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Inside the altar of fragrance.

The students of the Gifted Academy initially thought that Liu Yan was about to make a move against them and snatch their fierce beasts.

They knew about Liu Yans strength.

The students put aside their previous dispute and were now united to resist Liu Yan.

However, they saw Liu Yan stop halfway and suddenly pierce his arms into the mud.

He captured a fierce beast in front of them.

The students of the Gifted Academy were all stunned.

They saw that Liu Yan had already finished capturing the fierce beast instantly.

By the time everyone reacted, Liu Yan had already returned.

At this moment, the students realized Liu Yan was gone.

Liu Yan did not want to attack them.

He did not want to plunder the fierce beast in their hands but wanted to capture the fierce beast himself.

After the students thought about it carefully, it was indeed so.

Liu Yans strength was so terrifying.

There was no need to plunder the relatively ordinary fierce beast in their hands that could only pass this round of trials.

Liu Yan could totally capture a smaller fierce beast himself to obtain a higher score.

They saw Liu Yan successfully capture a fierce beast in such a short time.

In addition, It was the smallest fierce beast they had seen so far.

The students were shocked because they had a hard time capturing the fierce beasts.

It was annoyingly difficult to capture a fierce beast in this gigantic swamp.

Without a detection skill, it was almost impossible to encounter a fierce beast in the swamp.

Even if a small portion of the students with detection skills knew the location of a fierce beast in the mud, it was still extremely difficult to capture the fierce beast.

These fierce beasts were originally living in the mud and could move freely.

It was frustrating to capture them.

It was especially so for the small-sized fierce beasts.

The smaller they were, the nimbler they were.

The faster they were, the harder it would be to capture them.

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However, Liu Yan had successfully captured such a small fierce beast so easily.

This scene was indeed a little beyond the understanding of these students.

“Its that easy to capture a fierce beast D*mn.

He makes it looks easy.”

“Yeah, the whole process doesnt even take a minute.”

“I wish we could capture a fierce in half an hour.

We might not even succeed.

Its extremely difficult, yet Liu Yan was able to capture it so easily”

“Not only that, what we captured were all ordinary fierce beasts.

They were big.

The fierce beast that Liu Yan captured is much smaller.

The score must be very high.”

“It would be great if Liu Yan could give us this fierce beast.”

The students were still surprised by Liu Yans swift capture just now.

Gradually, some people began to have devious thoughts.

After all, they were fighting to the death here.

In the end, they could only snatch an ordinary fierce beast and could only pass this round of the trial.

They couldnt obtain a high score.

On the other hand, not only was Liu Yan able to do so easily, but the fierce beast he captured was also really small.

It could definitely obtain a high score.

In fact, the fierce beast that Liu Yan had captured might even be able to obtain the highest score.

He might get another sacrificial gemstone from the altar.

These students stared at Liu Yan and the others with unfriendly gazes.

It seemed that they wanted to snatch his fierce beast.

However, they knew about Liu Yans terrifying strength.

They did not dare to act rashly because they were afraid that Liu Yan would beat them up.

At this moment, Liu Yan had already captured the fierce beast and returned to the three girls side.

Murong Xue and the other girls were surprised when they saw that Liu Yan had successfully captured this fierce beast.

They did not expect it to be so small.

“This should be the smallest fierce beast so far, right” Chu Long said excitedly.

“Good for you, Liu Yan.” Murong Xue also said happily.

Luo Qingcheng nodded slightly and said, “The two fierce beasts we caught before are quite small.

I estimate that we can get around 140 points.

This ones score is very high.

It is very likely to reach 180 points.

Who knows, this might even be the smallest fierce beast.”

Liu Yan heard this and agreed.

From what they had seen so far, the fierce beast caught by the other students in the altar of fragrance was not so small.

This fierce beast would definitely get a high score.

“Brother Liu Yan can use this fierce beast.

You might get first place and the sacrificial gemstone again if youre lucky.

If not, you can still get a high score.” Chu Long said.

Murong Xue and Luo Qingcheng also nodded.

They were still short of a fierce beast.

Even with Liu Yans terrifying ability, it was not easy to capture another one.

Not to mention getting a high score, Liu Yan might not pass this trial.

Liu Yan shook his head slightly and said, “No need, Ill give you this fierce beast.

I remember your scores in the first two rounds were the lowest, right This fierce beast can help you get a good score this time.

What do you think” Liu Yan asked Chu Long.

In the previous two trials, Murong Xue and Luo Qingcheng had good scores because they had their own special abilities.

Chu Long was a priest.

Although she was a rare class and also very powerful, she did not have an advantage in the previous trials.

Although she had passed the first two trials, her scores were relatively average.

Murong Xue said indifferently, “My scores in the first two trials were not bad.

I dont care about it.

I dont have any opinions.”

Luo Qingcheng nodded, “Of course I dont have any objections.

You were the one who caught the fierce beast, so its up to you.

My scores in the first two rounds were not bad, so I dont lack this bit of points.

How about you, Liu Yan If you want to get first place again, dont you need this fierce beast”

The three girls all looked at Liu Yan.

Liu Yan had already gotten first place in the first two trials.

He had also obtained the sacrificial gemstones from the first two altars.

Liu Yan wanted to continue to strive for first place and obtain the sacrificial gemstones.

This fierce beast in front of him had a chance of obtaining the highest score.

Liu Yan could get first place and another sacrificial gemstone with this fierce beast.

When Liu Yan heard the girls words, he shook his head and said with a smile, “You dont need to worry about this.

I have my methods.”

As Liu Yan said this, he gave this fierce beast to Chu Long with a face full of confidence.

Seeing the confidence on Liu Yans face, the three girls guessed that Liu Yan must have another way, so they didnt ask any further.

Luo Qingcheng looked around.

She then said with a serious tone, “Lets talk about this later.

Should we settle the situation in front of us first Those students of the Gifted Academy looked at us with an unfriendly gaze as if they were discussing something malicious.

It was very likely that they were going to attack us together.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan and the others also looked forward.

The group of students from the Gifted Academy was fighting over fierce beasts previously.

At this moment, they were discussing something amicably.

From time to time, there would be people looking at Liu Yan.

It was obvious that they had ulterior motives.

Seeing this, Murong Xue did not show the slightest bit of fear.

She said casually, “If they dare to offend us, Ill beat them to death!”


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