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Outside the altar of sound.

The teleportation array lit up at every entrance.

The students were teleported out one by one, which meant they had finished the trial of the altar of sound.

“Chu Long, 6 minutes, 140 points!”

“Luo Qingcheng, 7 minutes, 150 points!”

“Murong Xue, 8 minutes, 160 points!”

Chu Long and the other two girls met outside.

Although they were eliminated and did not last until the end, they persisted for a long time.

The points of the three girls were not low.

“In this trial of the altar of sound, the first part is okay, but the later part is more difficult.” Chu Long panted.

The students did not have to battle.

They only relied on special equipment to move around.

However, they had to be highly focused for a long period and constantly observe the surrounding attacks from many directions.

Then, they had to calculate the most suitable movement trajectory and avoid the attacks.

Hence, they had tremendous mental pressure on them.

Luo Qingcheng nodded slightly in agreement, “Although the trial of the altar of sound is not dangerous and has nothing to do with combat strength, it is indeed extremely difficult.

Especially in the later part, it is simply too terrifying.”

Murong Xue, on the other hand, appeared to be quite happy.

Her special skill was not as good as Luo Qingchengs, and she should not have lasted for so long.

However, her luck was better, and she managed to persist for eight minutes, obtaining a score that exceeded her strength.

“Oh right! I looked around when I was eliminated.

Liu Yan seemed to be not far away.

Perhaps he might have the chance to obtain the highest score and get the altar of sounds sacrificial gemstone.” Said Murong Xue.

Luo Qingcheng shook her head with a strange expression when she heard that.

She said, “I also looked at Liu Yan, but I kept feeling that something was wrong with Liu Yan.

The movement speed of his special equipment seems to be slower.

I dont know if its my illusion, but I feel that Liu Yan is struggling very hard.

He wont be able to hold on for long.”

“Slower than us Didnt they say that the speed of movement is the same It shouldnt be possible.

If he is slower, wont this trial be unfair” Chu Long didnt quite understand.


“Im not sure.

We can only wait for Liu Yan to come here and ask him.” Murong Xue shook her head.

The trial was too intense, and they had to be extra focused.

Hence, the three women didnt have much time to pay attention to Liu Yan.

At this moment, the students who had been eliminated didnt leave.

Instead, they observed the situation inside the altar of sound through the virtual screen.

Not long after, ten minutes had passed, and the intensity of the attacks had increased tremendously.

The remaining few students were also quickly eliminated.

Not long after, there were only three people left in the altar of sound.

They were Liu Yan, Alan Smith, and Xu Han, who happened to be specially recruited students by the principal of the two academies this year.

They were also the top geniuses of the current batch of students of the two academies.

When the students noticed this scene, they all felt nervous and excited.

The students were curious about who could persevere until the end to obtain the highest score and the final sacrificial gem of the altar of sound.

The honor of the two academies depended on the remaining three students.

At this moment, the students of both academies were looking at the virtual screen and discussing animatedly.

“I didnt expect Liu Yan to be so strong.

He was the one who had narrowly surpassed Xu Han in the altar of color and obtained the Dark Night Gem.”

“Will Liu Yan obtain two sacrificial gems consecutively”

“If Liu Yan were to obtain two sacrificial gems, our Gifted Academy would be too embarrassed.”

“I dont think so.

Didnt you see how exhausted Liu Yan and Xu Han were Alan Smith is still at ease.”

“Thats true.

It looks like this trial is Alan Smiths forte.

Our Gifted Academy has a chance.”

Everyone watched nervously as they waited for the final results of the trial.

It was especially so for the students of Gifted Academy.

Their hearts were in their throats.

In the previous trial, Liu Yan scored the highest points and got the Dark Night Gem.

If Liu Yan obtained the highest score in this trial again, then Gifted Academy would undoubtedly be embarrassed.

In the altar of sound, Liu Yan was holding on with all his might, while Alan Smith appeared to be at ease.

The situation was much more advantageous to Gifted Academy.

At the entrance of an altar, the instructor in charge of this student trial, Ken Hill, looked at the trials screen and frowned slightly.

He had slowed down the speed of Liu Yans special equipment by half the normal speed.

With the speed drop, it should be many times harder for Liu Yan to take the trial.

Logically speaking, Liu Yan should have been eliminated a long time ago.

How could he still be able to hold on until now

However, when he saw Liu Yans extremely exhausted look, Ken Hill heaved a sigh of relief.

He reckoned that Liu Yan was already at the end of his tether and would not hold on for much longer.

Compared to the tension and noise outside the altar of sound, it was absolutely quiet inside the altar.

Liu Yan was surrounded by tons of attacks coming from all directions.

Relying on his powerful vision and A-grade perception skill, Liu Yan kept dodging the attacks with difficulty.

His mind was always on edge.

Liu Yan felt that if he was not careful, he would be hit at any moment and would be eliminated.

The speed of his special equipment had slowed down by half, which meant that Liu Yan had to dodge the attacks much harder.

The intensity of the attacks had increased a lot.

Liu Yan glanced at the corner of his eye and also noticed that there were only two people left other than him.

They were Alan Smith and Xu Han.

If Liu Yan could last two more minutes than them, he would get the highest score in the altar of sound trial and obtain the altar of sounds sacrificial gemstone.

Twelve minutes had passed, and the attack power of the altar of sound had increased once again.

The surroundings were filled with all kinds of dazzling lights, filled with a large number of attacks, flying over from all directions.

Facing so many swift and fierce attacks, Liu Yan could only rely on his slow-moving special equipment.

The number of attacks suddenly increased, and the speed also increased.

The difficulty once again increased.

Liu Yan was already at the end of his rope.

He was struggling to hold on and had a lot of pressure.

At this time, facing a complicated situation, Liu Yan had no time to analyze all the attacks around him.

He could only dodge the attacks that were closer first.

As for the attacks from afar, Liu Yan could only wait until they got close enough to dodge them.

He had to try his luck.

On the other side, Xu Han was also frowning.

It was obvious that he was under a lot of pressure.

On the other hand, Alan Smith also felt a little pressure.

However, he still had a confident and calm look on his face.

Dozens of attacks arrived.

Liu Yan had just dodged them when more attacks came from behind.

In the end, Liu Yan narrowly dodged this round of attacks.

Liu Yan could not help but sigh in relief.

He was lucky he was in the area where the attacks were slightly sparse, so he had more space to dodge.

If he were unlucky, he would have been eliminated by now.

On the other side, Xu Hans luck wasnt that good.

He happened to be in the area where the attacks were concentrated.

Xu Han managed to dodge the first round.

However, when the second round of attacks arrived, he was surrounded and couldnt dodge at all.

He was hit by three attacks and was sent out of the altar of sound.

At the same time, it also meant that Xu Han was eliminated.


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