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At this moment, Sun Ren smiled proudly as he said, “Thats right.

I hope that all of you are clear of the current situation!”

The other Awakened looked at each other and discussed for a while before agreeing unanimously.

“If you have any ideas, just say it.

Well listen to you!”

“Well act together and listen to your commands!”


Most of the Awakened chose to follow.

“Good, everyone is wise,” Sun Ren smiled and said, “My talent allows me to tell the strength of fierce beasts.

The one on the mountaintop is even stronger than the bosses weve encountered before, so if we charge at it and engage in a bloody battle with it, we might not be a match for it.

However, I have an idea.”

The rest of the Awakened looked over.

Although they could not sense how powerful the fierce beast on the top of the mountain was, the ones they had encountered on level two were already much stronger than those on level one.

They hadnt seen any level 1 fierce beasts either.

All they had met were level 2 and level 3 fierce beasts.

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If there was a boss on the mountain, it was indeed possible that it was very powerful and they might not be a match for it.

“Big brother Sun, please tell us what you have in mind!” An Awakened said anxiously.

Sun Ren continued, “I suggest that we set fire to the mountain.

No matter how strong the beast on the mountain is, it will definitely die under the fire.

Even if it doesnt, it will at least be heavily injured.

When the time comes, we can just go up and collect our harvest!”


Hearing this, some Awakened immediately had some doubts.

“But I saw Liu Yan rushing up just now.

If we set fire to the mountain, wouldnt we burn Liu Yan to death”

“Thats right.

I also saw that person go up just now.

He seems to be pretty strong.”

Sun Ren sneered and said, “Everyone, at a time like this when we cant even protect ourselves, why would you still consider that Besides, think about how many companions we lost on level one.

One more death is nothing.

Moreover, with the riddance of a strong opponent, we might be able to get more treasures in the secret realms.

Wouldnt that be better”


The few people who had bought hemostatic herbs or equipment from Liu Yan at the resting platform were not very willing to do so.

“This cant do, Without Liu Yans hemostatic herbs that Ive gotten at the resting platform, I might have been seriously injured by now.”

“Me too.

I bought equipment from him.

Without such powerful equipment, I wouldnt have been able to defeat that level 2 beast.”

“Liu Yan saved our lives.

Putting aside doing something for him in return, at the very least, we cant harm him!”

However, these people were only a minority.

Most of the Awakened werent familiar with Liu Yan, especially those who had come from the two other Towers.

As such, the majority of Awakened felt that it was nothing.

“Whats that count as Its just reasonable trading.

Its not like he gave those things to you for free.

Theres nothing to feel sorry for.”

“Thats right.

Why did he have to be the first to rush up and not move with us If he dies, he deserves it!”

“Everyone knows the situation on Blue Planet now.

The human race is having a hard time.

Its the best if we get out of here alive.

There is no need to care too much about his life and death!”


Soon, the voices of those who objected were all drowned out.

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In the face of survival and huge benefits, they did not feel that there was anything wrong with killing Liu Yan.

Only a few people felt that this was not a good idea and still held an opposing attitude.

Seeing this, Sun Ren had already expected it.

He simply smiled and said, “Those who are willing to burn the mountain, come with me.

After were done, we will rush up together to harvest the treasures.

Those who are not willing to do so, just stay by the side.

When the time comes, you wont have a share in the harvest!”


Soon, a small number of Awakened who were not willing to burn the mountain and kill Liu Yan either stayed where they were or went down the mountain to wait.

Although they didnt want to harm Liu Yan, they wouldnt go so far as to help him either.

After all, if they went against the other Awakened, things wouldnt end well for them.

The majority of the Awakened who were willing to burn the mountain gathered and discussed how to do so.

This fire-attributed mountain was of the fire element.

There werent many trees on it, so it wasnt easy to set a fire here.


That being said, it was of the fire element after all.

As long as a fire was set, it should be very easy to burn the mountain.


At this moment, there was a delicate woman in the crowd who was a little anxious.

She was the person who ranked first in Tower 106, Chu Long.

Chu long and Liu Yan were neighbors and childhood sweethearts.

She had a very close relationship with Liu Yan.


When the three Towers had merged, she had been looking for Liu Yan, but she had never found him.

After that, when they had arrived at level two of the Tower and Liu Yan had rushed forward ahead of everyone, then only had she seen him, but she could not keep up with him.

Now, hearing that these people were going to set fire to the mountain and burn the boss on the mountain to death along with Liu Yan, she became anxious and quickly went forward to stop them.

Chu Long came to the front of Sun Ren and the others and said, “Everyone, Liu Yan is my friend.

Can we not set fire to the mountain We can find another way.

There will always be a way to deal with that powerful boss!”

Sun Ren glanced at Chu Long.

She was pretty and had a hot figure.

However, after a few glances, he stopped paying attention to her.

In the Tower, beauty was no longer attractive.

Strength and survival were the biggest priorities.


As long as they could leave the Tower alive and return to Blue Planet, they would become experts and would be treated extremely well in all aspects.

Beauties As long as they had the strength, they could have as many as they wanted at that time.


Sun Ren directly ignored Chu Long.

He didnt say a word, but his meaning was obvious.

Sun Yi looked at Chu Long lustfully, but after being glared at by Sun Ren, he didnt dare to look at her any longer and continued to busy himself.


The other Awakened did the same.

All of them acted as if they hadnt heard anything and directly ignored Chu Long.

Seeing this, Chu Long stomped her feet angrily, but there was nothing she could do.

Although she had been ranked first in Tower 106 and had a very highly graded talent at S-grade, her talent was Holy Healing, which was a healing support type talent.


Her talent was very powerful.

It was thanks to it that she had played a key role in Tower 106s beast tide previously and thus obtained a very high number of points to become number one.

However, her talent was not a battle-type talent.

She did not have much combat ability.

She could not even defeat an ordinary Awakened.


Now that these people were ignoring her, she did not have the ability to forcefully stop them either.

Her face was immediately filled with helplessness.

Looking at the mountaintop, Chu long pondered for a moment.

Finally, she gritted her teeth and decided to go up the mountain to save Liu Yan!

At this moment, Sun Ren and the others were bringing some combustible materials and heading to the top of the mountain.


They were currently only halfway up the mountain.

If they started the fire here, it might not reach the peak of the mountain.

As such, they had to get close.

Having made her decision, Chu Long hurriedly set off before Sun Ren and the others.

She was very aware that she had to rush to the peak of the mountain before these people set the mountain on fire.

She had to rush up there, tell Liu Yan, and bring him away.

Only in this way could she successfully avoid the risks and save Liu Yan.


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