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Murong Xue and the other girls were surprised when they saw Liu Yan complete the capture quickly.

The entire process took less than two minutes.

They watched as Liu Yan walked above the mud and caught two fierce beasts with a single grab.

Previously, they had also watched the other students capture fierce beasts.

They turned the mud upside down and chased after the two fierce beasts for a long time before catching the two fierce beasts.

However, Liu Yan looked more relaxed.

The other students were not even on the same level as Liu Yan.

The few girls also understood what was going on.

Although Liu Yan seemed to have captured the fierce beasts effortlessly, it was not easy at all.

Liu Yan did not make a sound when he approached the two fierce beasts.

He could accurately detect the exact location of the fierce beasts through the mud and then quickly grab them.

Liu Yan could not make a mistake during the process.

Not to mention the other students, even the girls could not do so.

Only Liu Yan could capture the fierce beast easily in the huge swamp of the altar of fragrance.

In addition, the fierce beasts that Liu Yan captured were much smaller than the fierce beast that the other students captured.

The score would probably be much higher.

Liu Yan looked at the two fierce beasts in his hands.

One was the size of a squirrel, and the other was half the size of a human.

Their speed was fast.

Both fierce beasts were worthy of high scores, but they would not get the highest score.

Liu Yan threw the two fierce beasts to Chu Long and said, “Ill give these two to you.”

Luo Qingcheng looked at the time and said, “Theres still more than an hour left.

We have enough time.

We can catch the remaining two fierce beasts in time.”

Liu Yan nodded slightly.

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Then, Liu Yan continued to lead the girls to walk in the swamp, relying on his A-grade perception skill Omniscient Insight to look for more fierce beasts.

When they passed by a group of students, Liu Yan unexpectedly stopped.

This group of students was fighting and making a lot of noise.

Under such circumstances, almost all the surrounding fierce beasts would run away.

There would not be any fierce beast left in this area.

Even if there was a fierce beast, its size was not small.

It was not worth Liu Yan taking action.

But at this moment, not far from this group of trial students, there was a fierce beast that hadnt left.

Moreover, this fierce beasts size was very small.

It was even smaller than the two fierce beasts that Liu Yan had captured just now.

It was only about the size of two hands.

It was the first time that Liu Yan had encountered such a small fierce beast since he entered the altar of fragrance.

This fierce beast would definitely get a good score.

Murong Xue and the other two girls looked at Liu Yan in puzzlement when they saw that Liu Yan had stopped.

Luo Qingcheng asked in puzzlement, “Are there any fierce beasts around I didnt manage to find any in the small area.”

Liu Yan nodded slightly and pointed at the bottom of the feet of the students not far away, “Theres a fierce beast over there.

It does not leave even the students making such a big commotion.

Moreover, its size is smaller than these two fierce beasts.”

The three girls were a little surprised when they heard this.

They didnt expect to encounter a smaller fierce beast.

“Thats not bad.

Is there a way to catch it” Chu Long said happily.

Luo Qingcheng frowned slightly and said, “The students are still fighting over there.

They will come after us if we catch it in from of them.

Besides, there are many of them.”

When Liu Yan and the others caught the two fierce beasts just now, there were no other students around, so there was no conflict.

But this place was different.

There was a group of students here.

There were quite many of them, at least forty to fifty of them.

If they captured the small fierce beast in front of so many students, it would probably attract the other students attention.

The students might even attack them.

When Murong Xue heard this, she said indifferently, “Theyre just a bunch of rookies Why are you afraid of them”

Although these students were not weak and could be considered the best in their academies, they were just rookies compared to a martial arts genius like Murong Xue, let alone a monster like Liu Yan.

Luo Qingcheng was a calm and collected person.

After hesitating for a moment, she advised, “Why dont we wait until they leave before we make a move It will be safer this way.”

As the three women spoke, they also looked at Liu Yan, waiting for Liu Yans decision.

Liu Yan thought for a while and said, “We dont know when this group of students will leave.

We cant wait any longer.

Lets capture the fierce beast now.

After we capture it, we still have to capture the fourth fierce beast.

I will go now.

You three, get ready for battle.”

When the three girls heard Liu Yans decision, they no longer hesitated and agreed.

Following that, Liu Yan directly walked forward.

This group of trial students quickly noticed Liu Yans arrival.

Previously, Liu Yan had obtained the two sacrificial gemstones from the previous two altars.

His outstanding performance had made him the center of attention.

Since then, Liu Yan became an influential figure in Lighthouse Academy and Gifted Academy.

Even if some of the students had never seen Liu Yan before, they had seen Liu Yans image and recognized Liu Yan.

They were even more clear about Liu Yans terrifying strength.

At this moment, when everyone saw Liu Yans arrival, they all thought that Liu Yan was there to plunder their fierce beast.

They all stopped and looked at Liu Yan nervously.

“Liu Yan isnt going to snatch our fierce beasts, right”

“Im not a match for Liu Yan at all.

If Liu Yan comes to snatch me, I wont be able to defend myself at all.”

“I feel that Liu Yan has come with ill intentions.”

“Everyone, dont panic.

We are all students of the Gifted Academy.

How about we face the outside world together first”

“Thats right.

Liu Yan is a student of the Lighthouse Academy.

We cannot let him have his way anymore.

We have to face the outside world together.”

“I agree as well.

We will fight Liu Yan and snatch him later.

Lets fight against Liu Yan together first.”

“No matter how powerful Liu Yan is, he cannot defeat all of us.

There are many of us here.

We can beat Liu Yan up!”

Although they had fought against each other for the fierce beast earlier, the students from the Gifted Academy put aside their differences.

They decided to deal with Liu Yan together.

However, they were all students from the Gifted Academy after all.

At this moment, they were all working together to fight against Liu Yan.

Liu Yan saw this scene, but he was not afraid.

Instead, he continued walking toward this group of students.

Seeing this, this group of trial students also made their battle preparations to deal with Liu Yan.

However, Liu Yan suddenly bent his back and rushed towards the mud at the side.

Holding the Soft blade Boxing Gloves in his hands, he directly pounced towards a fierce beast in the mud.

This fierce beast seemed to be watching the show.

It didnt expect that Liu Yan would notice it.

In a blink of an eye, it was caught by Liu Yan.

Liu Yan directly grabbed the mud.

It was a fierce beast that looked like a mouse, but its size was a little bigger than a normal mouse.

It was as big as two palms.

After grabbing it, Liu Yan returned to the side of Murong Xue and the other girls.

He took out a special rope and bound the fierce beast.


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