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Within the altar of fragrance.

Shi Hao was nervous and angry.

After hesitating for a while, Shi Hao had no choice but to compromise even though he was angry and clenched his teeth.

Although Shi Haos strength was above average within the Gifted Academy, he was not comparable to existence like Zheng Tainan, whose battle prowess was in the top 30.

At this moment, he was surrounded by Zheng Tainan and the other two.

Within this swamp, his movements were restricted, and he had no chance of escaping.

Shi Hao was very clear about the outcome if he tried to resist.

He would definitely be beaten by Zheng Tainan and the other two.

After being injured, he would lose his fierce beast.

At that time, Shi Hao would no longer have the chance to capture a fierce beast and pass this trial on the altar of fragrance.

Rather than doing so, he might as well hand over the fierce beast he captured and preserve his strength.

Then, he would find another opportunity to capture a fierce beast.

Even though it was humiliating, this was still the best choice.

In the end, Shi Hao helplessly handed over the fierce beast in his hand.

Then, he left this place dispiritedly.

Zheng Tainan and the other two became happy after obtaining the fierce beast.

“Thats more like it.

It saves us the trouble of making a move, haha!” Zheng Tainan laughed.

Initially, Zheng Tainan was still struggling over how he could pass this trial.

He did not expect it to be so simple.

He could just plunder another student instead of capturing a fierce beast himself.

Zheng Tainan looked at the fierce beast that he had obtained.

It was quite ordinary.

Its size was not small, and its speed was not slow either.

He reckoned its score was not high, but it was enough to pass the trial.

Zheng Tainan directly threw this fierce beast to Liu Qing at the side and said, “Take good care of it.

If you injure it or lose it, Ill kill you.

If I can find a better fierce beast, Ill give this fierce beast to you as a reward.”

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When Liu Qing heard this, his face was immediately filled with joy.

Zheng Tainans strength was not bad.

Liu Qing and Liu Ning would have a chance to plunder another two fierce beasts if they followed Zheng Tainan.

At that time, he would naturally be able to follow them through this trial.

When the surrounding students saw that Shi Hao did not resist and handed over the fierce beast he had painstakingly captured, they all began to ridicule him.

“Shi Hao is too cowardly.”

“Shi Haos strength isnt bad.

I thought he would fight to the death.”

“He doesnt have the fighting spirit.

He just handed over the fierce beast to Zheng Tainan.”

“It seems like this is a pretty good idea.

We cant capture the fierce beast ourselves, but we can still plunder one from others.”

“Thats right.

Why dont we do it together Wouldnt it be a piece of cake to plunder other people if we team up”

The students mocked Shi Hao as he left.

They were also discussing amongst themselves.

Most students had no way of capturing the fierce beast in the swamp.

However, after seeing Zheng Tainans method, they were enlightened.

It would be fine even if they couldnt capture the fierce beast themselves because they could plunder the fierce beast captured by others.

Although they werent as powerful as Zheng Tainan, there was always someone weaker than them.

In addition, if they worked together, it would be easy for them to plunder other students.

However, some students felt they didnt have the strength to plunder, so they could only continue searching for fierce beasts aimlessly in the swamp.

At the same time, Liu Yan also witnessed the scene just now.

Liu Yan ignored the discussions of the surrounding people.

Shi Haos strength was average, so he was no match for Zheng Tainan and the other two.

Under the circumstances just now, giving up the fierce beast was the best choice.

Although it was humiliating, Shi Hao had no choice.

If Shi Hao acted impulsively, he would not be able to protect the fierce beast he captured.

Instead, he would be injured and no longer have a chance to pass this trial.

If Shi Hao compromised, he still had a chance to pass this trial.

Only then would he be able to continue becoming stronger.

In the future, he would naturally have the opportunity to take revenge on Zheng Tainan and the other two.

Liu Yan looked at Shi Haos back in the distance.

For some reason, he had a good feeling about this person.

Luo Qingcheng also saw this scene.

She nodded and praised, “This persons temperament isnt bad.

Although he isnt a genius, he still has some talent.

With such a temperament, he will have a great chance to grow up in the future and become an expert.”

When Liu Yan heard this, he couldnt help but agree in his heart.

Shi Haos small interlude didnt cause Liu Yan and the others to pay too much attention to it.

They continued to wander around the swamp and observe.

As time passed, the remaining time became lesser.

Most of the students put in a lot of effort.

They were getting dirty and tired, but they didnt find any fierce beast.

Most students didnt even see the shadow of a fierce beast, let alone capture a fierce beast,

Many students gradually realized that it would be difficult to gain anything if they continued to search aimlessly.

They began to have devious ideas.

Plundering those students who had already captured a fierce beast was undoubtedly the best choice.

Fights between the students constantly broke out in many places within the altar of fragrance.

In order to pass this round of trial, many students fought fiercely with their schoolmates and even their former good friends.

As for those students who had captured the fierce beast, they swore to protect it with their lives.

After all, capturing a fierce beast in the swamp of the altar of fragrance wasnt an easy task.

However, the results were mostly negative.

Most of the students could not protect the fierce beast in their hands.

Even if there were occasionally students who were stronger and successfully protected their fierce beasts, they would quickly encounter new students and no longer have the strength to resist.

And those students who had successfully plundered the fierce beast also fought fiercely to protect the fierce beast in their hands.

Fights broke out all over the places in the altar of fragrance.

The situation within the swamp had gradually turned from the students fighting against the swamp and fierce beast to the students fighting amongst themselves.

In the end, the greatest enemy was still humanity itself.

In the entire swamp, there were continuous battles.

In order to pass this trial, the students fought each other fiercely.

It was extremely cruel.

Murong Xue looked at the scene around her.

She couldnt help but say with some surprise, “I didnt expect the fight to be so lively.

No wonder you guys werent in a hurry to catch the fierce beast.

You all anticipated this scene”

As Murong Xue spoke, she looked at Liu Yan and Luo Qingcheng.

Previously, after Murong Xue had figured out the rules, she knew fights between students would happen.

However, Murong Xue didnt expect the battles would be so frequent and cruel.

These students had given their all to fight the others.

Murong Xue asked herself.

Her strength was not bad.

However, she could not withstand the continuous siege and ruthless battle no matter how strong she was.

Many students had gone mad as the clock was ticking.

Liu Yan and Luo Qingcheng looked at each other and smiled.

They had expected this scene.

After all, the determination of these students to go to the fifth level of the Tower and become stronger after passing the trial could not be underestimated.

Fortunately, Liu Yan and the others did not catch the fierce beast ahead of time, so they saved a lot of trouble.

If they caught fierce beasts, it would be challenging and tiring to defend their fierce beasts from the others.


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