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Outside the altar of color.

The group of students looked at the image of Liu Yan on the screen.

They thought Liu Yan was moving aimlessly.

Liu Yan seemed to be careless while moving.

He did not try to hide his voice.

Moreover, he had skipped many fierce beasts.

The students from the Gifted Academy felt pity for Liu Yan.

At the same time, they scolded Liu Yan for wasting such good luck.

“This Liu Yans luck is too good.

He has already encountered a few fierce beasts in a short period.”

“Thats right.

One of the fierce beasts is only ten feet in size.

What good luck.”

“Look at the other students.

They havent encountered a single fierce beast in such a long time.

Liu Yans luck is so good, yet he doesnt know how to treasure it.”

“He missed so many fierce beasts.

What a waste.”

Just as everyone was cursing Liu Yan for wasting such good luck, Liu Yan suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Then, Liu Yan took out a bow and arrow from his storage ring and shot it in one direction.

When everyone saw this, they were confused.

Liu Yan shot the arrow in the opposite direction of a fierce beast next to him.

“What is Liu Yan doing He shot an arrow in the opposite direction”

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“When I saw him take out his bow and arrow, I thought he had finally found the fierce beast next to him.

I didnt expect that he missed it.”

“Where did he shoot the arrow Where is the fierce beast in that direction”

“Is this Liu Yan really the specially recruited student of Lighthouse Academy Hes so stupid!”

“This Liu Yan is killing me.”

Just as everyone was laughing at Liu Yan, the screen changed the angle.

Nearly a hundred meters away from Liu Yan, an incomparably small fierce beast was shot and landed on the ground.

Everyone was instantly stunned.

Only now did the students realize that Liu Yans arrow did not miss.

Instead, it had hit a fierce beast in the distance.

Due to the distance and the fact that this fierce beast was tiny, many students didnt notice it at first.

Only after seeing the scene transition did they realize it.

Liu Yang shot a night hummingbird.

It was extremely small, less than the size of a palm.

When everyone saw this, they were instantly shocked.

An arrow shot a palm-sized night hummingbird from a distance of 100 meters

Even in the outside world, it was incredibly difficult to do this, let alone in the absolute dark world of the altar of color.

Everyone was somewhat in disbelief.

At this time, Liu Yan and the night hummingbird had already been teleported out.

Chu Xuan went up to check, and he was also surprised.

Liu Yan shot a night hummingbird nearly a hundred meters away in the absolute darkness of the altar of color.

Chu Xuan was dumbfounded.

After checking the night hummingbird carefully, Chu Xuan realized that not only did Liu Yan shoot the night hummingbird, but he also accurately shot the night hummingbirds left eye.

The wound was small, only the size of a finger.

Chu Xuan looked at Liu Yan in surprise.

While he was shocked, he also had some doubts.

Was it because Liu Yan was so powerful that he could do this, or was it just his luck Chu Xuan was a little confused.

When the surrounding students saw that Chu Xuan did not speak, they all thought there was something wrong with Liu Yans results.


Chu Xuan, why arent you speaking Is there something wrong with Liu Yans results”

“There must be something wrong with Liu Yans results.

Liu Ya must have cheated.”

“Thats right.

Under such a dark situation, how could Liu Yan hit a palm-sized night hummingbird from a hundred meters away”

“I can barely believe it outside.

I dont believe anyone could do this in the altar of color.”


At this moment, Chu Xuan saw that Liu Yans face was calm and expressionless.

He could not see through Liu Yan.

However, Chu Xuan announced, “Liu Yan shot the night hummingbird.

The fierce beast is the size of a palm, and its movement speed is fast.

It was shot in the left eye, and it was a fatal blow.

The wound was extremely small, only the size of a finger.

The final score is the full score, 200 points!”

When the students heard the final result, they were all shocked.

“How is this possible It was shot in the left eye”

“Its only the size of a finger, a distance of 100 meters, and a left eye is only the size of a needle, right”

“How is this possible How did Liu Yan do it”

“This Liu Yans luck is too good, to be able to hit such a small night hummingbird with just a casual arrow.”

“Thats right, it must be Liu Yans luck.

Previously, he had already missed so many fierce beasts.

How could he find the night hummingbird in the absolute darkness from such a distance!”


The students from the Gifted Academy were extremely shocked.

They were all shocked by Liu Yans strength.

However, the majority of the students were a little doubtful.

They felt that Liu Yan was just lucky.

There were even some students who felt that Liu Yan had cheated.

However, when their teacher Chu Xuan said there was no problem, they didnt dare to ask any further.

In the Gifted Academy, questioning their teacher would be punished.

After that, batch after batch of students entered the trial of the altar of color.

Most of the students had passed the trial of the altar of color and successfully killed a fierce beast.

However, their scores werent high.

The average score of the students was around 120 points.

This wasnt good for them.

They had to pass the subsequent trials and obtain high scores to pass the final trial of the fourth level of the Tower.

Then, they would obtain the qualification to go to the fifth level of the Tower.

A small number of students with some special skill obtained high scores.

However, the highest score was not even higher than Zheng Tainans 180 points, let alone Liu Yans 200 points.

In the end, there was no doubt that Liu Yan obtained the highest score on the altar of color.

When dusk arrived, the trial on the altar of color ended.

Chu Xuan announced in front of all the students, “The trial on the altar of color has ended.

Congratulations to the students who passed the trial.

At the same time, I hope you can continue to work hard in the subsequent trials.

Including the students led by the other instructors, a total of 1,200 students participated in the Tower climbing on the fourth floor of the Tower.

In the trial on the altar of color, 832 students passed trial.

However, the overall score was relatively average.

I hope that you can continue to work hard.

The first place is Liu Yan with 200 points, the second place is Zheng Tainan with 180 points, and the third place is Luo Qingcheng with 170 points.

Congratulation on Liu Yan getting the Dark Night Gem!”

As Chu Xuan spoke, he let Liu Yan go on stage and handed him a box containing the Dark Night Gem to Liu Yan.

Liu Yan took it and checked it.

Inside the box was a fist-sized gem.

The Gem was completely black and looked dull.

However, Liu Yan could feel a terrifying power from it.

Was this the sacrificial gemstone of the altar of colors, the Dark Night Gemstone As expected of a sacrificial gemstone of an altar, it contained such terrifying power.

After Liu Yan kept it, he thanked the instructors and left the stage.

The surrounding teachers of the Gifted Academy looked at Liu Yan with displeasure.

Even though he was an exchange student, Liu Yan had made a name for himself in their Gifted Academy, directly crushing the first place of the altar of color and obtaining the Dark Night Gem.

It undoubtedly made them feel somewhat embarrassed and dissatisfied.


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