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A group of students from the Gifted Academy was also searching for Murong Xue.

However, their movements were much smaller than Murong Xues movements.

The amount of mud they dug out was also much smaller.

It wouldnt affect the rest of the students at all.

On the other hand, Murong Xues movements were much bold.

She used a gigantic shield that was bigger than a person.

Relying on her terrifying stamina, she continuously dug out the mud.

Her movements were rough as she searched for the fierce beast within the swamp.

Murong Xue flipped open another large patch of mud, and it directly landed on the faces of the surrounding Gifted Academy students.

The faces of these few students were covered in mud.

They smelled a pungent stench and even felt that some of the mud had entered their mouths.

Immediately, these few Gifted Academy students could not hold it in any longer.

They began to criticize Murong Xue.

“Murong Xue, arent you going too far!”

“You spilled the mud on us.

Weve been tolerating you the entire time, but youve become even worse”

“You even spilled the mud onto our faces.

Murong Xue, youre picking a fight, arent you”

“Murong Xue, dont think that just because youre good at fighting, were afraid of you.

We can beat you in a group!”

“Youre too arrogant!”

Those students from the Gifted Academy started to criticize Murong Xue.

They were extremely furious.

They had been enduring Murong Xues rudeness for a long time.

Now, they really couldnt take it anymore.

At this moment, Murong Xue stopped her actions and glanced at the people around her.

She said indifferently, “Then what can I do “I dont have any special skill, so I can only search like this.

Isnt it just some mud Im a woman, and Im not afraid of it.

Why are you men dawdling about for Stop disturbing me.

If youre not happy, come and fight me.

Ill make it quick for you!”


A few students were scared after hearing Murong Xues words.

They looked at Murong Xue with fear, but they didnt dare to say anything.

It was obvious that Murong Xue had definitely clashed with the students of the Gifted Academy in the past two days.

It seemed like Murong Xue had beaten up the students of the Gifted Academy.

Seeing that everyone had stopped talking, Murong Xue curled her lips and said, “Youre afraid of being spilled by me.

Why dont you walk away Why are you standing around me The altar of fragrance is so big.

There are plenty of places, so get lost!”

The group of students from the Gifted Academy thought it was Murong Xue who came near them.

Now, Murong Xue chased them away.

She was like an unreasonable bully.

Although the Gifted Academys students were pissed, they didnt dare to say anything to Murong Xue.

They could only leave dejectedly and go to other places.

Seeing that the students from the Gifted Academy had already left, Luo Qingcheng laughed out loud.

She was watching the whole scene from a side.

“Murong Xue, you are intrepid.

You managed to make the students of the Gifted Academy submit to you.

They do not even dare to breathe loudly.” Luo Qingcheng said with a smile.

Murong Xue and Chu Long looked over when they heard the voice.

When they saw Liu Yan and Luo Qingcheng, the two girls immediately stopped what they were doing and walked toward Liu Yan and Luo Qingcheng happily.

Murong Xue smirked and said, “Humph, who asked them to be weaker than me They dared to provoke me, but I beat them up twice.

Now, theyre scared of me.”

Although Murong Xue was not a match for Liu Yan, she was definitely a genius-level student, a martial arts prodigy.

After entering the Lighthouse Academy, she became a core student in the Combat Technique School of the Lighthouse Academy.

During this period, her combat strength had improved a lot.

The most outstanding students of the Gifted Academy had gone to the Lighthouse Academy to study as exchange students.

The rest of the relatively ordinary students were no match for Murong Xue.

Murong Xue had dominated her class right now.

At this time, Chu Long also ran over.

She said helplessly, “Brother Liu Yan, Sister Luo Qingcheng, you two are finally here.

You two must have a way to find the fierce beast in the mud, right Sister Murong Xue and I have no way to find one at all.

We can only rely on our strength to find it.

But its too hard to find a fierce beast.

Weve been searching for more than half an hour, but we havent seen a single fierce beast.”

Hearing this, Liu Yan sighed helplessly.

Of course, they wouldnt be able to find a fierce beast this way.

Murong Xue, Chu Long, and a group of students from the Gifted Academy gathered together to search for fierce beasts, but they couldnt find one at all.

Liu Yan used his A-grade perception skill Omniscient Insight to observe all directions.

He had long discovered that there were two fierce beasts in the mud.

However, these two fierce beasts had fled in the direction far away from Murong Xue and the others.

They had noticed the students movement and had immediately left.

Murong Xue and the others had just been rummaging through the mud with so many people.

They had caused a big commotion.

Especially Murong Xue.

She used a gigantic shield to smash the mud and make loud noises.

These fierce beasts were not stupid.

They had already fled in fear when they heard the noises.

Moreover, they were escaping under the mud.

Murong Xue and the others could not detect them at all.

If Murong Xue continued to search like this, Liu Yan estimated that Murong Xue would not be able to find any fierce beast until the trial ended.

She would not be able to rely on herself to pass this trial.

Liu Yan shook his head and said, “Of course, you wont be able to find a fierce beast.

You wont be able to find it in half an hour or even half a day.”

Hearing this, Murong Xue walked forward with doubts and asked, “Then how can we find one”

As Murong Xue approached, Liu Yan immediately felt a foul smell coming from Murong Xue.

Liu Yan hurriedly took two steps back and said annoyingly, “Your body stinks too much.

Get away from me quickly, dont get so close.”

Luo Qingcheng and Chu Long immediately laughed out loud when they heard that.

Among the four of them, Liu Yan and Luo Qingcheng had the least amount of mud on their bodies, almost none.

Chu Longs body was also fine because she had more hands and feet, so she didnt have much on her body.

However, Murong Xue was different.

She didnt care about the mud staining her body.

Her body was full of mud now, and she was extremely stinky.

Chu Long and Luo Qingcheng also smelled it just now, but they guessed that Murong Xue didnt say anything about her face, but they didnt expect Liu Yan to say it directly.

Murong Xue heard Liu Yans words.

When she heard that Liu Yan despised her, she was embarrassed and flew into a rage.

Although she had a bold and bold personality, she was still a girl.

Being despised by Liu Yan like this, she immediately became angry.

“How dare you! You think Im smelly and you want me to stay away, right I wont do that.

Come here, Ill make you smelly too!”

Murong Xue shouted angrily and rushed towards Liu Yan.

Liu Yan took a few steps and stepped on the mud to stay away from Murong Xue.

Murong Xue couldnt get close at all.

Liu Yan had a terrifying agility attribute.

As long as Liu Yan made a move, Murong Xue couldnt get close to Liu Yan without using her skill.


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