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When the few teachers of the Gifted Academy heard this, they spoke their opinions.

“Thats right.

If we allow the students of Lighthouse Academy to obtain first place in our Gifted Academy, it will be embarrassing.”

“No matter what, we cant let an exchange student like Liu Yan obtain the first place.”

“But we are only responsible for leading the students through the trial.

Theres no way to stop it.”

“We have to think of a way.”

A few teachers from the Gifted Academy were discussing animatedly.

They all felt that they couldnt let Liu Yan obtain first place in this trial of the fourth level of the Tower.

Liu Yans performance was too eye-catching in todays trial.

He even got first place.

When Murakami heard the discussions of the teachers, his expression turned cold.

He scolded impatiently, “Useless things.

All of you should train your own outstanding students.

I cant believe you want to plot against the outstanding students of another academy.

How embarrassing.

Dont even think about it!”

After saying that, Murakami leaned on his walking stick and left in a huff.

Murakami was also a little helpless.

Over the years, in order to motivate the teachers and students of both academies to compete with each other and obtain better results, there was a lot of friction between the two academies.

Up until now, both academies had been constantly competing with each other.

They were even fighting with each other in the open and in the dark.

But in reality, the rivalry was intentionally pushed by Murakami and Zhong Yuntian.

On the surface, Murakami Zhong Yuntian had a bad relationship, but in reality, they were good friends in private.

They had been hiding it from many teachers and students.

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All these years, the competition between the two academies yielded good results.

Both academies had grown rapidly in competition.

Their strength had been constantly improving.

They had already leaped to become the top academies on the continent.

However, it was impossible to stop the intense competition between the two academies.

On the other side, a few teachers from the Gifted Academy were reprimanded by Murakami.

Their expressions were somewhat ugly.

After Murakami left, the teachers looked at each other before discussing again.

“Why did Mr.

Murakami stop us from competing with each other this time It doesnt conform to Mr.

Murakamis style.”

“No matter what, we cant let Liu Yan get first place this time.”

“Thats right.

Theres still Murakamis mysterious reward in the end.

We cant give it to the students of Lighthouse Academy.”

“But how can we stop him Ken Hill, youll be in charge of tomorrows altar of sound.

Do you have any idea”

The few teachers discussed and looked at the bearded teacher who spoke first.

He was also the teacher in charge of tomorrows altar of sound.

Ken Hill smiled and said, “Dont worry, Liu Yan will not be the first in tomorrows altar of sound trial.

As for the rest of the trials, it will depend on the remaining two teachers.”

When the other teachers heard this, they were relieved.

After the few teachers left, Ken Hills face was gloomy.

He walked in the direction of the student dormitory of Gifted Academy.

He wanted to make arrangements for tomorrows matters.

The next day, early morning.

A group of students gathered in the square.

Most of the students were from Gifted Academy, and a small number of students from Lighthouse Academy had come as exchange students.

After all the students gathered, the bearded teacher Ken Hill walked forward.

“Students, I am in charge of todays trial of the altar of sound.

Everyone, follow me to ascend the Tower first.

When we reach the altar of sound, I will explain the trial rules of this altar of sound to all of you.”

Next, the students followed Ken Hill to ascend the stairway.

Although ascending the stairway was still arduous, those who could not endure it had already been eliminated yesterday.

The rest of the students could naturally endure it.

Today, Ken Hill was in charge of leading the students to the trial.

Principal Murakami did not come.

It was almost noon.

Under Ken Hills lead, the students successfully ascended the stairway and arrived at the fourth level of the Tower.

The students walked toward the similarly huge altar,

The altar of sound and the altar of color looked similar.

Their appearances were similar, and they were both incomparably huge.

The only difference was their color.

The altar of color looked like the entire altar was black and gloomy.

As for the altar of sound, it faintly emitted a milky white color, looking somewhat mystical.

Ken Hill looked at the group of students and announced, “Let me explain the rules.

You are not divided into groups to enter the altar of sound.

All the students will enter together.

You will also encounter students led by other instructors, including the trial students from Lighthouse Academy.”

“The trial rules of the altar of sound are very simple.

In the altar of sound, it is a vacuum environment.

No sound can be transmitted.

It is in an extremely quiet state.”

“Inside the altar of sound, you will sit on special equipment.

This equipment can provide you with breathing and can be controlled to move.

However, the speed of your movement is slow.

What you need to do is use your other senses to avoid all kinds of attacks from all directions in the altar.”

“There are strong and weak attacks and fast and slow attacks too.

However, the intensity of these attacks is generally within the same area.

As time passes, the frequency and intensity of the attacks will become higher.”

“If you can persist for three minutes before coming out, you will receive 100 points.

You will be able to pass this trial.”

“The longer you persist, the higher the score you will receive.

The last person to come out will naturally receive the highest score and get the sacrificial gem of the altar of sound!”

After listening to Mr.

Ken Hills explanation of the rules, Liu Yan had a rough understanding.

In general, the basic rules were similar to the third test of the entrance examination of Lighthouse Academy.

The longer one stayed in the altar, the more difficult it would be.

The longer one could endure, the stronger one would be.

Of course, the students who lasted longer had higher points.

The difference was that the altar of sound was not facing attacks from virtual opponents or fierce beasts.

Instead, it was facing attacks from all directions.

Moreover, inside the altar of sound, it was in a vacuum state.

There was no sound, so they could only rely on their other senses to dodge all kinds of attacks.

The awakened ones might rely on their vision in battle, but there was a limit to their vision.

The hearing was the main sense to detect the opponents attacks.

Without sound, it would undoubtedly be much more difficult to dodge all kinds of attacks.

However, Liu Yan was not worried about this.

With his A-grade perception skill, Omniscient Insight, Liu Yan could easily detect all kinds of attacks from all directions within a 100-meter radius without sound.

On the other hand, Liu Yan was more concerned about the slow speed of the special equipment.

He felt that it was more crucial.

In this way, it meant he had to dodge the attacks in advance.

He could not wait until the attacks were close to him.

In addition, there could be multiple attacks, so he had to plan ahead.

The trial of the altar of sound seemed to be a trial for the sensitivity of other senses after losing hearing.

But in reality, it was more of a trial for the rational analysis of the battle situation.


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