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Outside the altar of sound.

The students quieted down as they nervously watched the virtual image in front of them.

A round of upgraded attacks was exaggerated.

The final result made everyone somewhat surprised.

Liu Yan was in a tough situation, but he managed to dodge the attacks and hold on.

Xu Han was not lucky.

He was eliminated, becoming the third-highest score in this round of trials.

Alan Smith, on the other hand, calmly dodged the attacks.

He had a little pressure, but he still could manage it.

Chu Long saw that Liu Yan barely dodged the attack and was immediately relieved.

She patted her chest and said, “He scared me to death.

I thought Brother Liu Yan was going to be eliminated.

Luckily, he managed to hold on.”

Murong Xue saw the situation.

She frowned slightly and said, “Liu Yan was just lucky this time.

If he had been in Xu Hans place where the attacks were more frequent, he would have already been eliminated.

But even if he were lucky, he still wouldnt have gone far.

Look at Alan Smith.

He could still avoid the attacks at ease.”

At this moment, Luo Qingchengs expression was a little strange.

She said, “Have you guys noticed The movement speed of Liu Yans special equipment is indeed slower, much slower.

Its almost 50% slower than the others.

He must have a harder time dodging the attacks than us.”

The three ladies discussed.

They were all a little puzzled.

How could Liu Yans special equipments movement speed be slower Shouldnt it be the same

It was only a matter of time before Liu Yan was eliminated.

He would definitely be eliminated before Alan Smith.

Without a doubt, it was almost impossible for Liu Yan to obtain the sacrificial gem of the altar of sound.

At this moment, the surrounding students of the Gifted Academy were all a little surprised when they saw Liu Yan still dodging.

“Liu Yan is too lucky! If he was with Xu Han, he might have gone before Xu Han.”


“This Liu Yan is indeed lucky.

I suspected that he was lucky in the first round.”

“Its fine.

Look at Alan Smith.

He can still hold on.

It shouldnt be a problem for him.”

“Thats right.

No matter how good Liu Yans luck is, he will not hold on any longer once the attacks become stronger.

In the end, he would be eliminated first.”

“Lucky contestant wont be able to go far.”

At this moment, the principal of Gifted Academy, Mr.

Murakami, also arrived at the scene.

The second round of trials was about to end.

Murakami also came to take a look at the results.

When Gifted Academy students saw Murakami, they all hid behind him in fear.

It was obvious that they were afraid of Murakami.

“What is the current situation” Murakami asked faintly.

The teacher in charge of the altar of sound, Ken Hill, said with a guilty conscience, “Xu Han has just been eliminated.

Currently, only Liu Yan and Alan Smith are left in the altar of sound.

They are currently in the final competition for the highest score.

However, Liu Yan is already at the end of his rope.

If nothing goes wrong, Alan Smith should be able to obtain the first place and obtain the consecrated gemstone.”

Murakami was slightly surprised when he heard this.

Murakami knew the strength of Allen Smith and Xu Han.

He had already expected Xu Han would be out and Allen Smith would still be able to hold on for a while.

According to Zhong Yuntian, Liu Yan was extremely powerful.

He was a once-in-a-century genius.

Logically speaking, Liu Yan should still be able to hold on for a while.

He wouldnt be at the end of his rope right now.

Murakami didnt say anything.

He just stood by the side and watched.

At the same time, in the altar of sound.

An even stronger wave of attacks arrived.

Liu Yan, who was already exhausted and nervous, suddenly felt even more pressured.

Liu Yan knew that if this continued, no matter how lucky he was, he wouldnt be able to hold on to this round.

The previous round of attacks was already so concentrated.

Liu Yan was lucky to be able to dodge it.

This round would definitely be more intense.

It would be impossible to dodge it by luck.

Liu Yan had to think of a way now.

If this continued, he would definitely be eliminated in the next round.

Although he had persisted for a long time and his score would be high, he was only in second place.

He could not be compared to Alan Smith.

Unless he had the highest score, he wouldnt be able to obtain the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of sound.

Even until now, he still didnt know what kind of benefits there were from obtaining the sacrificial gemstone.

But according to the information he had received before, obtaining the sacrificial gemstone would be of great benefit to any student.

If he could gather five sacrificial gemstones, he could obtain even better benefits.

It would be of great help to him in his future attempts to reach the higher levels of the Tower.

For this round of consecrated gemstones, Liu Yan had to think of a way to obtain them no matter what.

If there were no problems with the special equipment, Liu Yans speed would be doubled.

Liu Yan felt it would not be a problem to hold on for a while longer.

However, the movement speed of his special equipment was twice as slow as the others.

The difficulty had increased by several times.

Liu Yan was currently in an extremely difficult situation.

However, he could only investigate the problem after he came out.

There was no way to solve them now.

Liu Yan had to focus to hold on longer right now.

At this critical moment, Liu Yan suddenly thought of something.

The previous rules clearly stated that movement skills could not be used in the altar of sound.

Other skills had no restrictions.

Attack skills were useless against tons of attacks in the altar of sound.

In fact, using skills would even delay movement, so there were not many students who knew how to use them.

Defensive skills could defend against the attacks, but if special equipment was damaged, Liu Yan would be eliminated.

It wasnt of much use.

On the contrary, functional skills were the most useful.

Previously, Liu Yan had only used his A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight, but he had forgotten that he could use other skills.

B-grade skill, Fog, was one of them.

Although Fogs grade was not high and its combat strength was average, it was pretty good crowd control skills.

As Liu Yans level increased, the range of Fog increased from a few dozen meters to three hundred meters.

The range was much larger.

Liu Yan could clearly perceive the situation within the range of the Fog.

Although he could not see everything clearly, it was not a problem for him to perceive every attack.

Most importantly, the range of the Fog was much larger.

It was most useful in this kind of situation.

Thinking of this, Liu Yan hurriedly activated his B-class skill Fog.

Instantly, a white fog appeared within a three hundred meter radius around Liu Yan.

Liu Yan was able to perceive all the attacks within the white fog.

At this moment, a new round of attacks was about to arrive.

Liu Yans perception suddenly increased many times, and he became more nervous.

After carefully analyzing all the attack trajectories within a 300-meter radius, Liu Yan was surprised to find that his area was almost completely covered.

The blind spot of the attacks was far away.

Fortunately, there was still enough time.

Liu Yan hurriedly controlled the special equipment and moved towards that blind spot.

At this time, Liu Yan was also glad.

Because of the fog, he could rush over to the blind spot.


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