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Inside the altar of fragrance.

Liu Yan activated his A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight.

At the same time, he used his new and exceptional vision to observe the situation inside the altar.

Inside the altar of fragrance, one could not see the end of it.

It was incomparably huge.

In front of him was a large swamp area.

The swamps were full of mud and nothing else.

The pungent stench assaulted the students faces.

It made them feel nauseous and want to vomit.

However, through his Omniscient Insight, Liu Yan could clearly sense that there were some fierce beasts beneath these seemingly empty swamps.

The strength of these fierce beasts was not that great.

They were only around level 30.

The other students could take on these fierce beasts alone.

However, the number of these fierce beasts wasnt much.

Within a radius of 100 meters, Liu Yan only found three fierce beasts.

They were extremely rare.

At this point, Liu Yan had a rough understanding of the trial of the altar of fragrance.

The combat strength of the fierce beasts wasnt that great, and the first difficult point of this trial was to find a fierce beast.

It wasnt an easy thing to find a fierce beast in such a stinky swamp.

However, this was not a difficult task for Liu Yan.

With the A-grade perception skill Omniscient Insight, Liu Yan could find a fierce beast easily.

He could identify the surrounding fierce beasts.

Liu Yan only needed to choose a small enough fierce beast to obtain the highest score.


The second difficulty of this trial was to capture the fierce beast.

According to the rules, one could not cause harm to these fierce beasts.

If a student caused a wound to the fierce beast or killed it, the student would get zero points and get eliminated.

They would not pass the trial.

These fierce beasts originally lived in these swamps.

Once they encountered danger, they would dive into the swamps.

As a result, the difficulty of capturing the fierce beast increased a lot.

Without a special skill, it would be extremely difficult to pass this trial if the students could not sense these fierce beasts from the swamp.

Finding the fierce beast in the swamp was challenging, and one had to capture it without harming it.

Once these fierce beasts escaped and dived into the depths of the swamp, it would be even harder to find them.

However, it was not a big deal to Liu Yan, so he was not worried.

The final difficulty of this round of trials was the competition.

There were no other rules in this trial.

As long as the students handed over fierce beasts without any wounds, they would be able to pass.

The smaller the fierce beast was, the faster it was, and the higher the final score one could obtain.

It also meant the students could snatch each others fierce beast.

The students without special skills to locate the fierce beasts could wait for other students to capture fierce beasts.

Then, they could snatch the captured fierce beasts from the other students.

The academy did not care how they captured the fierce beasts.

In addition, the rules clearly stated that they would only be teleported out at dusk.

It also meant the students could not leave the altar even after they captured the fierce beasts.

Hence, it would give a chance for other students to rob their captured fierce beasts.

After Liu Yan understood the rules, he was not in a hurry.

Liu Yan had the A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight, which allowed Liu Yan to capture the three fierce beasts under the swamp not far away.

However, they did not capture those fierce beasts.

Firstly, these three were not small, so they did not worth a high score.

Secondly, the other students would fight him after capturing the fierce beasts.

After all, many students didnt have any special skills.

It would be difficult for them to capture the fierce beast under the swamp with their abilities.

If they wanted to pass this round of trials and climb to the higher levels of the Tower, they could only fight the other students.

Some students might attack Liu Yan despite knowing he was ridiculously strong.

Moreover, they could totally fight Liu Yan together.

Even though Liu Yan was quite confident in his own strength, if he were to face the many students of the Gifted Academy, he would be outnumbered and lost.

The students who could participate in the trial of the fourth level of the Tower were the top-tier students in their academics.

There wasnt a single weakling among them.

Anyway, there was still plenty of time.

Liu Yan still got half a day.

He could plan out how to capture the fierce beast and confirm his target.

Then, he had to ensure he was safe from other students before capturing the fierce beast.

Liu Yan pondered for a moment and decided to first look for Murong Xue and the other two.

Although the three women were exchange students in the Gifted Academy, they were not in the same class as Liu Yan.

They were led by different instructors and entered through different entrances.

There was plenty of time.

Liu Yan planned to find them first and discuss with them before making a move.

If they completed the trial together, not only would they have each others care, but Liu Yan could also help them capture the fierce beast.

According to the rules, there was no restriction that they had to personally capture the fierce beast.

They just had to submit a fierce beast before the end of the trial.

Liu Yan remembered that Murong Xue and Chu Long did not seem to have perception skills.

It would be a little tricky if they wanted to capture the fierce beast in the swamp by themselves.

After making his plan, Liu Yan moved directly and walked forward.

Although it was a large swamp, Liu Yans agility attribute had already reached over 10,000 points, and his movement was agile.

After he had reconstructed his body, his body was even more agile, and Liu Yans control over his body was nimble.

With his speed, Liu Yan could walk in the swamp, and he would not sink into it.

He would only sink into the swamp when he stopped.

Liu Yan walked on the swamp.

He used his Omniscient Insight to search for Murong Xue and the other girls.

Along the way, in the altar of fragrance, Liu Yan also encountered many students from the Gifted Academy and Lighthouse Academy.

At this moment, many students made their moves, continuously searching for the fierce beast in the swamp.

When searching in the swamp, these students bodies were filled with foul-smelling mud.

When Liu Yan passed by, he could smell a pungent stench.

These students were also in a sorry state because of the swamp.

When these students saw Liu Yans relaxed expression as he directly stepped onto the swamp and quickly passed by, they immediately felt that Liu Yan was very carefree, and they were all envious.

“D*mn, hes too agile.”

“I reckon that his agility attribute is very high, or he has a special skill that allows him to do so.”

“Hes so cool.

Theres not a single bit of mud on his body.

Hes not like us, who are in a sorry state.”

“So what He still cant find the fierce beast in the swamp.

He still has to get down here to find the fierce beast!”

“Hes Liu Yan.

He has already obtained first place in the first two trials and got two sacrificial gemstones.”

“Haha, I reckon that Liu Yan wont be able to obtain the sacrificial gemstones this round.

This round wont be that simple.”

The students discussed animatedly.

The flustered students were somewhat envious of Liu Yan, who was passing by in a carefree manner.


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