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Outside the altar of sound, at multiple entrances.

The students and teachers of the two academies were all a little surprised when they saw the scene inside the altar of sound.

They had thought that Liu Yan was already under a lot of pressure.

He would not withstand another round of stronger attacks.

However, they didnt expect Liu Yan to use a special skill and avoided this round of attacks at the critical moment.

“D*mn, what kind of skill is that”

“I didnt expect Liu Yan still has a trump card.”

“It should be a crowd control skill.

It has a perceptive effect.

Thats how it works.”

“This skills range is so big, it has a range of hundreds of meters.

It is too strong.”

“Liu Yans crowd control skill is indeed strong.”

“But Allen Smith still looks relaxed.

Its hard to say who can stand at the end.”

“I didnt expect that Liu Yan would be able to stand with Alan until now.

These two people are too strong!”

The audience discussed animatedly.

The students of Lighthouse Academy had seen Liu Yans outstanding performance in the freshmens grand examination.

They also saw how Liu Yan subdued the terrifying Earth Dragon.

They were all clear of Liu Yans formidable strength.

Hence, they were not surprised to see Liu Yan being so strong.

As for the students of Gifted Academy, they had initially looked down on Liu Yan and felt that Liu Yan was just lucky.


However, after seeing Liu Yans outstanding performance, many of the students of Gifted Academy gradually changed their view of Liu Yan.

Although the students had a sense of pride, they also admired the ability of an expert.

When they saw Liu Yan had powerful strength, they couldnt help but respect him.

At the entrance of the altar of sound, when Ken Hill saw the scene inside the altar, he looked nervous.

Others did not have any idea, but he knew that this wasnt a fair trial at all.

He had tampered with Liu Yans special equipment.

His movement speed was twice as slow, and the difficulty had increased several times.

It was like the current attack intensity of more than ten minutes.

Alan Smith needed to analyze all the attacks within a few dozen meters radius, and he could dodge all the attacks much easy.

As for Liu Yan, his movement speed was twice as slow because of the slower special equipment.

He needed to analyze all the attacks within a radius of two hundred meters and then move in time to dodge the attacks.

Since Liu Yans movement speed was twice as slow, the difficulty of the trial would increased by several times.

Logically speaking, Liu Yan should have been eliminated long ago.

But Ken Hill never expected Liu Yan to be so strong.

He had persisted until now, and now he had even used a new trump card.

Looking at the current situation, the trial was still extremely anxious.

Who knew if Liu Yan or Alan Smith would win in the end

Ken Hill was helpless.

If he had known earlier, he would have done something even worse.

If Liu Yan won first place even after he tampered with Liu Yans special equipment, it would be too embarrassing.

At this time, most of the audience did not notice that Liu Yans special equipment moved twice as slow.

In the chaotic sea of attacks, not many people paid attention to this point.

Since Liu Yan had used his fog skill, the surroundings were covered in white fog, so the people outside could not see the situation inside clearly.

They could only know the result after the trial was ended.

Murakami looked at the projection in the air and narrowed his eyes.

His expression was a little strange, and he was a little displeased.

However, even though he was displeased, he did not say anything.

Murakami was curious about how long Liu Yan could last in this unfair trial.

At the same time, inside the altar of sound, the trial was still in full swing.

The rest of the students had all been eliminated.

Only Liu Yan and Alan Smith were left in the huge altar of sound.

Time passed bit by bit.

Soon, eighteen minutes had passed.

At this moment, compared to before, the intensity of the attacks had increased several times.

The number of attacks had increased by a lot.

At a glance, the altar of sound was filled with a sea of attacks.

The brilliant colors dazzled peoples eyes.

The speed of the attacks also increased a lot.

It was a test for the two of them.

Outside the white fog, Alan Smiths face was solemn and filled with pressure.

His special perception skill was effective within a range of a hundred meters.

It was sufficient before, but not anymore.

Alan Smith was constantly dodging with difficulty.

At this point, Alan Smith was almost at the end of his rope.

If he was not careful, he could be hit at any time and be eliminated.

Alan Smith looked at the white fog and did not know what was going on with Liu Yan.

Alan Smith also thought that Liu Yan would be so strong that he could hold on until now.

Since he was young, he had gathered more than half of the countrys resources.

Alan Smith had never met an opponent.

But this time, he had met an extremely troublesome opponent.

At this moment, within the white fog, Liu Yans face was solemn.

The area of the white fog was vast, covering a radius of 300 meters.

It was still enough, but the speed was not enough.

The speed of the attack had increased by a lot.

Liu Yans special equipment was extremely slow.

Until now, Liu Yan could sense the trajectory of all the attacks and moved in advance to avoid the attacks.

Unfortunately, the special equipments movement speed was too slow.

Even though Liu Yan knew the safe location and the blind spots of the attacks, he did not have enough time to go there.

At this moment, Liu Yan was also at the end of his rope.

At this moment, the time had reached 20 minutes, and the difficulty of the trial increased once again.

The intensity and speed of the attacks increased once again.

At almost the same time, Liu Yan and Alan Smith, who was bitterly holding on, could not hold on any longer and were hit by the attacks.

Soon, the two of them were teleported out of the altar of sound at the same time.

The trial had finally ended.

The virtual screen only showed the sea of attacks in the altar of sound.

There were no more trial students.

Liu Yan was teleported out and learned that he had ended the trial.

He could not help but feel a little regretful.

Liu Yans perception range was still sufficient.

If his special equipment moved at the same speed as the others, Liu Yan felt he could hold on for another five or even ten minutes.

At the various entrances of the altar of sound, the students and teachers were staring at the virtual screen.

They were waiting to see who would stand at the end.

They were also eager to know who could obtain the final sacrificial gem of the altar of sound.

However, no one expected that Liu Yan and Alan Smith would be hit at the same time, ending their elimination at the same time.

On the altar of sound, the elimination time of the two people was the same.

There was no difference at all.

There was no order at all!

Everyone was a little surprised.

They did not expect this result.

The points of the altar of the sound trial were determined according to the duration of their persistence.

The two of them persisted for the same period.

Who would get the highest points, and who would get the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of sound


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