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A group of Gifted Academy students and a small number of Lighthouse Academy students had all gone to the cafeteria to have their meals after todays trial.

The altar of sound wasnt really dangerous.

The students would be teleported out when they were hit by the attacks

However, the students had to be extremely focused during the trial.

It was quite stressful for them.

It was especially so when the students persisted in the altar of sound for a longer period.

The longer they endured, the more nervous they would be when faced with the terrifying attacks within the altar of sound.

After the torture of the trial, many students were hanging out in the dining hall, which was a rare scene.

The hot topic of the day was undoubtedly the most eye-catching Liu Yan.

At this moment, everyone was also discussing Liu Yans performance at the altar of sound.

“I didnt expect Liu Yan to be able to hold on for so long even when his equipments movement speed was halved.”

“Yeah, its too amazing.

After the speed of special equipment was slowed down, the difficulty of the trial increased by many times.”

“Still, Liu Yan could hold on until the same time as Alan Smith.

He is indeed stronger than Alan Smith.”

“Thats not entirely true.

Its just a round of trial.

It only tested one of his abilities.

Alan Smith might not lose to Liu Yan in other aspects.”

“But yesterday on the altar of color, Alan Smith and Xu Han were also inferior to Liu Yan.”

The students were discussing animatedly.

They all felt that Liu Yans strength was somewhat ridiculous.

In their hearts, the supreme geniuses Xu Han and Alan Smith seemed slightly inferior to Liu Yan.

In the last two trials, these two geniuses from the Gifted Academy lost to Liu Yan.


However, everyone also understood that this was only two rounds of trials.

There were still three rounds to go, and the results were still uncertain.

At this moment, the Gifted Academys top 30 combat strength, Zheng Tainan, Liu Qing, and Liu Ning also arrived at the canteen.

When the crowd saw Zheng Tainan, they immediately began to tease him.

“Zheng Tainan, it seems that we have wronged you previously.

Liu Yan is too amazing, and you are not weak at all.”

“Thats right.

You deserve that bald haircut.”

“Liu Yan let you off.

Otherwise, it would have been easy for him to take your life.”

“I was skeptical about Liu Yans strength.

But now I know Liu Yan is the real deal.”

Everyone laughed and teased Zheng Tainan.

When Zheng Tainan heard this, he felt awkward.

He had seen the results of the trial.

Zheng Tainan felt helpless when he saw how eye-catching Liu Yans performance was.

Liu Yan even outclassed Xu Han and Alan Smith.

Initially, Zheng Tainan still had a sliver of hope that he could get the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus back from Liu Yan.

But after seeing Liu Yans outstanding performance, Zheng Tainan immediately dispelled his thoughts.

Liu Yans strength was so terrifying.

If Zheng Tainan were to confront Liu Yan, he would end up miserably.

Zheng Tainan didnt dare to confront Liu Yan anymore.

He could not ask for help from the Gifted Academys staff.

In addition, the other students were not a match for Liu Yan.

The top students of the Gifted Academy had all gone to the Lighthouse Academy as exchange students.

Liu Yans strength was over the chart.

No one would dare to make a move on Liu Yan.

Furthermore, the instructors would not help Zheng Tainan either.

After todays incident, no one would dare to make trouble for Liu Yan.

Otherwise, if Murakami found out, they would be finished.

Although Murakami encouraged competition, he also upheld fairness.

He would not allow the instructors to make a move against the students to occur.

Zheng Tainan couldnt help but sigh.

He looked at Liu Qing and Liu Ning beside him and continued pestering them.

After all, they were the ones who wrote the IOU.

They owed him money.

Liu Qing and Liu Ning also felt annoyed.

The IOU was indeed written by them, but it was Liu Yan who forced them to write it.

Liu Qing and Liu Ning did not get the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus.

It had nothing to do with them.

“Brother Zheng, you were there at the time.

You know that this matter has nothing to do with us.

Please dont make things difficult for us.” Liu Qing said with a bitter expression.

“Yes, Brother Zheng.” Liu Ning also said helplessly, “We didnt get the Angry Buddha Purple Lotus at all.

It has nothing to do with us.

Besides, we dont have the money.”

“I dont care.”

Zheng Tainan waved his hand and said, “Your names are on the IOU.

Its written in black and white.

You have to pay back the money.”

The three of them continued to argue over this matter.

At the same time, Liu Yan met up with Chu Long and the other girls and went to the cafeteria to eat.

After ordering the food, Liu Yan and the others sat down and started chatting.

“I didnt expect Ken Hil to tamper with Brother Liu Yans special equipment.

Its really too much.” Chu Long said with some annoyance.

Murong Xue nodded and said, “The people from the Gifted Academy are too much.

Liu Yan, how can you just let it go You must make them pay the price.”

Liu Yan smiled and said, “Forget it.

It already happened, so we dont have to dwell on it.

Moreover, Principal Murakami took the initiative to bring it up.

The entire Gifted Academy did not do anything else against me.”

Luo Qingcheng heard his words.

She nodded and said, “I also agree that we should not delve too deeply into this matter.

In any case, Liu Yan did not suffer any losses.

Moreover, Murakami also took the initiative to bring up this matter.

He did not deliberately mistreat Liu Yan.

All we need to do now is focus on the remaining trials.

We dont need to delve into this matter anymore.

It will not be of any benefit to us.

It will even cause tension between the two academies.”

After listening to Luo Qingchengs analysis, Murong Xue and Chu Long were also convinced.

At the moment, they had to prepare for the remaining trials.

Not only did they have to pass the trials and ascend to the fifth level of the Tower, but they also needed to get high marks too.

It would be helpful for the higher levels of the Tower.

Liu Yan had already obtained two sacrificial gemstones from the two altars.

If he could get one or two more sacrificial gemstones or even five sacrificial gemstones, it would be a fruitful harvest.

They continued to chat while having their meal.

Chu Long observed the surroundings.

She was a little confused as she said, “Dont you guys feel that the surrounding students of the Gifted Academy are always peeking at us It seems like they are still discussing something.

I dont know what they are talking about.

It feels so strange.”

Hearing this, Luo Qingcheng immediately smiled and said, “You just noticed it.

From the moment we entered, these people around us have been observing and discussing us.

To be more precise, they are observing and discussing Liu Yan.”

Murong Xues face stiffened and said, “Are they talking bad about us behind our backs Ill beat up these guys so they will learn their lesson!”

As Murong Xue said this, she actually stood up and was ready to beat up these students of the Gifted Academy.


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