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Could it be that the Shadows strength could be improved if it ate the fire Kylin

Thinking of this, Liu Yan hurriedly released Shadow.

The moment it was released, it pounced on the fire Kylins corpse and began munching away.

Seeing this, Liu Yan did not stop it and simply let it eat away as it pleased.

Although he could use Divine Extraction on the fire Kylins corpse to increase his strength, he could use it on many other things too.

He was not lacking of this one.


Besides, Shadow had helped him a lot in the battle just now.


If it had not appeared to scare off the fire Kylin, giving Liu Yan some time to breathe and launch long-range attacks, the battle would very likely have ended in disaster.

After the battle just now, Liu Yan had also realized his weakness, which was that his close-combat abilities were relatively weak.

In the future, he would focus more on improving his close-combat abilities.

A powerful warrior had to be all-rounded and without any weaknesses.

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At the same time, increasing Shadows strength would undoubtedly help him a lot.

It could stall the opponents in close combat, while Liu Yan would then launch long-range attacks.

They would be incomparably powerful if they worked together!

Very soon, under Liu Yans astonished gaze, Shadow had actually devoured the entire fire Kylin that was seven to eight times larger than itself, leaving nothing behind.

Liu Yan stepped forward to look at Shadow, his face full of astonishment, “Damn, your appetite is this big”

At this moment, Shadow closed its eyes and a red light started emitting from its entire body.

The surrounding temperature rapidly rose.

Sensing Shadows thoughts, Liu Yan immediately guessed that it was about to evolve.

Waves of painful roars came from Shadow.

However, not long after, the roars disappeared and Shadow stood up again.

This time, Shadows aura was clearly much stronger and its body had also become much bigger, growing from the size of half a person to the size of a person, which meant it had at least doubled in size.

At the same time, a faint blue flame appeared on Shadows body.

Liu Yan, who already had control over the fire element and had a strong resistance to flames, was not afraid.

He went forward and touched it.

The flames were cold on the outside, but hot on the inside.

It was a two-in-one experience.


The blue flame was indeed strange and powerful.

Liu Yan checked Shadows information again.

[Inferno Shadow Wolf]

[Level: 3]

[Potential: S]

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[HP: …]

After checking its attributes, Liu Yan was shocked.

Shadows level had risen by two levels, reaching level 3, and its potential had even risen to the S-grade.

It was truly insane.

Liu Yan, who had Beasts Sense of Smell, even sensed a hint of danger from the shadow wolf.

Its attributes had also gotten closer to Liu Yans attributes when he had been in level 3 previously.

One had to know that Liu Yans level 3 was different from the ordinary Awakened.

After the many usages of Divine Extraction, his attributes had been increased by God knows how many folds.

Yet under such circumstances, the shadow wolfs attributes were actually close to Liu Yans.

It was truly monstrous.

Liu Yan guessed that just the shadow wolfs strength alone was probably stronger than the strongest among the other Awakened.

His familiar was stronger than all the other Awakened Liu Yan felt that this was quite monstrous.

At this moment, halfway up the mountain, Sun Ren and Sun Yi were charging toward the top of the mountain together.

They were quite fast and were ahead of the vast majority of the Awakened.

Though at this moment, the Awakened of three Towers had all been gathered, and those who could survive were all talented.

Therefore, they could only be slightly ahead of the others, and couldnt shake the others off as Liu Yan had done.

The other Awakened followed the majority with difficulty.

However, they were only halfway up the mountain when many of the Awakened were already beginning to tire.

They were gradually unable to keep up and were all complaining.

“Isnt this too tiring This mountain is so big, is there a need to rush to the top of the mountain in one go”

“Brothers in front, can you slow down and wait for us!”

“Sigh, hurry up and keep up.

If youre left behind, itll be much more dangerous to face those powerful beasts alone.”

“Yeah, although its very tiring to keep up with the experts in front, at least theyll work together to wipe out the beasts along the way.

Itll make it much safer for us!”


At this moment, Sun Yi was looking at the top of the mountain.

He couldnt see Liu Yans figure at all, and couldnt help but feel distressed, “Why is Liu Yans speed so terrifying I had originally wanted to deal with him together, but I didnt expect him to run so fast!”

When Sun Ren heard this, he smiled and said calmly, “Dont worry, theres a fierce mountain guarding beast on the peak of the mountain thats said to be extremely powerful.

Normally, even if all the Awakened in the three Towers work together, they might still not be able to deal with it.

If he reaches the top of the mountain first, hes sending himself to his death.

Its useless!”

“Thats good.

To think the idiot even ran so fast.

Hes sending himself for a beating to his death!” Sun Yi said with a smile.

At this moment, Sun Ren felt the powerful aura of a beast coming from the mountain peak and was slightly surprised.

“Theres a beast on the mountain peak that seems to have evolved.

What a violent and powerful beast!” Sun Ren exclaimed.

Sun Yi didnt feel it at all, and his face was full of confusion.

Sun Rens face was full of determination, “I want this beast!”

Thinking of this, Sun Ren shouted, “Everyone, stop!”

Immediately after, Sun Ren stopped his footsteps.

Sun Yi, though puzzled, stopped as well.

Seeing this, the group of Awakened following behind also stopped.

Level one of the Tower was nothing compared to level two.

Level two was extremely dangerous, so all of them wanted to move together.

They didnt dare to travel alone since that would be too dangerous.

Not every Awakened was as confident in their strength as Liu Yan.

They did not dare to move alone.

“Big brother Sun Ren, whats wrong Why are we stopping” An Awakened asked in confusion.

The other powerful Awakened also looked puzzled.

They wanted to reach the top of the mountain as soon as possible.

As for the weaker Awakened, they took this opportunity to rest and catch their breath.

It was already a hard task for them to even keep up with the main group.

“The Awakened from Tower 107 should have more trust in me.

As everyone knows, I had been ranked first in Tower 107.

In the previous battles, I had also controlled some beasts to help the lot of you kill the boss, which was why many of you have been able to survive till now,” Sun Ren said.

The Awakened from Tower 107 looked at each other and nodded.

“Thats right.

We do remember big brother Suns kindness in saving our lives.”

“Thank you for taking care of us before.

Just say what you want to say.

Well listen to you!”

“Thats right.

Big brother Sun gave me this life, so Ill listen to big brother Sun too!”

When they were faced with the beast tide in Tower 107, they encountered a powerful boss.

Sun Ren had controlled beasts to delay the boss, which was how they had the chance to besiege and defeat the boss, thus surviving and coming to level two of the Tower.

The Awakened from the other two Towers were puzzled.

Sun Ren hadnt saved them and had nothing to do with them.

At this moment, Sun Yi added, “Everyone, my big brother is very powerful.

His talent is the A-grade Beast Control which is extremely powerful.

Now, his talent has been developed.

Previously, it was also thanks to this talent that he was able to control multiple beasts and displayed powerful combat strength! Only by relying on my big brother will we be able to go further!”


When the rest of the Awakened heard this, they were all extremely shocked.

There were very few Awakened with A-grade talents, and those with A-grade talents who could survive till now were even fewer.

It was very likely that Sun Ren was the strongest among all the Awakened present.


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