After hearing Zheng Tainans words, everyone immediately understood.

Since they had no way of dealing with Liu Yan, Zheng Tainan tried to rope Alan Smith and Xu Han in to fight Liu Yans team.

Everyone was instantly filled with anticipation.

Although Liu Yans strength was formidable, Alan Smith and Xu Hans strength was even more terrifying.

Moreover, they were two genius students.

If they were to make a move against Liu Yan, how could Liu Yan withstand it

Immediately, everyone started to jeer.

“Yeah, the fierce beast in Liu Yans hands is tiny.

He will obtain high marks.”

“Xu Han, you two should go and rob Liu Yan.

You will definitely obtain the highest marks and receive the sacrificial gemstone.”

“Lets see how Liu Yan and his girls will do.

I like to see how miserable will be when facing Alan and Xu Han.”

“Liu Yan will not get the highest score and the sacrificial gemstone in this trial!”

“Our Gifted Academy finally has a chance to obtain the sacrificial gemstone!”

The Gifted Academys students were boisterous.

They were all looking forward to seeing the scene of the two geniuses, Alan Smith and Xu Han, attacking Liu Yan.


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