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Outside the altar of sound.

The students and teachers of Lighthouse Academy and Gifted Academy were all surprised when they saw the final result.

No one had expected that Liu Yan and Alan Smith would tie.

They were both hit and eliminated at the same time.

Everyone was talking about this.

“I didnt expect these two to last for so long.

They actually lasted for twenty minutes.”

“Yeah, thats amazing.

It was already difficult for me to last for three minutes.

These two are too terrifying.”

“Other than the two of them, the others only lasted for twelve minutes at most.

The further they went, the more difficult it became.

These two are too strong.”

“After they reach 18 minutes, they can get a full score of 200 points.”

“These two can directly get a full score, but what about the sacrificial gemstone”

“Yeah, the scores can be the same, but theres only one sacrificial gemstone on the altar of sound.

Who should we give it to”

Everyone was discussing and had no idea what would happen.

After all, Liu Yan and Alan Smiths performances were exceptionally outstanding.

Both of them lasted for twenty minutes.

The tricky part was that both of them were eliminated at the same time, which meant that their performances were the same.

As such, no one knew who could get the sacrificial gemstones of the altar of sound.


They would reward the sacrificial gem to the winner after they descended the stairway.

The instructors led the students to descend the stairway and return to the square.

The principal of the two academies and the instructors in charge of the altar of sound went up to the stage.

They were discussing the outcome.

Lan Jinqiu had just found out about the situation and was surprised.

He didnt expect Liu Yan and Alan Smith to be hit at the same time.

The timing was exactly the same, and there wasnt the slightest difference.


Murakami, and all the instructors, what should we do This is the first time Ive encountered such a situation.” Lan Jinqiu asked helplessly.

In the past few years, although some top students with similar strengths were hit at similar timing, there were still some differences.

Hence, they could still decide on the winner and reward the sacrificial gem to the winner.

However, Liu Yan and Alan Smith were eliminated at the exact same time.

Lan Jinqiu didnt know what to do.

The instructors looked at each other and started to discuss with awkward expressions.

“The score isnt difficult.

Both of them got full marks.

But I dont know who to give the sacrificial gemstones to.”

“Yeah, both of them performed very well.

Their timing is exactly the same.

I dont know who to give it to.”

“We cant give the gemstone to both of them because of the uniqueness of the sacrificial gemstone.”

“Why dont we give it to Gifted Academy Liu Yan has already obtained a gemstone previously.”

“I think thats a good idea.

In any case, Liu Yan already has a sacrificial gemstone.”

“On what basis should we give it to your Gifted Academy Liu Yan has a sacrificial gemstone already, but he earned it because of his strength.

This time, he is also fully qualified to obtain the consecrated gemstone of the altar of sound!”

The teachers of both academies couldnt help but start quarreling as they discussed.

They all wanted to obtain the sacrificial gemstone.

The sacrificial gemstone was of great importance to any academy.

Obtaining as many sacrificial gemstones as possible would bring glory and practical benefits to both academies.

At this moment, Murakami walked out and knocked on his walking stick.

He coldly said, “Quiet down.”

The group of teachers immediately quieted down and looked at Mr.


Lan Jinqiu couldnt help but look at Murakami as well.

A hint of hostility appeared on her face as she said, “Mr.

Murakami, what do you think We can resolve this matter fairly.”

Lan Jinqui had just taken over the headmaster position.

His experience and strength were not as good as Murakamis.

However, when it came to the overall interests and glory of Lighthouse Academy, Lan Jinqiu would not back down in the slightest.

Lan Jinqiu respected Murakami, but he would still fight for the interest of Lighthouse Academy.

However, Murakami looked at everyone and said directly, “In this round of trials, Liu Yan should be the one to obtain first place.

Liu Yan should obtain the sacrificial gem of the altar of sound!”


“Why is that”

“Thats right.

Alan Smith and Liu Yan should not be eliminated at the same time.

Why should Liu Yan be the first”

“Thats right.

Alan Smiths performance was pretty good too.”

“We dont know what was Liu Yan doing in the white fog.

He might have cheated.”

“Why should Liu Yan get first place”

Everyone looked surprised when they heard this.

They did not expect Murakami to say this directly.

Lan Jinqiu and the teachers and students of Lighthouse Academy looked at Murakami in confusion.

They did not understand what Murakami meant.

Meanwhile, the teachers and students of Gifted Academy immediately voiced their dissatisfaction.

In the first round of the trial of the altar of color, Liu Yan won first place.

He had obtained the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of color, the Dark Night Gemstone.

Liu Yan and Alan Smiths performances were the same in this trial.

Both of them persevered until the end and were eliminated at the same time.

Naturally, they were not willing to let Alan Smith get second place.

They did not want Liu Yan to win first place again and get the sacrificial gemstone.

Lan Jinqiu also looked at Murakami with some doubt and asked, “Mr.

Murakami, what are you doing”

Murakami smiled faintly and looked at his teacher, Ken Hill, who was not far away.

He said faintly, “Mr.

Ken Hill, do you want to explain yourself, or do you want me to help you explain”

When Ken Hill heard this, his face turned pale.

He was so ashamed that he wanted to die.

Ken Hill never expected that Liu Yan would be able to persist for so long even after he had done something to Liu Yans special equipment.

In the end, he was eliminated along with Alan Smith.

Liu Yan had persisted for so long only until Principal Murakami arrived.

Murakami had already sensed something was wrong and guessed that Ken Hill had done something.

Now, Ken Hill was exposed.

He did not know what to do.

However, when he saw Murakamis cold gaze, Ken Hill didnt dare to run away anymore.

He could only walk forward and admit what he had done.

If Ken Hill admitted it, he would at most be punished.

If he continued to run away, he didnt even need to think about it.

With Murakamis personality, Murakami might even take Ken Hills life.

When everyone heard Murakamis words, they all looked at their instructor, Ken Hill, with some doubt.

They didnt understand how Liu Yan and Alan Smiths first place had anything to do with Ken Hill.

“Ken Hill is the instructor in charge of the trial of the altar of sound.

Could it have something to do with this”

“What could it have to do with this I dont understand.”

“Yeah, the trials are in the altar.

What does it have to do with the instructor”

“Is there something that we dont know about”

The students below were all whispering to each other with some doubts.

At this moment, Ken Hill also braced himself and walked forward.

He looked at everyone with a face full of shame and said, “Everyone, Im sorry.

This isnt a fair trial at all.

Ive tampered with Liu Yans special equipment.”


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