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Inside the altar of fragrance.

Liu Yan and the others were constantly moving around, observing the situation around them.

They found that the situation had not changed.

Those students without a special skill could only aimlessly dig through the mud and try their luck to find the fierce beast.

Not only were they tired and stinky, but they also could not find anything at all.

Those students with special skills were not any better.

After all, they could find the exact location of the fierce beasts, but the fierce beasts could still move.

The fierce beasts quickly ran away when they sensed the movement of the students.

These fierce beasts were all in the mud.

Once they ran away, it wouldnt be easy for the students to catch them.

But on the whole, those students with special skills could still occasionally catch a fierce beast.

The harvest was still pretty good.

However, the fierce beasts they caught were big, and their movement speed was not fast.

Those students could pass the trial but could not get a high score.

However, most of the students were completely satisfied with this.

After all, this trial was relatively challenging.

They hoped that they could pass the trial even without a high score.

Many students put in a lot of effort, but they did not find anything at all.

They did not even see the shadow of a fierce beast.

Even if they managed to spot the fierce beasts, those fierce beasts disappeared without a trace, making it impossible to capture them.

As time passed, some students gradually became restless.

They knew that if they continued to search aimlessly, they would not successfully capture a fierce beast in this large swamp for the rest of the time.

Very soon, some people remembered the rules.

There was no restriction that they had to catch the fierce beast themselves.

They would pass the trial as long as they could submit an uninjured fierce beast.

Very soon, these people had their eyes on the students who had already caught the fierce beast and were resting.

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Liu Yan and the others were hanging around when they saw Zheng Tainan, Liu Qing, and Liu Ning not far away.

They surrounded a student who had caught the fierce beast.

Luo Qingcheng noticed this scene and smiled faintly, “It seems that these people are starting to get restless.

After all, they dont have much time left.”

Chu Long heard this and asked in confusion, “What do you mean by restless What does this mean”

Murong Xue saw Zheng Tainan and the other two not far away and immediately guessed something.

“Looks like these people are preparing to snatch that students fierce beast.” Murong Xue smiled and said.

Liu Yan heard this and followed the womens line of sight.

At this moment, Zheng Tainan and the other two surrounded a skinny and weak young man.

There was a fierce beast half the size of a human beside the skinny student.

The young man had already captured it and tied it.

The skinny students body was covered in mud, and even his face and hair were covered in mud.

He looked exhausted and stinky.

The skinny student had expended a lot of effort to capture the fierce beast beside him.

However, compared to most of the students in the trial, he was relatively lucky.

He had at least successfully captured a fierce beast even though he was in a miserable state.

The skinny students fierce beast would not give him a high score, but he could at least pass the trial.

Most of the other students had expended a great deal of effort, but they were still unable to find anything.

At this moment, Zheng Tainan brought Liu Qing and Liu Ning and surrounded them.

The three of them went in three different directions and surrounded the skinny student.

When the skinny student saw Zheng Tainan and the other two walking toward him, he immediately felt something was wrong.

He stood up with a cautious expression and said, “Zheng Tainan, what are the three of you trying to do”

Zheng Tainan smiled disdainfully and said, “Shi Hao, I know you have a special skill.

You definitely have a way to find the location of the fierce beast, right Just give us your fierce beast, and you can capture another one yourself.

What do you think”

When Shi Hao heard this, his expression immediately became unsightly.

Shi Hao had already successfully captured the fierce beast, so he was relaxed and not on guard.

Then, Zheng Tainan and the other two surrounded him.

After learning Zheng Tainans plan, Shi Hao immediately became nervous.

Shi Hao did indeed have a detection skill.

He was able to detect the fierce beast under the mud, unlike the others who could only rely on luck to find one.

It was possible to detect a fierce beast, but it was hard to capture one.

These fierce beasts could move freely in the mud, making it extremely difficult to capture them.

It had been three hours since they entered the altar of fragrance.

During this period, Shi Hao discovered dozens of fierce beasts.

He couldnt catch most of them.

As soon as he dug up the mud, those fierce beasts had already disappeared without a trace.

He had captured a few of them but also injured them when capturing them.

Although these fierce beasts werent strong, they werent particularly weak either.

It was difficult to capture these fierce beasts without causing any injuries.

Those injured fierce beasts were useless.

They did not worth any score.

Shi Hao managed to catch one out of ten fierce beasts without injuring it.

Although it wasnt a fierce beast with high marks, it was enough for him to pass this trial.

However, he didnt expect that after resting for a short while, Zheng Tainan and the other two would surround him, wanting to snatch his fierce beast.

Shi Hao knew that once they snatched his fierce beast, it would be difficult for him to capture another fierce beast even if he had a detection skill.

If he were lucky, he would be able to capture another beast.

If he was unlucky, he might not be able to capture one at all.

“You guys are going too far.

Why dont you go and capture it yourself You only know how to snatch it.” Shi Hao shouted at the top of his lungs.

Shi Haos shout also attracted the attention of the surrounding students.

After roughly understanding the situation, not a single student wanted to step forward to help.

Instead, their eyes lit up, and they decided to follow Zheng Tainans example.

They had no special skills to capture fierce beasts, but as long they had the strength, they could snatch fierce beasts from the other students.

This was also permitted under the rules, and it was also a method to pass this trial!

Zheng Tainan heard Shi Haos shout.

However, he said with an indifferent expression, “Stop shouting.

This is permitted under the rules.

If you want to blame someone, then blame yourself for being weak and unable to guard this fierce beast.

You make your choice.

Either you give us this fierce beast intact, and you still have a chance to capture another one.

Otherwise, we will make our move.

If we injure you, then you probably wont have a chance to pass this trial, right”

After Zheng Tainan finished speaking, he looked at the fierce beast tightly held in Shi Haos arms with a cold smile.

Zheng Tainan didnt make a move because he didnt want Shi Hao to get desperate and injure the fierce beast accidentally.

It was not worth the loss.

He figured it was better to threaten Shi Hao so that Shi Hao would give up willingly.

Then, he might be able to get the fierce beast from Shi Hap.

When the surrounding people heard Zheng Tainans words, they looked at Shi Hao with some pity.

Zheng Tainan and the other two were all top 30 students in the Gifted Academy.

Shi Hao was not their match at all.


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