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Within the altar of fragrance.

Liu Yan and the others continued to walk around.

Most students were busy with their own matters.

They were either busy searching for and capturing the fierce beast in the swamp, plundering other students, or protecting the fierce beasts in their hands.

There were constant clashes and battles between the students.

They had given all out in their fights

Liu Yan and the others were different compared to the other busy students.

They were walking leisurely.

Many students noticed Liu Yan and the others and felt puzzled.

However, they were busy with their own matters, so they ignored Liu Yan and the girls.

At this moment, Liu Yan looked at the time.

It was about time.

There were only two hours left before the end of the trial.

It was about time for them to make their move.

After all, they needed to reserve some time to prevent any accidents.

If they made their move too late and missed the time, they would not be able to pass the trial.

It was not worth the risk.

“Its about time.

We can prepare to make our move.” Liu Yan stopped and said.

When Murong Xue heard this, her expression immediately changed.

She pointed in a direction and said, “Those people have a few fierce beasts in their hands.

Should we go fight them”

Murong Xue thought she was about to fight someone, so she looked forward to it.

Chu Long, who was at the side, frowned slightly and said, “Its not good for us to rob them.

If we can capture fierce beasts by ourselves, we should capture them ourselves.

If it doesnt work, then we can plunder them.”

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Liu Yan did not care about the other students, but he did not have any thoughts of plundering them.

It was not that he was afraid of harming the other students.

Liu Yan was not a kind-heartened person.

Liu Yan did not want to plunder other students because their fierce beasts were not up to his standard.

Liu Yan had observed the surrounding.

After the beginning of the conflict, fewer and fewer students tried to capture fierce beasts by themselves.

Most of them joined in the plundering.

Because of this, fewer students went on their own to search for and capture fierce beasts.

In reality, they did not catch any fierce beast with high marks.

Most of the captured fierce beasts were not small and were relatively slow.

Hence, they were not worthy of high scores.

The students would only be able to pass this round of the trial.

Liu Yan, on the other hand, would be able to find a higher score fierce beast by himself.

There was no need to plunder these low-score fierce beasts.

“We can find fierce beasts ourselves.

Their fierce beasts are not good enough.

Theres no need to plunder them.” Liu Yan said directly.

Murong Xue was a little disappointed when she knew she could not get into a fight.

Luo Qingcheng saw Murong Xue.

She smiled and teased, “Murong Xue, do you want to fight Dont worry.

When we capture a fierce beast, theres a high probability that the other students will come to plunder it.

When the time comes, there will be plenty of battles waiting for you.”

Upon hearing that, Murong Xue immediately felt relieved, “Thats good.

When the time comes, if those little brats dare to plunder our fierce beast, Ill beat the sh*t out of them.”

Upon hearing that, Luo Qingcheng immediately smiled and looked at Liu Yan, “I can only sense two fierce beasts within a thirty-meter radius, but their sizes are not small.

Did you find anything”

Liu Yan used his A-grade perception skill Omniscient Insight.

He shook his head and said, “Other than those two, there are a few fierce beasts in the surroundings.

However, their sizes are larger, and their scores are not high.

I reckon the battle nearby is more intense, so most fierce beasts have escaped.

Lets go to other places to take a look.”

Following that, Liu Yan brought a few women and trekked through the swamp, heading towards places where there were fewer students.

After all, the students were fighting in crowded places.

The noises they made caused many fierce beasts to run away.

Liu Yan and his group left the noisy place.

After avoiding the crowd, they continued to search.

Luo Qingchengs detection skill could only detect a radius of thirty meters, which was relatively limited.

Therefore, she mainly relied on Liu Yan to search.

In less than ten minutes, Liu Yan stopped.

At this time, Luo Qingcheng also looked at Liu Yan with a face full of joy.

She also sensed it.

There were two fierce beasts near Liu Yans group.

Moreover, the size of these two fierce beasts was small.

They were only half the size of a human.

Compared to the fierce beasts captured by the other students, the two fierce beasts were much smaller.

Besides, their scores were much higher.

These two fierce beasts were the smallest fierce beasts that Liu Yans group had encountered so far.

“Theres a fierce beast Where is it Tell me.

Ill hurry up and catch it.” Murong Xue could not wait any longer.

However, Liu Yan shook his head slightly.

“Ill catch it.

Youll scare it and let it run away.”

“Tch, youre looking down on me.” Murong Xue was somewhat displeased when she heard this, but she did not make any more movements, not disturbing Liu Yan.

Liu Yan directly used a B-grade skill Traceless Silence and approached one of the fierce beasts.

Liu Yan knew these smaller fierce beasts were also faster, agile, and extremely sensitive.

If Murong Xue were to catch them, it was very likely that these two fierce beasts would sense the movement and run away as soon as she got near.

Compared to the fierce beasts caught by the other students, these two fierce beasts were extremely difficult to catch.

Liu Yan didnt make any sound.

Not only his footsteps but even his heartbeat and breathing couldnt be heard.

When Luo Qingcheng and Murong Xue saw that, they were surprised.

The two girls didnt expect Liu Yan to have such a special skill and could get close without making a sound.

Murong Xue and Luo Qingcheng looked at each other and saw the surprise in each others eyes.

However, to avoid affecting Liu Yan, the two women did not dare to make any sound.

On the other side, Liu Yan moved slowly without making any noise.

Very soon, he arrived above the two fierce beasts.

Until now, the two fierce beasts did not notice Liu Yans approach and did not sense the danger coming toward them.

Liu Yan used his Soft Blade Boxing Gloves instead of other weapons.

The Soft Blade Boxing Gloves were only A-grade, and could not compare to the SS-grade Blue Flame Gloves.

Their combat strength was not even on the same level.

However, the Soft Blade Boxing Gloves had a special function in this situation.

It could cover the hands and was extremely thin, like a layer of sandpaper.

At the same time, it had quite a bit of damage and toughness.

It could also easily pass through the mud.

Under such circumstances, it was simply the best choice.

Liu Yan seized the opportunity, and his arms stabbed into the mud.

With the help of Soft Blade Boxing Gloves, Liu Yan had incredible speed and strength.

Liu Yan stabbed his arms into the mud.

He accurately caught the two fierce beasts, and then directly pulled out the mud.

The two fierce beasts looked like hamsters but had sharp fangs.

They were extremely frightened.

They did not even notice Liu Yans approach and were directly caught by Liu Yan.

The two fierce beasts stretched out their fangs and roared as they were about to bite Liu Yan.

Liu Yan grabbed tightly and caught the special rope that Murong Xue threw toward him.

He immediately tied up the two fierce beasts.

This time, the capture was completed in such a short time.


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