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The students of Gifted Academy surrounded Liu Yan and the other two, preparing to make their move.

They were all elites of the Gifted Academy.

Although they couldnt compare to a genius like Liu Yan, they werent ordinary people either.

Hence, they could not stand for being looked down upon by Murong Xue.

“These three fierce beasts will belong to us, and they are three fierce beasts with high marks.”

“Yeah, what a great harvest.”

“Youre not a match for all of us, no matter how strong you are.”

“Thats right, forty to fifty of us still can beat you up.”

The students from the Gifted Academy looked at Liu Yan and the others with smugs.

They were sure that they would be able to defeat Liu Yans team and snatch their four fierce beasts with high scores.

Behind them, Chu Long and Luo Qingcheng were waiting solemnly.

Although the two of them did not have much combat strength, they still had strong support skills that could help Liu Yan and Murong Xue, who were fighting in the front.

At this moment, Murong Xue was standing in the front with a carefree look on her face.

She was not afraid at all.

In the Lighthouse Academy, Murong Xues strength had increased tremendously.

In addition, Murong Xue was also a rock pugilist, and her defense was incredible.

In addition to the S-grade Rock Shield that Liu Yan had given her, Murong Xues defense had reached an unbelievable level.

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Murong Xue did not have the confidence to defeat so many elite students in front of her, but she was very confident that she could withstand their attacks.

Liu Yan could attack those students of the Gifted Academy, so Murong Xue did not need to worry.

Murong Xue looked at the group of Gifted Academy students with a face full of contempt and snappily mocked, “Stop boasting yourselves.

If you have the ability, then make your move.”

The students looked at each other and prepared to make their moves.

The ones leading the group were Zheng Tainan, Liu Qing, and Liu Ning.

These few people were currently the existences with the highest combat strength amongst the students of Gifted Academy.

After all, geniuses like Alan Smith and Xu Han had also gone to the Lighthouse Academy as exchange students.

They were not at the Lighthouse Academy.

Although they were all training inside the altar of fragrance, they had entered through different entrances.

They most probably would not meet each other in this trial.

Zheng Tainan and the other two led a group of elite students and charged forward.

There were more than ten of them attacking together.

Seeing this, Murong Xue also immediately made a move.

Although she had acted arrogantly just now and was constantly taunting them, Murong Xue did not let her guard down.

Murong Xues aura changed when she saw the attacks were coming at her.

She directly entered the second layer of the Tyrant Body.

Her aura and her strength increased tremendously.

At the same time, Murong Xue directly took out the S-grade weapon, Rock Shield, which Liu Yan had given her.

She activated the Gods Effect of the Rock Shield: Block.

It could directly increase her defense by ten times in a short period.

Murong Xues defense was not low, and with the support of the Rock Shield, it had reached an astonishing level.

At this moment, her defense had increased by ten times and instantly reached an exaggerated level.

Murong Xue took on the vicious attacks of these dozen of students.

Although the attack strength of these elite students of the Gifted Academy was not low, with so many attacks, it was truly astonishing.

However, Murong Xues defense was strong enough.

After receiving so many attacks, she only took a few steps back and was not injured at all.

Chu Long, who was ready to treat Murong Xue, was surprised to see that Murong Xue was fine after blocking the attacks from the other students.

“What a strong defense.” Chu Long exclaimed.

Luo Qingcheng looked at the shield in Murong Xues hand.

Luo Qingcheng knew although Murong Xues defense was amazing, it was not easy for Murong Xue to receive intense attacks from more than ten elite students of the Gifted Academy.

It was impossible for her to remain unscathed at all.

It was all thanks to the S-grade shield in her hand.

Luo Qingcheng had known before that S-grade weapons were powerful, but only now did she truly feel the terror of S-grade weapons.

On the other side, the elite students from the Gifted Academy saw their attacks did not injure Murong Xue at all.

She only took a few steps back.

All of them were surprised by Murong Xues defense.

“What a strong defense.”

“This defense is too terrifying.”

“How can she be so powerful”

“Her defense is a little exaggerated.”

“I feel that it has a lot to do with that shield.

That shield seems to be very powerful.”

When the students of the Gifted Academy saw this scene, they were all stunned.

They were a little surprised that Murong Xue had such a terrifying defense.

However, even though these students were surprised, they did not dwell on it for too long.

They prepared to step forward and attack together.

Murong Xue could withstand a round of attacks from over a dozen students.

How was it possible How did she do that She should be severely injured by the attack now.

At this moment, Liu Yan began to launch his attacks.

Liu Yan took out his S-grade weapon, the Flying Cloud Mystic Bow, from his storage ring.

Then, he activated his A-grade skill, Flame Control, and the fire elemental condensation formed into arrow feathers.

Consecutive Arrows!

Liu Yan swiftly shot out his arrows, and each arrow was imbued with a terrifying fire elemental energy.

These arrows were incomparably accurate.

They hit the elite students of Gifted Academy.

These students were not weak.

They quickly reacted once Liu Yan launched his attack, and promptly defended themselves.

However, Liu Yans strength was already incomparably powerful.

Recently, he received a significant increase in strength.

The power of Liu Yans arrows was beyond their imagination.

Instantly, the arrows hit over ten students.

All of them were injured.

The weaker ones suffered severe injuries and lost their combat strength.

They were unable to continue this trial and were directly teleported out.

At the same time, it meant that their trial had ended and they had failed.

Even some of the stronger ones had suffered severe injuries.

Zheng Tainan and the other two were the strongest at the front, but they had also suffered light injuries.

Liu Yan defeated more than ten students of Gifted Academy alone in an instant.

Zheng Tainan and the other two were shocked when they saw this scene.

Five people had been eliminated by the attacks from Liu Yan.

They had suffered some injuries that would affect their subsequent trials.

The students at the back prepared to step forward and help.

However, they saw Liu Yans terrifying attacks had severely injured Zheng Tainan and the others.

There were even a few people who were eliminated.

The students at the back were terrified.

They gradually stopped their footsteps.

They did not dare to step forward and attack Liu Yan.

They knew how strong Liu Yan was.

However, they did not expect Liu Yans strength could be so terrifying.

Liu Yans attacks caught them off guard.

He almost instantly killed over a dozen of their elite students.

His combat strength was truly terrifying.

Liu Yan used an AOE skill on the elite students.

He could attack a large area at once, not giving them any chance to react.

Instantly, this group of elite students of the Gifted Academy was frightened by terrifying attacks from Liu Yan.

Their faces were filled with terror, and some didnt dare to attack again.


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